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Updated: May 29, 2024 04:28 AM

Dental Laser Nogales is located in Nogales (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Pesqueira Plaza 26, Fundó Legal, Fundo Legal, 84000 Nogales, Son., Mexico.

Pesqueira Plaza 26, Fundó Legal, Fundo Legal, 84000 Nogales, Son., Mexico

83J4+QC Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

(520) 223-9820

Check Time Table for Dental Laser Nogales

Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday8 AM to 6 PM
Friday8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 2 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Dental Laser Nogales?

Dental Laser Nogales is located at: Pesqueira Plaza 26, Fundó Legal, Fundo Legal, 84000 Nogales, Son., Mexico.

What is the phone number of Dental Laser Nogales?

You can try to calling this number: (520) 223-9820

What are the coordinates of Dental Laser Nogales?

Coordinates: 31.3319239, -110.9438773

Dental Laser Nogales Reviews

Lisa Rakestraw
2024-02-23 15:53:56 GMT

Very different from American dentists: you can make an appointment and be seen within a week or two, they use state of the art technology, and it is affordable. Everyone is nice and professional. The teeth cleaning is quick and efficient. I see the same dentist every time, Dr. Arianna Ochoa, because she is familiar, kind, and does a good job. Very easy to park and cross the border, and they reimburse you most of the parking fee.
I finally got dental insurance but I still go here and pay out of pocket because the cost is comparable and they seem more up to date with techniques and equipment. Plus it’s so convenient to make appointments and not have to worry about insurance denying coverage. Overall their customer service is excellent and their office environment is comfortable—the new remodel makes me feel like I’m in Hollywood!

Bryan Del Carmen
2024-01-02 18:12:45 GMT

This is the best dentist experience I’ve had in a long time. Pain free, prompt, and excellent quality of work. All of the staff were super helpful, very nice, and bilingual. I would like to thank Dr. Sanchez, Miriam, and my root canal dentist. Also, last but not least Denise and all of the ladies at the front desk. Thank you all for making my visits as pleasant as possible! Would definitely recommend and will be back for more work.

Joe Bryant
2024-05-20 16:10:51 GMT

I was very pleased with my first visit to Dental Laser. I was seen within 10 minutes of my appointed time and taken back for x-rays using the latest in technology. From there I was escorted to another waiting room where I only sat for a minute before the doctor personally came and got me. Unlike in the US, the doctor performed the cleaning and then replaced a filling that had fallen out. Start to finish was only an hour! Very happy with the service and the price.

Beverly McGowan
2023-12-13 17:27:18 GMT

This was my first experience out of the US for dental work. I took my daughter with me who also needed extensive work done. This was the most positive dental experience I have had in my lifetime! First of all the front office staff was absolutely wonderful. Laura and Selina were at the front desk and were graciously welcoming. Laura came around from the desk to greet me and shake my hand and give me a hug. I had talked to her by phone a couple of time prior to our visit to set up my appointments and she was very thorough in explaining to me the process, who I would see and answered all of the questions that I had. I saw Dr. Nash and his assistant Yazmin first. Dr. Nash had wonderful bed side manner. He displayed my x-rays on a big screen in front of me and explained what I was looking at and what the steps would be to accomplish the goal of my visit. He continued to explain to me each step of his process and because they have a lab on the premisses he was able to arrange for my crown to be made and cemented in place on the same day! His assistant Yazmin was gentle and reassuring each step of the way. I also saw Dr. Valdez for a post implant which was surprisingly non-painful with just mild discomfort post procedure that lasted only a couple of hours. I was given Rx for pain meds but I never took them. I was also given an antibiotic and detailed instructions were written out for me on how to care for my post procedure, what to eat and not eat, etc. during the next few days. I saw Dr. Nash again at the end of the day for the placement of the crown and he gave me some pharmaceutical samples of an Rx non-opiod pain medication just to cover me. Again, I did not find a need to use this medication. The office environment was bright and clean and the they had the latest in technology available. They accomplished in one day, at one location between noon and 6 pm what would have taken 3 separate visits to two different dental offices in my home state. Everyone that I dealt with spoke beautiful English and were very gracious. Both myself and my daughter will return in 3 months after our gums heal for the placement of the crowns on our implants and look forward to coming back! You can park on the US side and walk across the border into Mexico. The Dental Laser cliniic is about 100 yds. From the border and the drug stores are within feet from the entrance to the clinic. It took us about 10 minutes to park and walk across the border and we felt safe and comfortable doing so. What an amazing experience, one that pleasantly surprised us both!! I will be spreading the word in my hometown to my friends and relations about the professional care we received and the wonderful experience we had.

