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Updated: March 14, 2024 04:24 AM

R B PALACE is located in Baidoa (City in Somalia), Somalia. It's address is 4JCV+CM5, Badoa Rd, Baidoa, Somalia.

4JCV+CM5, Badoa Rd, Baidoa, Somalia

+252 62 4531111

Questions & Answers

Where is R B PALACE?

R B PALACE is located at: 4JCV+CM5, Badoa Rd, Baidoa, Somalia.

What is the phone number of R B PALACE?

You can try to calling this number: +252 62 4531111

What are the coordinates of R B PALACE?

Coordinates: 3.1210017, 43.6442311

R B PALACE Reviews

Sarah Taby
2021-11-04 11:17:09 GMT

Spacious room with good channels selections and WiFi. Food is okay with , good portions, loved the juices. Friendly staff. Well secured.

Cabdibaari Macalin
2021-06-01 04:44:42 GMT


Süleyman Polat
2022-05-16 10:55:16 GMT

Personel çok güleryüzlü. Yemekler güzel. Fiyatlar pazarlık ile makul seviyede. Banyoda duşlarda problem var. Duş suyu neredeyse hiç akmıyor. Kireç yüzünden tıkanmış bakım gerekli.

Saed Abdi Hussein
2021-11-26 06:02:02 GMT

Ruqiya & Boone (RB) ⭐⭐⭐

Ali Hussein
2023-08-01 13:59:38 GMT

Calm and relaxing palace. With traditional utensils and modern luxury rooms.

Hussein Mohamed
2021-04-11 16:04:52 GMT

BP PALACE hotel is one of the best hotels in Baidoa with good Restaurant that you can get your desired food, drinks with any kind of vegetables
By the side of the hotel it is well equipped and comfortable

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About Baidoa
City in Somalia

Baidoa is the largest city of the South West State of Somalia. Between 2002 and 2014, Baidoa was the capital of the South West State. In 2014, the capital was changed to Barawa. source

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