Ugbaad Hotel

Hotel in Ceerigaabo

Updated: April 12, 2024 04:10 PM

Ugbaad Hotel is located in Ceerigaabo, Somalia. It's address is J9C7+3C3, Ceerigaabo, Somalia.

J9C7+3C3, Ceerigaabo, Somalia

+252 63 4202321

Questions & Answers

Where is Ugbaad Hotel?

Ugbaad Hotel is located at: J9C7+3C3, Ceerigaabo, Somalia.

What is the phone number of Ugbaad Hotel?

You can try to calling this number: +252 63 4202321

What are the coordinates of Ugbaad Hotel?

Coordinates: 10.6201304, 47.3635332

Ugbaad Hotel Reviews

abdalla herse
2023-08-20 03:52:03 GMT

Very nice

abdirahman adan
2023-04-29 04:32:05 GMT

Best Hotel in the east

Ismacil Muse
2019-03-12 12:36:40 GMT

Best hotel in erigavo

ZamiirAhmed Kulan
2019-08-17 11:17:43 GMT

very good

2020-09-11 20:35:47 GMT

I love it

Hamze Yassin
2021-08-27 14:12:50 GMT

Clean & Awesome services

Ali Jibril
2021-10-14 13:19:24 GMT

Ugbaad Hotel is one of the best Hotel in Erigavo, Somaliland.

Faisal Jama
2022-03-18 21:44:21 GMT

Ugaab hotel ceerigaabo

Jama Abdikaream
2018-10-13 15:10:34 GMT

Ugbaad hotel

eng mukhtaar
2018-10-16 20:41:21 GMT

Ugbaad hotel is the most interested hotel in ceerigaabo, the location of the hotel is a comfortable place,that the visitor can rest,because there is farms which are green,
it is the only hotel that i can say,it's secure
While the construction of the hotel building was long time ago, there is new part which is under construction,

zaki axmad
2021-08-22 14:30:23 GMT

Waa hoteel nadaafad fiican, hurdo macaan qiimihiisuna ma xuma in kastoo aan ku talin lahaa in xoogaa la dhimo

Saed Abdi Hussein
2018-09-29 16:33:36 GMT

Very tiddy residence

mubarak warsangeli
2020-12-18 00:57:57 GMT

Shire area

Nabil Sukuna (Sosa)
2017-08-06 08:49:41 GMT

Best hotel in erigaavo and apartimant

2024-03-02 07:53:07 GMT

Beerta ilama jibriil caraale

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