Amy C.
2024-04-10 23:11:43 GMT

The staff are very professional and well organized. It’s the first time in a long time I have no mouth pain thanks to Dr. Sanchez, Miriam, Ivan and everyone at Laser Dental. The facility is very clean the consultation is helpful and affordable. All treatment prices are given before procedures and are reasonable and they stick to them. They keep you comfortable and do whole mouth x-rays and exams to personalize care. Honestly, it makes going to the dentist something to look forward to :)

Sylvia Ibarra
2024-05-10 15:37:59 GMT

Dental Laser is my place for dental work! They are very clean, professional and caring! The whole staff are so friendly and make sure you are comfortable! I am also impressed how up to date their technology is! X-rays are a breeze! Very impressed how they upgraded the office spaces which look beautiful and shows they really care!
Easy to access also- right at the border! Recommend highly!

Bess Palmer
2024-04-30 15:40:13 GMT

This is a beautiful huge office with 2 floors of glass and marble located 1 block from the border. It is a quick 1 block walk to the border from their US parking lot. Walk through a turnstile with no ID needed and you are in Mexico. note- returning to US, also easy does require appropriate ID. The doctors speak English and are friendly, informative and unhurried. The offices are spotless with up to date equipment. I had several implants and am satisfied to date. They have dentists who specialized in most or all phases of dentistry. I have been very impressed with Dental Laser and have gone for several years. I do believe it is a good idea to be on top of your routine maintenance periodontal needs. I didn’t feel that I was followed as well to determine if cavities or gums were deteriorating as well as I was followed in the US. But this was offset by the perception that they weren’t pushing unneeded procedures on me.

Brad and Robin
2024-04-29 17:19:15 GMT

I highly recommend Dental Laser. I have had my initial consultation visit and every staff member was friendly and helpful. The diagnostic technology was the same and in some cases, better than my dental office in Tucson. The whole office was very clean and the atmosphere was busy, but pleasant and modern. Dr. Sanchez is kind, personable, and knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained all the findings from the dental x-rays and photos. The assistant, along with the dentist also thoroughly and clearly explained all the costs and details of the necessary work. The estimates were approximately 1/3 of what they were at my regular dentist in Tucson. The office is also remarkably easy to get to, right across the border. And parking in their lot on the Arizona side was convenient. Again, I highly recommend Dental Laser and am so thankful that I can now get the dental work done that I have needed for years.

Lisa Shipley
2024-03-21 15:24:36 GMT

I am so impressed with this amazing office! First off the new remodel is beautiful. Marie the young lady who checked me in is polite, upbeat and efficient at setting up appointments and checking you in.
I had to see three dentists for several procedures including new crowns and root canal. All three were very efficient and took great care to explain every procedure and were mindful of making sure I was comfortable.
The equipment looks state of the art and brand new. Everything is spotless.
My root canal was painless only took one aspirin. best dental experience Ive had and more than half the price one would pay in the states even with insurance.
They provide bottled water and coffee but If you are there for a long time bring snacks.
Parking is easy and crossing the border is fairly simple just bring your passport and ID.
Great experience and so grateful for incredible dentistry and such great prices with well trained educated dentists!

