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Updated: March 08, 2024 06:28 AM

Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter is located in Gifu (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is Japan, 〒504-0943 Gifu, Kakamigahara, Nakakayabacho, 3 Chome−8.

Japan, 〒504-0943 Gifu, Kakamigahara, Nakakayabacho, 3 Chome−8

9RRF+X7 Kakamigahara, Gifu, Japan

+81 58-375-3700

Check Time Table for Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter

Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday9 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter?

Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter is located at: Japan, 〒504-0943 Gifu, Kakamigahara, Nakakayabacho, 3 Chome−8.

What is the phone number of Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter?

You can try to calling this number: +81 58-375-3700

What are the coordinates of Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter?

Coordinates: 35.3924558, 136.8232036

Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Inter Reviews

anil devkumar
2024-03-03 14:54:52 GMT

Very big and have everything to fun and spent time with family and friends

Charles Davies
2019-01-19 14:13:52 GMT

Spacious, clean and a multitude of shops on three floors that seem to go on forever. There are all the usual shops plus H&M for the westerners that can't fit in to tiny Japanese clothes. The usual slightly overpriced restaurants are on the first (ground) floor and there is an extensive food court on the 3rd floor. Overall, a great shopping mall.

Darren S
2022-12-21 12:36:21 GMT

This is a great sized mall with plenty of varied shops to choose from. Plenty of parking and there is even a cinema and gaming centre. It even has a massage location, plenty of various ATM machines, and a good mix of different restaurants and cafes. Visited this mall plenty of times, and will visit again. For a chance to have a good look around you need to give yourself plenty of time. Recommended.

vilma sawanami
2021-03-28 04:46:19 GMT

i'd often camed here i love shopping..and there's a lot of food (restaurant)..yum yum

2022-09-09 02:28:29 GMT

Large rang eof variety stores from 100yen stores to clothes, shoes, large fresh supermarkets, cheap alcohol, game centres, cinemas and more!

Very convenient place to shop at!

If there was any flaw, it would probably be the annoying phone/water dispenser sellers who keep bothering you to sell their stuff to you.

Stephanie Mae
2024-02-03 14:46:50 GMT

One of the 1st malls I went through was when I was New here.

2018-07-21 05:05:08 GMT

This is one of the better malls in the area. It’s very large with great shops like H&M, GU, Uniqlo, Starbucks, etc. There’s a great Chinese/gyoza restaurant inside too. There’s a bus that goes there if you’re carless like me, but it takes a while.

James Rudow
2022-03-24 00:11:05 GMT

One of the largest of the Malls here in Japan. It has everything and anything you might want or need. Excellent restaurants

Sudhakaran Srinivasan
2018-05-18 12:25:39 GMT

AEON mall is in a easily accessible location. And they have a great food court with variety of food.  AEON mall supports healthy life style of customers and this mall is part of the walking course. There are some shops offering tax free shopping for visitors from foreign countries.

Steven Reynolds
2019-11-22 11:30:34 GMT

You can spend more than a whole day shopping at all the stores, much things, make sure you drop off your luggage at the lockers, your feet will thank you

Amaze Ryu ryu
2021-10-12 06:13:49 GMT

Give aways and special events beautiful place clean I just love the place.

2021-11-30 07:14:06 GMT

Well it's the biggest Aeon mall in Gifuken so go have a Blast 😁

Eva Yau
2019-12-22 22:47:43 GMT

very spacious and can spend three to four hours here

2021-10-22 03:08:14 GMT

Very cozy mall with wide parking spaces

Dave Bustillo
2020-06-09 22:31:40 GMT

The one stop shoping mall to go, where everthing you need is here

Hoang Quan
2018-01-04 09:19:16 GMT

this is very large place to shopping and any more . i like it

baiq raudah
2020-01-12 00:43:17 GMT

Lots of delicious food and store here

2021-09-11 12:22:25 GMT

How about Starbucks frappe after taking a walk in the mall?

Precious Jewel dela cruz
2019-01-18 09:32:06 GMT

You can everything you want here. :)

Hùng Hoàng
2022-08-12 08:02:59 GMT

This ok

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