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Clothing store in Nogales

Updated: March 13, 2024 02:46 PM

Ross Dress for Less is located in Nogales (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is 340 W Mariposa Rd, Nogales, AZ 85621.

340 W Mariposa Rd, Nogales, AZ 85621

9396+7X Nogales, Arizona

(520) 377-2780

Check Time Table for Ross Dress for Less

Monday8 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 11 PM
Thursday8 AM to 11 PM
Friday8 AM to 12 AM
Saturday8 AM to 12 AM
Sunday9 AM to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Ross Dress for Less?

Ross Dress for Less is located at: 340 W Mariposa Rd, Nogales, AZ 85621.

What is the phone number of Ross Dress for Less?

You can try to calling this number: (520) 377-2780

What are the coordinates of Ross Dress for Less?

Coordinates: 31.3682461, -110.937531

Ross Dress for Less Reviews

bhawna pacharne
2023-11-26 14:19:43 GMT

This is my favorite place to shop. However, the long endless lines and only one or two register counters open are the biggest disappointment there.
Suggestion never visit the Nogales store before 10.00 pm.

felyx guevara
2024-01-30 17:43:51 GMT

They have so much clothes ranging from many liked styles

Fonzie J
2021-05-16 05:24:50 GMT

What can I not say about Ross only fun true things...1 numerous things to buy at a great price no comparison to other stores that includes items for house... portraits... clothes.. electronics... The prices are way less than other shopping stores...glad to have visited this store and for less than $35 found many items for my room... kitchen...and gifts for my sweet friend... childhood friend asked me let's take a view and see what we can't find...huge high five to him..thanks bro 🌟

Gene Rivers
2020-12-23 06:54:59 GMT

Love this place but line's to long & no safety in place people so up close to each other no 6 feet apart I left got nothing what a shame & I shop at this store 2 to 3 time's a week but not now.

JD Munoz
2020-01-22 06:29:05 GMT

I come down from Phoenix about once a month, they often have items that are not in the Phoenix locations. They are very clean and organized. Wide variety of clothes for men compared to the Phoenix locations.

Bon Native Arizonan
2021-12-25 08:09:25 GMT

Excellent place to find Michael kors and coach purses and name brand shoes. Lots of great gift ideas at excellent prices

Alex SA (Lex Sion)
2019-11-01 21:15:12 GMT

One of the best places to go if you want to buy branded stuffs at affordable prices.
The place is kinda crowded but that is okay coz at least you will have many choices.

Blanca Cardenas
2019-01-14 16:06:09 GMT

Ross is a very nice place to shop,and its good quality of cloths, they always have New variety of different things,but sometimes the lines are big,but its worth it.

Esteban Acosta
2018-09-22 04:59:37 GMT

Love this place, best ross in Arizona maybe the country hands down!... even though there's lines and its always super busy you still find everything and so much more.

Dacia Castelo
2019-02-27 00:52:57 GMT

Well that place is always rlly great bc you can always find what you need and it's not that expensive, they have great clothes and it's all in style.I would rlly recommend that you go to this store whenever you can.

Bruna Reza
2020-12-11 01:18:45 GMT

Very friendly and helpful ask more than once if everything was fine and than asked if I needed anything they could me find very friendly and polite

Mary Esposito
2021-06-03 21:31:01 GMT

The shelves are full here in south Arizona's Ross store. Great merchandise, better prices.

Helena Ast
2022-05-25 18:13:51 GMT

Friendly staff. Only one thing, the line to pay was ridiculous, just be prepared to wait.

rudy orozco
2023-05-13 01:34:15 GMT

Best day to shop for my love 💓

America Cortez
2021-02-25 21:54:59 GMT

Ross is my favorite store because there's so much stuff that you can get at a lower price .

frank madrid
2019-12-12 02:08:31 GMT

Tons of toys. Well stocked. Great prices and great hours

James Borenson
2013-03-13 07:33:47 GMT

The employees are friendly and the store itself is a bit rowdy and messy but it is expected from such store where you search for something you'd like to purchase.

James m “Mopar mike” Parks
2020-01-26 17:34:23 GMT

It’s Ross always find some good deals here

Claudia Aguayo
2020-11-05 04:50:28 GMT

Could not find 2 items of the same, even though is well stocked.

Javier Durazo
2017-10-18 02:16:26 GMT

Good and fast service, the clothes are in their correct place.

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