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Updated: March 09, 2024 12:46 AM

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa is located in Hakone (Town in Japan), Japan. It's address is 583-1 Nebukawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0024, Japan.

583-1 Nebukawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0024, Japan

644J+QG Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan

+81 465-29-1000

Questions & Answers

Where is Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa?

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa is located at: 583-1 Nebukawa, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0024, Japan.

What is the phone number of Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa?

You can try to calling this number: +81 465-29-1000

What are the coordinates of Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa?

Coordinates: 35.2069059, 139.1312991

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa Reviews

Mark Graham
2024-02-25 08:50:14 GMT

Big hotel perched on a mountain, all rooms have a great view of the ocean. Good buffet. Nicely Morden rooms with balcony. Great local eateries but eat early if you want to eat outside as many places close early. Nice onsen.

Vagabond 0911
2023-11-17 23:12:27 GMT

Absolutely inspiring stay with a beautiful view overlooking the sea. Happy I took the high floor sea facing. Huge property with so many facilities that you do t have to leave the hotel if you don't want to but i still went to nearby Hakone and some small attractions. The hotel has a stunning pool never to miss, spa, hot bath, table tennis, golf, mini shopping mall and many more. The service was very nice and so was the food but they have just 1 restaurant and a bar. I stayed on a weekday so the hotel was not crowded which was perfect for me. I will be back again this year.

2024-01-15 00:21:39 GMT

This is our second visit here. What we love the most is the hotspring bath. It makes your skin glow. The negative about the ocean view room is strong wind blow trying to come in thru windows causing scary noises all night long. Breakfast was delicious.

Rajapal Singh Rawat
2024-02-24 13:00:23 GMT

Far from the hustle bustle of the city, on top of the hill, with a beautiful view of ocean 🌊 from the room.
Good food, game center, bowling alley, karaoke, spa and much more.

Charline Schuler
2023-10-09 04:13:41 GMT

We had a pleasant stay. The check-in was smooth and easy. The room was nice and there is a yukata available to use, and we enjoyed the balcony. We had our dinner at the restaurant and the food was good, the service and the ambience was pleasant. My favorite is the natural hot spring. I didn't have a chance to try everything because we spent most of our time in hakone. My husband liked the pool since they have an indoor and outdoor pool. We used the gym and decided to go for a walk and run as well. The resort is far from the station but there is a scheduled shuttle bus that goes to two different stations.

Y. Lin
2023-12-24 06:57:21 GMT

Great on-site onsen and breakfast. This is my second time staying here. The fish is juicy and not dry (much better than a year ago). Onsen is clean and not so crowded. Room with Ocean view is very nice. They also use lots of local produce.
Wifi speed is a bit slow. Most Hilton has the same issue.
Coffee bean is not good - over roasted. Need to choose a better suppliers.

I will come here again and bring my own coffee & portable wifi.

Shinsho Mitsuda
2024-01-18 01:49:58 GMT

Excellent staff, and various facilities for guests to use.
Accessible location and they provide shuttle bus service to Odawara and Nebukawa stations. Excellent view of the ocean too. Will come again!

Salvo Ciccia
2024-02-20 08:03:40 GMT

One of the best Hilton I have ever been. There was everything needed to make the perfect gateway. The ocean is at walking distance, the resort has also large pools with Jacuzzis. There is also a natural hot spring open until midnight. Highly recommended 👌

Matthew Ventures
2023-06-30 12:33:12 GMT

I was very unhappy to be kicked out of the spa because I had tattoos. The website said tattoos would be fine as long as they were covered with swimwear however the hotel staff told me the website was inaccurate and instead denied me services.

Everyone was very respectful about the miscommunication and I contacted Hilton staff who said they will provide me with a refund. I must Grant five stars for their apology and reconciliation despite this grave mistake on their website.

A bit more broadly, I would also give guests the heads up that the location for this hotel is somewhat remote and dining options are slim. We chose to eat in the hotel which was very expensive but very delicious. Food costs about $50 per person for a premium Buffet style dinner.

At night the room was very loud due to a howling wind. All service was exceptional. Lastly, the hotel itself was beautiful.

George Gorel
2023-05-23 01:59:04 GMT

Highly recommend. Best customer service, I have ever received at a Hilton property. Very clean and organized with lots of amenities! Beautiful view too! You cannot go wrong coming here! 10/10. THE best buffet food I have ever had in my life too!

Hector Wong
2023-06-27 11:27:54 GMT

Superb resort of Hilton
Went there for Father’s Day celebration also summer holiday for kids
Totally stayed around 12 hours
They got indoor pool out door pool, both with Jacuzzi, and 25 meters pool for training
They got Onsen, again both indoor and out door

They got nice food, Japanese and western

Price is also stable, 20000 yen per person

Oh yes
The also got tennis court, golf range, full gear gym, etc.

