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Updated: March 16, 2024 03:04 PM

The Home Depot is located in Nogales (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is 430 W White Park Dr, Nogales, AZ 85621.

430 W White Park Dr, Nogales, AZ 85621

9356+MM Nogales, Arizona

(520) 375-6545

Check Time Table for The Home Depot

Monday6 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 9 PM
Thursday6 AM to 9 PM
Friday6 AM to 9 PM
Saturday6 AM to 9 PM
Sunday7 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is The Home Depot?

The Home Depot is located at: 430 W White Park Dr, Nogales, AZ 85621.

What is the phone number of The Home Depot?

You can try to calling this number: (520) 375-6545

What are the coordinates of The Home Depot?

Coordinates: 31.3592456, -110.9382761

The Home Depot Reviews

suzette moreno
2024-02-27 12:36:37 GMT

Ryan!!! Wow, went above and beyond ! Not only was he extremely pleasant, he took customer service to another level! He never hesitated to help us out with a project that was nearly impossible. People like Ryan deserve recognition for his attitude, great customer service and his willingness to make the impossible happen!!

Karen Wyche
2023-09-30 21:36:59 GMT

We've been here many times and it can be challenging to find things. Usually, you're pretty much on your own, but today my husband was there and one of their associates, name of Rosie, was very helpful. She helped him find everything he was looking for and he wanted to commend Rosie for her job performance! After she had finished helping him, she went to the next person she saw that needed help. Thank you, Rosie! You make shopping at this Home Depot so much easier! She deserves a raise in my opinion!

jim perrin
2023-10-10 12:29:26 GMT

Carlos is the manager he is very knowledgeable, friendly,all of the staff we have worked with were very helpful in finding what we needed.

rudy orozco
2024-01-28 11:02:17 GMT

You gotta get time to go to this place ,,,always packed and no help 😒

2023-04-17 10:32:35 GMT

It was an absolute delight to shop here. The staff were accommodating, experienced, and helpful, and it's probably one of the best Home Depot experiences I've had.

Oscar Ahumada
2022-10-09 16:05:38 GMT

This store is so friendly and helpful and on top of that very clean I’ll go to this store before I go the Tucson stores. After I purchase a water heater Jr said to me he would go out to help load it I didn’t have to ask. Great employees.

Selena Quintanilla
2023-07-19 18:31:44 GMT

Very friendly worker. Jim was a huge help and had great suggestions for our project.

Dave Carley
2022-05-14 12:33:39 GMT

I honestly was shocked to see a handful of negative reviews, because this HD is clearly the BEST store I have ever been in. Friendly, helpful staff who go out of their way to assist in any way they can. A fine example of stellar management and staff whom carry a work ethic that is not seen in other HD stores. Please keep up the great service!

Eduardo Cervantes
2024-01-25 16:58:41 GMT

I always find wath I'm looking for

Gloria Arreola
2021-08-01 03:42:10 GMT

I was all and about the store looking for bolt. All of a Sudden comes a gentleman, employee with a big smile and asking if he could be of any help. I'm sorry I didn't get his name he deserves a praise as he was very attentive. Thank you❤❤

Yesela Villegas
2020-11-04 02:43:32 GMT

Cesar has ALWAYS been super helpful with my questions and solving my issues. I forgot to submit a review last time but I had another issue today trying to refund something I ordered online and Cesar was able to help me with no trouble. Home Depot is lucky to have an employee like Cesar. He is always ready andoand willing tohto and resolve the issue! Thanks again Cesar!

2021-02-21 20:59:05 GMT

I would like to congratulate Junior at plumbing dept. his customer service, knowledge and patience to his clients make an enjoyable experience to shop at the Nogales Home Depot store. Excellent customer service!

Wilbur Vermeulen
2018-10-09 02:11:39 GMT

The employees working in the carpet section was very helpful. The man secured a carpet and helped to put it in our vehicle..This kind of service makes a person want to return. We also had a good experience with a young man in the door latch section...

Clint Estremo
2022-11-19 20:23:26 GMT

The employees are always very helpful and courageous. They will walk you to the item you are looking for, as opposed to Pointing in the direction of the Isle #.

Martha Cantu
2019-07-11 02:12:57 GMT

The Staff here is very friendly. Especially Susy R. who was able to help me find a new microwave. She answered my questions and offered suggestions. This particular Home Depot offers excellent service.

Robert Jacobson
2021-06-27 02:23:43 GMT

Cheerful staff despite a Covid-empty store. Exceptional service. A staffer in Gardening insisted on carrying a large but torn bag of potting mix all the way to my distant car.

Jayn Carney
2021-11-11 20:16:54 GMT

The Home Depot in Nogales is awesome! The clerks are helpful and friendly and the drive down is scenic and limited traffic. A very pleasant experience every time!

Terry Linthicum
2018-10-27 23:00:06 GMT

Very impressed with the helpful friendly staff. This is not my normal store but I have noticed an uptick in the service there as well. Now, just hire a few more cashiers and minimize those self checkout stations.

Berry Nice
2022-10-08 16:31:18 GMT

I love everything home depot, store, products, staff especially when they share their opinions, knowledge and experience with me on what to buy to fix this or that!!!!

Rodolfo Garcia
2022-10-30 18:30:47 GMT

Very different ,excellent shopping experience, got help and

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