Bosque Mágico Coca Cola

Amusement park in Guadalupe

Updated: March 08, 2024 11:43 PM

Bosque Mágico Coca Cola is located in Guadalupe (Municipality in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Av Eloy Cavazos s/n, La Pastora, 67140 Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico.

Av Eloy Cavazos s/n, La Pastora, 67140 Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico

MP7X+C3 Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

+52 81 1870 8000

Questions & Answers

Where is Bosque Mágico Coca Cola?

Bosque Mágico Coca Cola is located at: Av Eloy Cavazos s/n, La Pastora, 67140 Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico.

What is the phone number of Bosque Mágico Coca Cola?

You can try to calling this number: +52 81 1870 8000

What are the coordinates of Bosque Mágico Coca Cola?

Coordinates: 25.6635036, -100.2522736

Bosque Mágico Coca Cola Reviews

Crystal Roberts
2018-12-10 02:35:33 GMT

Today was awesome. We didn't have to stand in a long line to enter. Bag Checks went smoothly. Finding the rides was easy. Even though we had a timely wait in line to the rides we passed the time without really noticing. Some rides were not functional and that was understandable since we are approaching winter. As with amusement parks the cost of food is a little above average. Overall it is a good place for the family or friends to have a good time.

2018-01-29 23:28:41 GMT

I paid 360 MXN for two people to spend a day at the Bosque Magico. I would recommend this location for families and young couples.

Eduardo Alfaro
2017-01-23 20:17:10 GMT

I liked the place but if you wanna go to the restrooms u need to get there like 10mins before to get in the line

Jerry Terry
2020-02-07 18:13:53 GMT

When i went there was hella people in the lines but as it got late people left and then the rides were awesome especially the zombie ride

daniel el pro :v
2016-04-02 18:46:27 GMT

I like bosque magico because the attractions are fun plus is a place for all the families and greetings to the best country mexico.

Carlos Allman
2017-03-23 03:30:43 GMT

Had lots of fun with the all access pass. Posted some 360 degree pictures on Street Maps.

Tannia Espinoza
2019-05-19 17:36:23 GMT

Excellent games, I was there this spring having a great time with my family.

Adán Cordero
2021-01-20 06:45:38 GMT

You can actually have fun on this attraction park, they have lots of mechanic games.

Sandy Palacios
2019-12-29 20:10:14 GMT

Super padrizimo 😍😍😍😍

The Greatest King
2016-12-13 17:52:20 GMT

There's so much you can do in this place, but lines get quite long after 12:00 p.m.

Gaby Mayo
2022-06-24 01:14:25 GMT

Nice of monterrey NL. On way world 🤑

Minor Gabriel Arroyo Bonilla
2022-07-30 04:18:59 GMT

the best amusement park are all.

rodulfo saara
2021-08-05 00:09:53 GMT


Iker Martinez
2018-10-07 03:05:56 GMT

great place to visit with family and friends lots of fun

Ricardo Villanueva
2019-06-22 21:41:26 GMT

Never been here before . It feels like going to SA

Eduardo Garza
2018-02-26 00:40:02 GMT

Good fun! Plenty of parking!

Luis G. Loa
2018-07-13 02:15:14 GMT

Great place to visit and have fun

Carolina Gonzalez
2021-06-28 00:47:32 GMT


Gonzalo Cordova
2021-07-21 04:04:40 GMT

Awesome place for kids to play

wonder woman 4
2019-08-03 22:32:05 GMT

Great place to enjoy rides

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