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Updated: March 23, 2024 01:00 PM

Bolinao Falls 1 is located in Bolinao (Municipality in the Philippines), Philippines. It's address is 8V46+937, Brgy, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

8V46+937, Brgy, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

+63 917 822 7185

Check Time Table for Bolinao Falls 1

Monday6 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 6 PM
Thursday6 AM to 6 PM
Friday6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday6 AM to 6 PM
Sunday6 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Bolinao Falls 1?

Bolinao Falls 1 is located at: 8V46+937, Brgy, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

What is the phone number of Bolinao Falls 1?

You can try to calling this number: +63 917 822 7185

What are the coordinates of Bolinao Falls 1?

Coordinates: 16.3059032, 119.8601733

Bolinao Falls 1 Reviews

2024-03-10 09:47:59 GMT

Such a gem! This my friend is the Philippines , not the BGC OR MANILA, LOL.
A beautiful place to have fun. 4 different waterfalls... If you can drive there do so. Van driver's charge 1K PHP per person way too much for a short 30 minute ride from White Sands beach area. My picture here or video are not the best, had your guide takw them but it's a MUST EXPERIENCE.. Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for sure

Janice Alvarez
2023-11-10 14:08:55 GMT

This is an amazing experience. The roads to get here is surprisingly good. I thought it would be rocky roads, NOPE. I have a tiny Wigo and was able to visit this place no problem. It is affordable and people should visit more often.
My only regret, is I forgot to bring our own life vest, so I had to rent one there. There are areas of the falls that are deep, so if you have little children like I do, bring a life vest or rent.

Danica C
2023-11-28 14:35:13 GMT

Beautiful falls! Php30 entrance fee, Php300 cottage fee, Php50 lifevest fee, Php balsa rental fee. There is absolutely no reception here so be ready to enjoy nature's beauty and spend quality time with loved ones. This is a nice spot even with little kids around. There is a rock close to the falls, my son loved jumping diving from it.
Tip: the rocks are sharp, bring water shoes or slippers for comfort.
There is a store that sells buko (coconut) shake, make sure to get them.

Frank Cavar
2024-02-22 06:43:55 GMT

Went to visit one of two of these waterfalls they are clean prestine water environments and highly recommended to visit

Ace Polan
2023-06-27 06:42:16 GMT

This is one of the more unique places I've been to. Cascades of falls are really a delight to the eyes. But, similar to some other places in Bolinao, transportation going here is also a bit of a challenge because this is a much more secluded place. Little to no reception on all networks, but somehow the experience here can be quite memorable. The ideal time to go here should be early in the morning to avoid overcrowding.

2023-06-01 23:35:54 GMT

You need to pay entrance and for the life-vest. You could buy fresh coconut outside for more vibe. We didn’t rent cottage cause we spent 2 hours there. Public shower are not dirty but not clean us you expected. You need to pay for it also

2024-02-17 02:02:20 GMT

Nice scenery and swimming spots. Lots of slippery rocks. Not a lot of food choices.

Roman Pastor
2023-05-13 09:33:55 GMT

Bolinao Falls is beautiful. There are a few vendors that sell food and souvenirs and there are restrooms with showers near the parking lot. Getting to the Falls is a bit tough. The stairs to get down to the are pretty steep. They also offer rafts and life vests for rent once you get down to the Falls.

Melissa Previte
2022-10-01 09:36:29 GMT

Very beautiful waterfall with no wait to get in. Parking is easy and very cheap. Have to go down 60+ stairs to get to the waterfall. I recommend swimming here as the water is very cool and refreshing. Don't forget to stop and get a coconut juice after you are done! Very good!

Gunnar Dervola
2024-02-19 23:35:48 GMT

Great place for bonding and for go bonding. Remeber cash, they don't take any card here.

May “Ziel” N
2022-10-05 16:04:26 GMT

Must-visit, entrance is cheap. Lovely place. You can bring your life vest. It's where you can do the usual for a fee: kayaking, balsa ride, swim around the rocky waters (wear aqua shoes because it's too pointed and rocky), or just float and wade. Nothing to see underwater, snorkeling and googles are useless. You can attempt the free-for-all free fall jump even if you don't know how to dive, just tell them and get your inner adrenaline rush!

