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Train station in Okayama

Updated: March 25, 2024 02:58 AM

Okayama Station is located in Okayama (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 1-1 Ekimotomachi, Kita Ward, Okayama, 700-0024, Japan.

1-1 Ekimotomachi, Kita Ward, Okayama, 700-0024, Japan

MW89+C3 Okayama, Japan

Questions & Answers

Where is Okayama Station?

Okayama Station is located at: 1-1 Ekimotomachi, Kita Ward, Okayama, 700-0024, Japan.

What are the coordinates of Okayama Station?

Coordinates: 34.6661212, 133.9177335

Okayama Station Reviews

ridho ardhi syaiful
2023-11-20 23:10:11 GMT

Compact and complete station. Effective enough to fulfill your need. The station have a lot of restaurant, shop, store and everything you need.

They also on the center of Okayama, there is a lot of hotel around. It is one of the convinience station in Japan.

2024-03-17 10:48:49 GMT

Okayama is well worth a visit for tourists and provides an excellent launching-pad for going either west or east on the JR Shinkansen. The cultural zone has quite a lot of interesting places to visit within such a compact area. The station is one of the easier ones to navigate for non-Japanese speakers, and the fountain was a funny reminder for us (after watching James May in Japan).

Anish Thakkar (Doc Thakkar)
2023-02-26 01:42:30 GMT

Well organized, easy to navigate and connects both above and underground. The shops inside were very nice and make for a quick pit stop for souvenirs and/or snacks for the Shinkansen.

Would recommend!

2018-07-19 11:22:41 GMT

A wonderful modern station which is clean efficient and quite large. Staff n Officials are very helpful and friendly. There are many different outlets n facilities within the station itself. Many food outlets n restaurants, souvenir shops, apparel n gift shops etc. There are bus stops nearby the exit where one can board to go to various destinations- it’s very convenient. The ground n lower floors are where many of the FnB outlets/restaurants are located. Prices are generally average in cost depending on what u wish to eat. Shopping for souvenirs here is recommended as the main souvenir shop has a wide variety at reasonable prices. As in most large stations in Japan, Okayama station is not only a transport/train hub but seeks to also have many interesting aspects to it. A quick walkabout may prove interesting. Highly recommended! 🙏We also pray n hope for the safety of all the residents in Okayama because of the great flood. 🙏

Boho Travelogue
2022-03-26 21:44:16 GMT

One of the major JR West station and it is well organized. Very easy to find out tracks and other important places. large and clean.

Desmond Ho
2023-01-11 06:04:33 GMT

Love Okayama! It a great alternative city near Osaka and Kyoto, use my JR West Pass to travel here. Use this as a stop to visit Kurashiki, Kojima Jean St. There a massive Aeon and Takashimaya mall near this station.

Takachan Y
2023-12-11 02:41:52 GMT

✔Cross point station which connects the Main island and Shikoku island🏝
✔not so crowded with passengers!(ex.Tokio,Osaka…)

Phoebe Gong
2023-08-08 01:24:26 GMT

The station has everything you might need, except for currency exchange bank. A disappointment for travelers. You can get exchanged at a close by location called ticket center. It has Western Union inside, they except many currencies, it’s 10 mins walking.

Sebastian Vaughan
2018-01-08 10:46:24 GMT

Bullet trains (Shinkansen)!!! Okayama Station embodies the spirit of Japanese Efficiency! Fast, safe and reliable.

Michelle Nicole
2020-03-16 21:13:46 GMT

I love this station! The information booth and ticket booths had wonderful workers, in particular the kind woman who spoke English; she helped direct me to the next train after I missed mine. She even helped me contact my hotel because I was so hopelessly lost. I wish I could thank her a thousand times for her generosity and help! The shops have wonderful snacks and cute gifts too.

Julien Ngao
2017-05-15 02:15:48 GMT

An convenient station close to the center of the city. It also contains coin-lockers, shops and restaurants.

Andy Huang
2019-10-05 07:58:19 GMT

A friendly train station for travelers. There are plenty of lockers nearby.

2020-01-03 13:12:35 GMT

Convenience station for shinkansen and local lines. Good place for shopping as well.

Dirk Hebecker
2023-09-29 23:07:14 GMT

efficient station, not too chaotic
clean, convenient

Alex Zamayoa
2023-10-09 03:25:33 GMT

Like any other the staff was very friendly and helpful

Dr Anindita Roy
2018-06-24 00:56:04 GMT

Station enroute Hiroshima , nice and quiet.

Jim Sollenbarger
2016-04-09 03:23:54 GMT

I left my ipad on the train and they returned it to me at one of my destinations 2 days later safely packaged and very prompt service.
Thank you kindly station staff and delivery service.
Sincerely yours,

Alexis bonazzi
2018-12-27 08:32:32 GMT

I retrieved my Nintendo switch + accessories worth about 700£ which I had left on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. There were no hassle.
This is Japan!
So thank you beautiful efficient country

Stephen Lerch
2019-06-30 10:11:49 GMT

Big station with a lot of food and shipping options. Like all Japanese train stations, the station is all laid out and ready to navigate with plenty of bilingual sounds.

François Marquis
2017-05-18 06:54:16 GMT

A big, nice JR station with Shinkansen, food, etc.

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Okayama is the capital city of Okayama Prefecture in the Chūgoku region of Japan. The Okayama metropolitan area, centered around the city, has the largest urban employment zone in the Chugoku region of western Japan. The city was founded on June 1, 1889. source

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