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Updated: March 29, 2024 02:06 PM

Andalus Hotel and Restaurant is located in Ceerigaabo, Somalia. It's address is J999+PFH, RdNo1, Ceerigaabo, Somalia.

J999+PFH, RdNo1, Ceerigaabo, Somalia

+252 63 6644444

Questions & Answers

Where is Andalus Hotel and Restaurant?

Andalus Hotel and Restaurant is located at: J999+PFH, RdNo1, Ceerigaabo, Somalia.

What is the phone number of Andalus Hotel and Restaurant?

You can try to calling this number: +252 63 6644444

What are the coordinates of Andalus Hotel and Restaurant?

Coordinates: 10.6193548, 47.3689716

Andalus Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

yusuf mohamed
2023-07-04 14:42:32 GMT

I have been in the cafeteria recently and the atmosphere was quite comfortable.

Mukhtar Nuur
2022-10-03 04:51:30 GMT

Nice hotel, located at the center of Ceerigaabo. Great service and welcoming management, the rooms are so clean and nice and the food is awesome.

Kelly Konya
2023-08-01 03:14:01 GMT

The restaurant has good hotel services.

Hirad Ali
2023-03-14 04:04:18 GMT

I been in this hotel is clean and good

Sahra Wardoon
2021-11-17 07:01:36 GMT

I like your website very useful, Well Designed and Functional

Abdisalam Yousuf
2021-01-30 14:10:17 GMT

The best place in erigavo

Abdi Ismail
2021-02-04 03:10:49 GMT

Luxury place

Niels Weijmans
2023-06-07 11:25:00 GMT

Die lia was echt lekker

Hassan Osman Doualeh
2022-12-23 16:16:05 GMT

Best food in erigavo

Opoki Geremy
2023-10-01 09:53:34 GMT

Very beautiful and lively.

Gunasegeran Sellappan
2022-05-25 17:30:32 GMT

OK hotel for Erigavo. Fan cooled but Erigavo is about 2000 m above sea level. It does get cold at night. No soap provided. Restaurant was closed but Beder Restaurant nearbk has good food.

Caydaruus Cismaan
2023-04-12 07:45:34 GMT

Andaluus restaurant is nice restaurant

Hiilshacab Media Inc
2021-10-16 13:02:59 GMT

Hon Hiilshacab

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