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Updated: March 09, 2024 01:39 PM

Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens is located in Nishinomiya (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 14-2 Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8204, Japan.

14-2 Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8204, Japan

P9V5+HW Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

+81 798-68-6666

Check Time Table for Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens?

Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens is located at: 14-2 Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8204, Japan.

What is the phone number of Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens?

You can try to calling this number: +81 798-68-6666

What are the coordinates of Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens?

Coordinates: 34.7439342, 135.3598518

Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens Reviews

Specially Sam Fam
2020-09-15 11:01:18 GMT

I was impressed visiting this mall for the first time. It’s so wide and huge. I can stay here for a day hopping different branded boutique, there’s also many choices of food in food court needless to say fine dining on the upper part of the building. There’s Izumiya department store inside, supermarket and cinemas.
Great to spend a day with a family. I can have all I need in one stop.

ling Chang
2024-01-17 12:18:02 GMT

Hankyu Nishinomiya Garden Shopping Center is known as the largest shopping mall in Western Japan. It gathers clothing, shoes and bags, beauty, groceries, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, sky gardens, etc. in a five-story building with a business area of ​​about 100,000 square meters. There is a sky garden square on the top floor of the mall, which is a good place for many families to relax and entertain with their children.

Bohya Kinema
2022-02-15 00:14:54 GMT

The former Hankyu Braves baseball team's home ground, Nishinomiya Stadium, was located on the southeast corner of Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station. The general commercial facility built at the end of 2008 is now Nishinomiya Gardens. Naturally, the site is vast at 753,474 square feet. It is the largest in western Japan and the third largest in Japan, and it is difficult to go around in one day. The core store is Nishinomiya Hankyu Department Store, Izumiya, Toho Cinema, but there are many other specialty stores, hospitals, walking paths, etc. A moving walk is also installed, which can be reached without an umbrella, possible spending a relaxing time. It is barrier-free and elevators for a wheelchair are prepared, suitable for couples and families, regardless of age.

Jagath Priyashantha
2021-03-23 15:06:16 GMT

Best place for enjoyable shopping. They are various kind of shops their. The top floor is best for relaxing.

Harald Kubota
2023-09-03 01:32:31 GMT

As a shopping mall, it's spacey, lively and has a good variety of shops. Definitely one of the nicer shopping malls I visited.

Ramon Lopez
2023-09-21 10:23:54 GMT

Great! First class mall. Very good for walks on rainy days too!

moshe ivgi
2023-12-10 01:47:09 GMT

Nice item for Xmas
It is on the 1 floor in the living section

Jesper Jensen
2016-11-20 04:30:47 GMT

One of the largest shopping centres in Japan. Very nice centre with with plenty of space and good facilities for children. The centre has a nice selection of trendy fashion shops. There is a playground on the roof, but it is a bit steep at 700 jpy per child and 300 per adult for one hour.

Aaron Drew
2016-11-09 10:44:14 GMT

Modern, clean, great water feature / fountain outside that kids can run through on hot summer days. Nice selection of places to eat and very easy to get to from the train station.

Sébastien Avinc
2020-07-06 11:41:13 GMT

Like many malls in Japan you can find pretty much everything you want. From clothes to sport, food, theater!
Parking is huge and you can have it free if you buy enough or have an S card.

Nick Iftner
2017-02-05 19:24:06 GMT

This place is massive. It's on the pricey side of the spectrum but that is because it is loaded with high quality stores. A plethora of great restaurants and top notch stores easily makes this the best mall in Kansai.

Dai K
2020-01-02 12:27:47 GMT

Great shopping mall for everyone.
On the 4th floor there are lots of area for kids.
Compared to other big mall in central Osaka area, this mall is relatively less crowded and feel comfortable.

Dennis Counter
2018-07-14 23:07:07 GMT

The nicest shopping mall I've been to in Japan. Super spacious , clean and has many more shops that the average Q's mall or Aeon mall even. Everything feels a bit on the luxurious side, so prepare to spend a bit more than usual on dining and entertainment. Also plan to spend at least a few hours here as it's quite big! Only access is via walkway from hankyu nishinomiya kitaguchi station. Other lines do not connect.

Nina K
2019-02-11 11:01:48 GMT

You can find anything. Long queues in restaurants during lunch time. Trim park (paid) and the fountains on the top floor are fun and quite popular.

Nacho Samurai
2018-01-23 02:25:33 GMT

High end mall, it has a nice movie theatre and large selection of shops. Decent food court which has mostly Asian cuisine. Import shop is well stocked with food and snacks.

R144 M
2018-01-07 03:48:21 GMT

use of the land after the base ball stadium of "Ichiro 's team". modern,clean and also fuge ahopping center. reasonable super market and many shops looking high class are in there. sometimes getting lost caused by biggness.

2021-04-20 04:30:15 GMT

Big shopping mall with many store to browse, restaurants to eat in and even cinemas to see movies. It's really nice and clean. Staff are friendly.

Kévin Bulmé
2016-12-20 02:41:07 GMT

Good place to do some shopping, to eat or go to the cinema. When the weather is cool the gardens on the rooftop are really enjoyable !

Douglas Howard
2017-05-19 08:38:26 GMT

Great coffee, food, and shopping, plus a fun fountain for the kids on the roof, a theater, lots of parking, and easy to get to by train.

Yuya Kawashima
2017-05-04 01:49:12 GMT

It's so nice place to visit with friends. It has a lot of shops and I can't be bored browsing around there.

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