It may not be a impressive choice for those whom came to Japan for their first time. But it is definitely impressive for a relaxing weekend.

2023-04-20 12:25:38 GMT

Beautiful family resort near Odawara. It has amazing views of the bay and the coastline. The place offers multiple swimming pools for families, lap pool, therapy pool and even access to an outdoor pool area. They have natural springs too.
During the day time the town can be accessed using a shuttle / cab however in evenings it’s a bit of a challenge getting a cab back.

Thomas Miyano
2023-05-22 09:11:01 GMT

Family friendly resort. The dinner buffet was remarkable.

First of all, they have no tattoo policy for spa and pool. In Japan, tattoos are still considered negatively, and the hotel made that choice to appeal to Japanese customer. Overall, it is a great resort, but let me start with buffet.
Usually, I do not go for buffet, because it is very difficult to maintain the balance between quality and the price. Hilton Odawara did extremely well. I was very impressed by their Bouillabaisse. The seafood in Bouillabaisse tends to lose its flavor, especially in buffet, because their flavor goes into soup. Not this one. They seemed to cook soup with all kind of seafood, dump the seafood, and add new and fresh seafood. It was awesome.
Their sushi, especially locally caught sea bream (it is considered the king of Fish in Japan), was wonderful. There is a huge selection of food for most picky eaters. It is a bit pricey, but you get 25% off if you are the Hilton Honors member. Breakfast buffet was wonderful as well.
My biggest reason I picked this hotel was that in many Japanese hotels, they charge price per head. Hilton Odawara does not, and it helped a lot.
There are 10 different pool facilities, including dry and steam saunas. Many pools are heated and indoors, so no need for sunscreen. Natural hot spring onsen was very nice, too.
Overall, it is a wonderful resort for family, and it is priced well. It is very close to lake Ashi (ashinoko) and Odawara town center. We will return again soon.

uncl zero
2023-04-13 23:24:22 GMT

This isn't a modern hotel with pretty sofas and fancy coffee machines but it is a place of retreat, a quiet stunning location at one with nature. Great hot spring, pools and sports if thats your thing, or just sit quiety on the balcony and enjoy the sounds of nature and stunning sea view.

Suyendri Nasrul
2023-08-05 06:00:18 GMT

Really nice place and comfortable. You can enjoy every second you have in this place slowly without a hurry.. even you can enjoy your coffee after lunch by relax.

qlv assoc
2023-04-04 04:59:29 GMT

In contrast to the quiet Hilton Club, this is the hotel side of Hilton with full activities. It offers an expansive lobby with service desks. On site, there are shops, restaurants, gym, tennis court, golf, swimming pools, onsen, kid activities etc. There is also shuttle bus to take guests back and forth between Hilton and nearby Nebukawa train station. The swimming pools are impressive and massive with several indoor pools and hot tubs. There is an indoor 25-meter lap pool with 4 lanes. One outdoor pool with hot tub. One lie-down pool. The pools all have jets at different height to massage guests. (We stayed at the Club side)

Tim Manley
2023-05-24 10:54:38 GMT

Just had a amazing stay at the Hilton's Odawara Resort! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This property outshines all other Hilton properties I've visited around the world.

From check-in to check-out, the team's superb attention to detail, warm smiles, and incredible ability to anticipate guest needs made the experience phenomenal.👏 Hats off to the leadership, who have created an environment of exceptional service and hospitality.

The resort itself is a pure luxury nestled in serene Odawara - a perfect blend of comfort and traditional Japanese elegance. Plus, their commitment to sustainability made the stay even more delightful. 🍃💚

If you're looking for a haven of luxury where every expectation is not just met but delightfully surpassed, Odawara Hilton Resort is the place to stay.

Tavia Perez
2023-04-05 20:54:48 GMT

Amazing customer service, beautiful and relaxing spa with great food and activities for everyone. Bowling, Arcade, Karaoke, Spa, swimming and gym. My favorite by far is the hot spring bath!! 😍 will definitely return

Hilda Lee
2023-11-15 03:48:58 GMT

Such views can only be found here ~ beautiful resort hotel with superb facilities!

Warren Rehman
2023-05-02 01:22:35 GMT

Amazing hidden gem of a resort, not as well known as Karuizawa or Hakone but Odawara had a lot to offer and is very conveniently located for folks coming from Tokyo. In addition to the great service and beautiful views, the delicious food and drinks, and nearby oceanside attractions, this resort also boasts an impressive assortment of leisure activities to enjoy! Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis, mini golf, an exercise gym, bowling, karaoke, and an old fashioned arcade with lots of games. You won't be able to experience everything in one stay, and you'll likely enjoy yourself so much you'll be back again soon. Highly recommend that you book some of the leisure activities when you check in to avoid disappointment as they can fill up quickly.

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Hakone is a town in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As of 1 October 2023, the town had a population of 10,965, and total area of 92.82 km². source

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