Aurora Park

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Updated: March 13, 2024 08:17 AM

Aurora Park is located in Laoag City, Philippines. It's address is 5HWV+43J, Laoag City, 2900 Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

5HWV+43J, Laoag City, 2900 Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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Questions & Answers

Where is Aurora Park?

Aurora Park is located at: 5HWV+43J, Laoag City, 2900 Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

What are the coordinates of Aurora Park?

Coordinates: 18.195343, 120.5926541

Aurora Park Reviews

Marc Lester Martin
2023-09-29 14:24:53 GMT

Aurora Park is a hidden gem that I stumbled upon during my visit, and I must say, their empanadas are simply mouthwatering! Each bite was a burst of flavors, with the crispy crust and the savory filling. The park itself is a serene escape, making it the perfect spot to enjoy these delicious empanadas.

Khrista Cendana
2023-06-24 22:41:58 GMT

Visited the park because of family. It has a beautiful view of the sunset that you can take if you're there long. Not much stuff to do but take pictures and hang out. It's great during the holidays. Check it out when you have the time.

Ace Polan
2023-06-27 07:07:22 GMT

It has one of the simpler park designs I've been to. But, it is clean and has a lot of empanadas and some other native Ilocano dishes sold. Pretty delicious. I think this might be the heart of not just Laoag City but of the whole Ilocos Norte because in front of this is the Ilocos Norte Capitol. Pretty accessible to the public transportation too.

Ronald Cuevas
2022-04-12 02:16:33 GMT

Best to visit during evening and on a weekend. There are food bazaar. The place is well lit and very cozy.

Jarom Silvanus
2020-02-23 16:12:43 GMT

The place is great at nighttime. I'd say the best time to visit is by 10 in the evening onwards, it's quiet and if you're lucky, you can have the whole place to yourself. It's also good during the day, seeing the fountain sparkle and the sunlight dressing the green grasses. Park benches are limited but it's cool if you scored one, andddd if you got the set (benches with table) you are dang lucky. People are quite conservative in the city so asking to sit with other people might not be a good idea. I'm usually here during the night, drinking coffee while either reading a book or writing literature on my small notebook.

Maradel Aguete
2024-01-12 17:13:26 GMT

Nice place to take pictures

Gladys Deliarte
2017-10-05 05:05:00 GMT

The park is clean ....we had a lot of fun here ^^

maria teresa Ariston
2022-03-09 00:31:11 GMT

Nice place to visit and take pictures... Really enjoyed it!

jeshia serdoncillo
2023-07-22 05:05:41 GMT

Very clean and you can feel the Spanish ambience in the center of the City. It also has food stalls and public comfort room

Romeliz Subiano
2022-01-23 04:20:34 GMT

We only go here at night time. I haven't try going here at day or in the afternoon. It's nice place to hangout with family and friends. Me and my siblings already made a Tiktok video here. It's nice to hangout here at night time. There is a McDonald's nearby that you can buy your snacks and share with your loved ones. My daughters love to run around and play here. There is a fountain at the middle of this park that you can take pictures with.

Dj Manera
2022-08-01 00:48:10 GMT

Nice place. Area for events.

Merlyn Guittap
2021-07-07 08:57:48 GMT

Clean and relaxin park ♥

Yum! Yum!
2021-02-06 14:38:08 GMT

Aurora Park is where the action is. Right across the park is the Capitol of Laoag City, and around the park are vehicles going to and from the city. Compared to other places that you can visit at night, Aurora Park is lively and safe. They are currently setting the place up for the Pamulinawen Festival which will take place really soon!

Mae Tanjutco
2018-02-05 21:22:34 GMT

Nice spot to take pictures.of how Laoag city looks right now... It is great to see how they have improved places such as the park, they usually held some of their local events here for all ilocanos to participate and also tourist to attract... the Heart of the Sunshine city of the north. Laoag :)

Richard Marcelo
2018-04-20 06:40:22 GMT

Aurora Park is a very nice place at night where you can gather your camera gears and do some light trails phoography. It has a fountain at the middle and very mystical at night.

Ethelain Cabillon
2022-12-21 13:04:53 GMT

It's very bright during night time. Perfect for picnic spot.

Romel Navarro Pante
2023-03-06 11:45:25 GMT

A perfect place to stay together while glazing the beauty of ilocos norte's provincial capitol.

Roque Rivera
2023-07-18 16:47:02 GMT

Lovely place

Glenmor Sapinoso
2017-10-23 06:49:24 GMT

Nice place. Even visitors can feel free to roam around and feel safe taking pictures. I like to come back and visit more tourist spots with friends.

Jerwin Herbas
2022-01-28 12:21:43 GMT

Nice city park.

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