If you want to try the free portion where you can free fall jump from a height of 30 ft without any harness and fall on the waters that's 20 ft deep, go ahead, but there are no waivers or accountabilities since it's also by freewill. Trying the jump is worth the first-time experience if you're not scared of heights or of slipping since it's quite the spectacular thing for an amusement at this place.

Before it was my turn, there were two young ladies who went ahead of me to jump. If you came to do the dare - to jump - you'd notice after walking the climb up that this place has a set of 2 mini cascading waterfalls prior to the main attraction that tourists will see.

The 2 mini falls can be used for practice. You can skip it to conserve your energy. At the first practice jump, I did it right by falling feet first because I jumped and dropped without thinking. At the 2nd mini falls which was deeper and higher than the first, I made a mistake when jumping forward and my legs bent, it hurts like I overdid exercising and both of my thighs hurt. You can take your time resting before you do the real jump, and people would probably take your video.

There are no places to hold on to for your arms. The foothold groove where the left and right foot fits in is narrow for a woman's size of 7 foot. And then, everyone is looking, so before you can absorb that you might hit the rocks should you fail to have the leg strength to jump forward to the front while keeping your legs straightened so it doesn't hurt...

I certainly can say that it hurts like hell on my thighs! I needed about an hour of resting to get my bearings back where the numbness from the free fall into the waterfalls would fade. But if you're like the locals who do it right, they just come up again and again to jump and enjoy it.

Come here for a quick dip in the cool waters with just the right ambiance to it.

Mariella Nato
2023-02-12 11:55:08 GMT

I really love the falls!!! 🤍 You will see it in the pictures. Amust visit place when you go to Bolinao, Pangasinan.

The hiking will only take us like 5-10 mins. The water is clean and cold. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for this place!!!

Gilbert Cherweg
2023-12-31 09:01:19 GMT

We just visited the place with my family. The place is nice for nature lovers. You can go swimming.

ziedrick osorio
2021-12-15 18:15:47 GMT

Bolinao falls 1 is a must for everyone. Perfectly clear water with a shallow surrounding that can be enjoyed even by kids. Life vest, floaters and even a raft is available for rent. Level up your experience by jumping off the cliff as well! Try it!

Kevin Mulderrig
2023-11-22 05:00:29 GMT

Sweet spot, pack a lunch, and hang out all day.

Lawrence Michael Rom
2024-03-18 22:57:15 GMT

Entrance fee is cheao but they should be clear as you just need to pay once for all attractions in Bolinao bit they charge us for every attractions we went too. That is a bit misleading especially for tourists.

2018-01-25 09:31:09 GMT

Very nice waterfall!!!!
Almost no one there (weekday), parking 50pesos, entrance 20pesos/each, you can go there with your car, don't worry there is not always a real road but we pass without any problem with a simple toyota vios.
The best : take the stairs on the left, go up, and then jump!! I think arround 10m, it's nice and don't worry it's deep enough :) really enjoyed our morning there :)

Eugene Tongol (Mr.FuzzyBrows)
2023-04-12 07:39:37 GMT

We only visited one of the falls in the tour as we don't have much time. but we still enjoyed our stay. we had a guide that looked after our items when we swam. you can opt out of the guides but it's better to have if it's your first time visiting, there are no road signages.

Eric Robin Nadela
2023-01-20 12:55:40 GMT

Had a great time! Nice to be at places such as this. Worth visiting and highly recommended for the family.

Joseph Archie Nucum
2019-01-04 19:00:19 GMT

When in Bolinao, don't forget to visit Bolinao Falls 1. It's really beautiful an amazing to be swimming in the refreshing water of the falls. The fun and adventure of being there is an experience you do not want to miss out. Just have your car ready and in good condition when you plan on visiting this place, it's quite far and you'll be passing by some rough roads but it's all worth it once you reach you destination!

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