Jean Rook
2024-04-27 01:54:26 GMT

Exceptional, sparkling clean facility. Modern equipment.
Pleasant personnel. Dulce Maria is efficient and kind.
I was only there for pictures and cleaning. Through and quick,
I'll be returning next winter. Easy border crossing and parking in Laser Dental lot. ( Free if you remember to take your receipt to the office.)

Jeff Davis
2024-04-16 16:23:09 GMT

My experience at Dental Laser Nogales was excellent. The drive from Tucson took a little over an hour. Then it was an easy 10-minute walk from the parking at Burger King across the border to the office. The staff was extremely nice and punctual. They have a total of about 20 dentists and orthodontists. Their equipment is equal to the best in the U.S. The quality of service was very high and the prices were quite reasonable. It is now my go-to clinic for all needs.

arthur lafrance
2024-04-20 13:36:28 GMT

This was my second extraction preparatory to implant. Both went extremely well. Scheduling, X-rays, painkillers, removal, all were first rate. Back in Oregon, my local dentist (30 years) spoke highly of the workmanship. Access was easy: park on US side, walk through border check point, you are there; no border drama. Personnel
very competent and friendly. Scheduling within days of call.
Highly recommend

Kathy Wing
2024-04-30 21:11:12 GMT

My husband and I both had work done this year and we can’t say enough good about the practice! The doctors and staff are extremely considerate and explain everything in great detail. Prices are much more reasonable than in the states. We’ve been before and will definitely go again!

Kelly Miraldi
2024-02-29 16:48:28 GMT

This dental office surpassed my expectations. The staff is polite, professional, and very well spoken. The office is clean organized, and the building is massive! Quite impressive this business is…… I really enjoyed the dentist that I saw, and his assistants. Everyone that I came in contact with even the woman who has the insurance were well spoken, professional, knowledgeable and well presented.
Go visit you ll be glad that you did.

2024-05-21 15:29:34 GMT

I was referred to Laser Dental by a family friend. I have been getting my teeth cleaned at Laser Dental for 2 years now every 6 months, and I can truthfully attest to the immaculately clean, state of the art facility, kind staff and excellent care I have received. By the way, I was in a dental assisting training program in High School and I have high standards for Dental care from my training.

Greg Knowles
2024-05-23 16:41:49 GMT

We have never seen such a tech savvy dental facility staffed by so many smiling and helpful professionals. Excellent work. Great price. I will tell everyone I know to give Dental Laser a try.

Hector Cruz
2024-04-26 17:37:56 GMT

Awesome customer service. Dulce made sure to answer all my questions and concerns. Dr Luz was excellent. Overall, the best dental experience. Professionalism at its highest. Highly recommend. Well worth drive to Nogales. Parked on US side and walked less than 5 mins to office.

Ellen Riddle
2024-02-29 15:29:49 GMT

Yesterday I had my six month cleaning, after almost a year of restoring my dental health. This included a bone graft, a bridge to replace a lost tooth on top and an implant on the bottom. This cleaning a deep one to make sure all is good. It is and now I just need regular cleanings every six months. I am very pleased with the results of the work done. The professionalism and friendless are top notch. I highly recommend you for dental care at a reasonable cost and quality.

Barbara Bow
2023-12-20 14:33:19 GMT

Dr Diana was thorough, kind, knowledgeable and gentle. I felt well cared for and she advised best practices to care for my teeth. Thank you for the great exam and cleaning. I am a person who enjoys having their teeth cleaned and I have to say I have had the best. Thank you!

Colleen Rae
2024-03-13 23:54:46 GMT

Fantastic! Better equipment than any dentist 🦷 I have had in the states. I got a crown in one afternoon. Amazing and would highly recommend. Like 1/4 of the price of one by me. I really liked Dr. Nash - he gave me several options for another tooth and ended up sealing it for no extra cost. I honestly will probably fly down there next year to have a root canal and crown.

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