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Updated: March 19, 2024 02:19 PM

Atyrau International Airport is located in Atyrau (City in Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan. It's address is Abulkhair Khan Ave 22, Atyrau 060000, Kazakhstan.

Abulkhair Khan Ave 22, Atyrau 060000, Kazakhstan

4RCJ+X5 Atyrau, Kazakhstan

+7 702 237 2171

Questions & Answers

Where is Atyrau International Airport?

Atyrau International Airport is located at: Abulkhair Khan Ave 22, Atyrau 060000, Kazakhstan.

What is the phone number of Atyrau International Airport?

You can try to calling this number: +7 702 237 2171

What are the coordinates of Atyrau International Airport?

Coordinates: 47.1224489, 51.8304487

Atyrau International Airport Reviews

Mahfudz Aziz
2024-02-23 15:56:41 GMT

A good airport, friendly to international visitors, but a little cramped in the baggage waiting area, especially when passengers have finished checking their passports. I like this city and its people.

Kos Kos
2021-03-03 16:32:57 GMT

Nice place! Small and cozy🙂

EL Javadli
2018-03-19 15:58:16 GMT

5 stars, cuz this is my personal record in the smallest international airport ever. One departure gate, only chairs and toilet and absolutely nothing else. Its hilarious!

алпыс нурушев.
2023-09-15 16:26:05 GMT

The Best! Very nice and very good!

Loula Evert-Smith
2017-12-20 05:17:37 GMT

Very small airport, but efficient. Customs could be a bit faster...but friendly staff.

Boyan Hadjiev
2022-11-10 04:29:14 GMT

Nice small regional airport :)

Altyn Adam
2017-12-20 17:48:44 GMT

Good airport service. Secure and comfortable

Graham Middleton
2020-03-10 15:52:30 GMT

Superb. Quick service, comfortable waiting areas.

Carlo Montei
2019-01-23 18:26:43 GMT

Very small airport. It's impossible don't found the way. 😁😁😁

se riadh
2021-12-29 14:14:51 GMT

Very good

Taved Igbal
2021-06-08 10:08:55 GMT

Good 👍

Mariya Mulrooney
2018-06-04 12:04:43 GMT

Small and strange architecture

Manuel Baba
2022-04-07 06:48:31 GMT


daniel thulin
2018-06-27 13:36:25 GMT

Lovely one!

2021-11-05 14:29:59 GMT


Ahmad Tauquir
2020-03-15 03:58:16 GMT


thirumalai thiru
2020-06-17 03:39:29 GMT


Nurkan Ashenov
2019-02-16 07:23:09 GMT


Vachiraya Farm
2018-07-12 09:32:51 GMT


Akhtar Shaikh
2020-06-24 07:43:01 GMT


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City in Kazakhstan

Atyrau, known until 1991 as Guryev, is a city in Kazakhstan and the capital of Atyrau Region. Atyrau is a transcontinental city, at the mouth of the Ural River on the Caspian Sea, between Europe and Asia, 2,700 kilometres west of Almaty and 351 kilometres east of the Russian city of Astrakhan. source

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