Military Service Consumption Corporation

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Updated: March 15, 2024 12:03 PM

Military Service Consumption Corporation is located in Al-Mafraq, Jordan. It's address is 86V7+CWW, Baghdad, Al-Mafraq, Jordan.

86V7+CWW, Baghdad, Al-Mafraq, Jordan

+962 7 9679 3773

Check Time Table for Military Service Consumption Corporation

Monday8 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 11 PM
Thursday8 AM to 11 PM
Friday8 AM to 11 PM
Saturday8 AM to 11 PM
Sunday8 AM to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Military Service Consumption Corporation?

Military Service Consumption Corporation is located at: 86V7+CWW, Baghdad, Al-Mafraq, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Military Service Consumption Corporation?

You can try to calling this number: +962 7 9679 3773

What are the coordinates of Military Service Consumption Corporation?

Coordinates: 32.3450457, 36.2154118

Military Service Consumption Corporation Reviews

2022-09-26 11:09:46 GMT

Whenever you come here looking for something, you almost find it or find an alternative.

Prices are adequately addressed to all community needs, and the variety of goods allows you to buy without hesitation.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

Hady Dweikat
2019-11-10 12:01:37 GMT

Great place, highly recommended for family purchase

Mahmoud Msaeed
2016-12-24 16:22:51 GMT

I liked this place because it have nearly anything

abdul husein
2017-11-25 09:48:29 GMT

I purchase detergents mostly its kind off cheaper

mahmoud anbtawi
2017-06-06 15:51:54 GMT

Best grocery shopping centre in mafraq

Faisal Alsalm
2019-09-17 07:36:41 GMT

Nice good prices

ammar shams
2023-04-14 16:50:35 GMT


توفيق الشرفات
2022-07-03 22:30:23 GMT


أبوعلي العرفي
2019-10-16 15:18:09 GMT


Nasser Akrm
2021-11-22 12:08:00 GMT


2020-07-28 14:47:13 GMT


Mahmoud Massadi
2017-07-29 11:43:22 GMT


2016-07-13 10:09:54 GMT

good >

Jaafar Shgerat
2016-09-10 09:40:06 GMT


Uv Gc
2024-03-12 14:20:20 GMT

جودة المنتج ورخص الأسعار وتعامل راقي وجميل

mamon alkhatib
2023-11-20 16:08:17 GMT

سوق مميز
متوفر داخله جميع أصناف المواد الغذائية
وبأسعار جدا ممتازه

Thamer Alsarhan
2024-01-04 12:40:42 GMT

ممتاز جدآ ، بضاعة نخب ..
ادارة ممتازه جدا

Osama Alwahede
2024-02-14 17:04:04 GMT

اسعار منافسة اصناف متنوعه

قران كريم
2024-02-16 11:08:10 GMT

اسعار مناسبه وجوده عاليه

ابو ايهم
2023-08-09 14:21:49 GMT

ممتاز ولاكن الاسعار غاليه نسبيا

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