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Updated: March 27, 2024 12:05 AM

Saitama Super Arena is located in Saitama (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 8 Shintoshin, Chuo Ward, Saitama, 330-0081, Japan.

8 Shintoshin, Chuo Ward, Saitama, 330-0081, Japan

VJWJ+27 Saitama, Japan

+81 48-601-1122

Questions & Answers

Where is Saitama Super Arena?

Saitama Super Arena is located at: 8 Shintoshin, Chuo Ward, Saitama, 330-0081, Japan.

What is the phone number of Saitama Super Arena?

You can try to calling this number: +81 48-601-1122

What are the coordinates of Saitama Super Arena?

Coordinates: 35.895081, 139.6307319

Saitama Super Arena Reviews

Kelly in Japan
2023-09-20 01:11:59 GMT

The Saitama super arena is a nice spot to watch sports and performances. I’ve been here for both basketball games and Disney on Ice. If you buy anything in the arena it’s a little pricey but that’s to be expected. Also the area around the arena is very interesting. There’s a big mall around there with plenty of shops and restaurants. If you have the chance come watch something here, it’s a really great experience.

rio vitoni
2022-12-16 13:30:25 GMT

Last time i visited Saitama super arena is when love live fest in 2020 .
Really missed this place .
The place located in the city so its easily accessible and the train station is really near from the arena.
The arena also quite big but kinda sad its not that big enough .
The outside of the place is spacious enough for people to gather here .

Thomas Rezendes
2019-12-16 00:34:39 GMT

First of all, this was my first concert in Japan and in my life! I arrived very early because my wife has been to concerts in Japan and at this arena in the past. Arriving early for such an event is very advantageous as there are a number of things you can do to add to the experience. The restaurants, cafes, bars and, to my surprise and my wife's, booths near the arena to get alcohol food and whatever your heart desires. In addition to that, buying souvenirs for the event requires that you arrive early to increase your options. I was there early but didn't go there to buy souvenirs until way too late, as it turned out. I could only choose from white and green T-shirts (I had wanted black) because almost everything was sold out. Buying a souvenir was important to me and I am satisfied with the green T-shirt I was able to buy. There were so many people at the venue but the staff there had everything under control. We did have to wait and I felt like I was just a part of the herd as we moved into the stadium. Inside the stadium was massive. I was far from the stage but not as far as many others. I was happy to see that they had an enormous screen above and to the back of the stage. My wife said that this is the first time she had seen this (she has been to three U2 concerts and a Linkin Park concert). It really added to the experience because we could actually see Bono's face while he sang. In addition to that, there were several visual effects put on the screen, AND the Joshua tree was beautiful!!! It was a great experience and I would definitely go to another concert at this venue. Just get there early to buy souvenirs if that is something you want.

ns g
2023-01-26 10:02:03 GMT

Came here a fortnight ago to see Fujii Kaze’s concert. Amazing performance, quick and convenient crowd management, and close to train station. Appreciate everyone’s hard work for this concert.

Naerly Nona
2022-07-03 14:53:56 GMT


It was really easy to get into the stadium and go to the reserved seat. I had a really great time!

Dominik Blagovic
2020-02-09 19:03:16 GMT

Great Arena. I was there 2 nights for the Queen & Adam Lambert Rhapsody concert on January 25th and 26th. Everything went very fast, good working at entrance and security. Good sound inside. The concerts were absolutly amazing. Great mood inside.

Inda Risinda
2019-11-14 07:53:38 GMT

Super Junior was here, so did I! No, I did not watch their concert I just passed by..haha Great building and near of it there is an open spaces good to enjoy the weather

Wita Tanaka (Asobiniiku)
2017-01-30 22:04:53 GMT

I have been there3 yrs ago , for Backstreet Boys Concert, and I've be there again with my friend for GNR. Love this Arena, before the concert you can go around, there are many foods and drinks nearby. The place easy to fine, just beside the train station.

Mario Capone
2020-11-03 02:46:00 GMT

Came here 15 years ago to watch Pride FC 30. What a truly great experience I will always remember! Oh, and the arena, very unique architecture. RIP Pride FC:(

Mrs Hide
2019-12-06 04:26:56 GMT

Went to the U2 Joshua Tree concert. Japan... Is a different world. No bouncers, probably college age men were keeping the peace. The entry instructions are shouted out in Japanese, but any one of the ushers are able and willing to help. So many people but so very orderly. And clean!
No food or drinks are allowed inside.

Ria Fajarwati Kastian
2022-04-02 22:52:28 GMT

One of the most popular place to watch concerts. Good environment and big venue.

2023-05-16 11:17:14 GMT

Easy to access. Huge lines for the ladies restroom as expected, but for the men's restroom there was no line. The sound was surprisingly decent for the level 400 I had a seat on with no distracting echo. My advice for you is to protect your ears, get ear plugs from 100-yen store and you will be able to cut off excessively loud sound and sharp high frequencies.
It was a little bit scary to stand on that level (second row) because I'm pretty tall and it felt like I could fall off since the bar is located low, so half of the time I was sitting.
Since it was a central stage, it was easy to see the show.
Going back home was easy too, the train was not overcrowded even though the show had 20000 attendees.

2018-04-05 00:20:23 GMT

Watched Elyxion EXO concert last Jan, impressed with how big the stadium is. I got ground arena and enter from gate W1. Access is via train and super near from Saitamashintoshin station. Many restaurants in the stadium complex. When the concert ends, it can be very packed walking to the station. But the staffs were very good at organizing people to get to the train.

2018-11-01 06:33:52 GMT

Join the Loud Park 17 metal festival in this arena. Convenient traffic, foods, safe and clean.

2017-09-02 10:46:15 GMT

Really nice stadium! its nice to see Japan has Handicap accessible venue.

2019-12-05 14:17:29 GMT

One of the largest Arenas I've seen. Perfect venue for the U2 concert! The Japanese are very disciplined and inspite of the huge crowd, entry and exit was very organized.

Senem Ahıskal
2023-03-20 15:24:07 GMT

A wonderful venue for the World Figure Skating Championships.😊

Paul Carroll
2019-12-06 03:50:48 GMT

Great event hall in Saitama! 5 minute walk to the subway.

Tino “TF” Fechtner
2021-07-17 23:22:23 GMT

A perfect place for team sports
, especially basketball. Good to have this venue in line. Even the mascot is there to welcome everyone. Good luck everybody

Doctor Evil
2020-05-16 20:01:07 GMT

All the superstars come here for concert, we have U2 concert here in 2019.

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