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Updated: March 08, 2024 07:12 AM

JR Gate Tower is located in Nagoya (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 1 Chome-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6601, Japan.

1 Chome-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6601, Japan

5VCM+W2 Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

+81 52-586-7999

Check Time Table for JR Gate Tower

Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10 AM to 9 PM
Sunday10 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is JR Gate Tower?

JR Gate Tower is located at: 1 Chome-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6601, Japan.

What is the phone number of JR Gate Tower?

You can try to calling this number: +81 52-586-7999

What are the coordinates of JR Gate Tower?

Coordinates: 35.1723389, 136.8826056

JR Gate Tower Reviews

2023-02-04 02:36:53 GMT

Fine dine restaurant with cozy ambiance. Nice place to hang out with friends or meet up on a date.

BC Wright
2021-05-06 00:57:53 GMT

Nice spacious areas. Conveniently located. Beautifully decorated. Nice restaurants. Few outdoor seating spots. A bit pricey. Great for photos.

2024-02-04 02:09:12 GMT

I like the view in the room and the breakfast here is really good.

Shivam Hinduja
2019-07-16 08:21:56 GMT

A great shopping mall tower !! Full of shops and stores and eateries. My personal favourite place to hang out is the the rooftop Starbucks at 15th Floor.

Rigo Pedraza
2023-01-13 13:56:00 GMT

Lots of choices from shopping to restaurants different varieties.

Qi Wun Ho
2017-04-17 08:25:03 GMT

美登利finally opened in Nagoya, delicious but smaller than Tokyo one

Missy Foxy
2022-01-05 16:37:57 GMT

The hotel is great! The staff are very attentive and helpful with my request. However, be prepared to bring all your luggage to the room as the hotel don't have the bellboy. The room was so clean and perfectly done the whole time I was there. The location is perfect for shopping as the hotel is in the same building with JR Gate Tower that has Bic Camera and JR Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall, also has a connected route to the underground shopping street and Nagoya Station.

2018-11-06 12:53:48 GMT

Modern and clean.The night view is a wonderful place.

Patrick Tan
2022-10-19 13:10:45 GMT

A big mall above the Nagoya Station.
Had dinner there on the 12th Floor.
Quite a lot of selection - Japanese, Western, Italian and Chinese.

ong shwu chen
2017-05-21 03:25:42 GMT

Stay in JR gate tower hotel during the visit. The hotel is newly opened and conveniently situated next to JR train station. Drugstore, electrical appliances eg bic camera can be found inside and outside the building. Its superb convenient. Highly recommended. Not to forget the complementary breakfast! Yummy

Paul Leung
2018-08-09 07:38:03 GMT

A large shopping, dining and office complex. During the morning and the late afternoon, a lot of Japanese rushed to work and to home on 15th floor. Below 15th floor, a lot of shops and restaurent. It was very hot in Nagoya during the summer. My wife and I found it's very convenient and comfortable to shop and dine in the Gate tower and Central Towers.

Benny Tan
2017-06-21 14:10:40 GMT

There are multiple high speed lifts available near the entrance of the building allowing easy access to some of the major stores like BIC camera, Uniqlo and GU, as well as restaurants at the upper floors.

Friendly guides stationed at strategic locations to provide help to visitors as well as to control the flow of human traffic at crowded times.

Wong Priscilla
2018-03-24 08:51:05 GMT

The room is very new, big and clean. It is close to the Nagoya JR and subway lines which is very convenient. There are also many restaurants and shops in the same building.

Guren Hanh
2018-08-18 04:54:13 GMT

A bit pricey, but ot was perfect place to chill, you can shop for clothes, souvenirs, books and a lot more stuff or just dine on the towers while looking over nagoya, plus there's a variety of restaurants to suit your taste

Hugh M
2019-08-07 11:59:05 GMT

Much more affordable shopping than the department store next door and targeted at younger audience. The restaurants have very long lines during lunch hour.

Geo ジョーDee ディー
2021-04-26 08:13:18 GMT

JR gate tower is one of the 3 towers of The JR Central Towers (refer the pic).

It has The JR gate tower Mall (B1 -8F), Bic Camera on 9th, Uniqlo and GU on 11th, restaurants on 12 &13, Gatetower Hotel 18-24 and other offices from 26 - 44.
There is a blood donation center on 26 and the popular Starbucks with a city view on 15th floor.

James Bradley
2022-04-07 12:16:41 GMT

A good variety of shops and facilities.

Children's play zone too. It's not free though.

John Gan
2017-11-16 14:40:23 GMT

Such a wide selection of products. Would definitely recommend to visit this place. It won't have the cheapest things or everything in that matter but most of it. Also has a great selection of restaurants!

Tor M
2019-11-06 21:10:50 GMT

Lots of restaurants. Just outside nagoya station.

Melanie Kuo
2019-01-11 13:25:27 GMT

It's new year time of 2019, Nagoya station is extraordinarily shining with lots of winter shopping & eating stuff.

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