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Updated: April 26, 2024 03:05 PM

Arab Revolt Plaza is located in Aqaba (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is G2C2+J53, Aqaba, Jordan.

G2C2+J53, Aqaba, Jordan

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Questions & Answers

Where is Arab Revolt Plaza?

Arab Revolt Plaza is located at: G2C2+J53, Aqaba, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of Arab Revolt Plaza?

Coordinates: 29.5215044, 35.0004334

Arab Revolt Plaza Reviews

Aboud Bayazid
2023-10-06 12:07:36 GMT

Magnificent historical place. The view is great. You could grab some coffee from demitris and enjoy your time.

Sarah Alnizami
2023-04-30 06:09:26 GMT

I love what they’ve done to the place, great variety of restaurants and cafes in addition to the incredible view 😍

Asma Rumman
2017-01-13 19:19:57 GMT

One of the best places to set and chill in Aqaba... I recommend ordering a cup of take away tea from one of the cafeterias at the squar and setting at the boats deck watching sunset

Mohammad Khawaldeh
2023-03-27 17:41:30 GMT

Amazing place ,,must visit

Sergio Campobasso
2024-02-10 13:04:50 GMT

Beautiful place to start a walk by the sea in Aqaba.
Close to the fort

Moshe Ehrlich
2017-10-25 20:22:02 GMT

Really cool plaza... Massive flag... Great view of the harbor...

Captain Adeeb Sartawi
2023-05-02 12:17:21 GMT

Awesome ambiance for families and kids best location to watch seaside with anchoring ships , cruise ships And pleasure boats . Few modern well reputed cafees and restaurants are opening gradually. You can take glass boats from this place which has small quasyside for boarding these boats safely .

Ahmad Abuhazem
2024-01-25 00:33:37 GMT

There are free places and all services are available, and it is a family place

Mufleh Mubaideen
2023-07-09 04:40:50 GMT

It's nice place to be but not during the day hours because of the high temperature. Restaurants and coffee shops available there

Mainy Sam
2024-01-12 11:21:50 GMT

Very beautiful relaxing place

Faisal Faris
2023-05-08 09:54:33 GMT

Lots of nice shops and a great view. Loved it. Wad able to rent electric scooters and go around the area

Mamduh Manna
2023-08-12 06:22:25 GMT

nice place, there are some cafes and restaurants, you can walk and sit near the sea, well organised

Shakyglo Sustaita
2018-12-20 05:39:22 GMT

Very interested place-port nice local Food and atractions.

2023-09-01 13:11:03 GMT

The square is open on all sides, no tickets are required to enter, it is preferable to enter on weekends, and the reason is that events are held here.

Stuart Atchison
2023-03-03 18:45:28 GMT

A lovely plaza, quiet and peaceful, commemorating the Arab Revolt against the Turks. Interesting history with the sixth largest freestanding flagpole in the world!

Hezi Bosmi
2023-05-07 20:55:42 GMT

Nice place
We enjoyed the chilling wind during the very hot weather

Chaehyeok Lim
2019-10-28 08:34:27 GMT

Been here in December 2011, right after the Syrian revolution had started. We didn’t know it until we arrived at a hotel in Aqaba and had a chance to watch a tv news.

There were many Syrian refugees. I met some of them, about four family of approximately 30 people arrived on a bus. They couldn’t afford a Hotel so they just stayed on a bus all night. We couldn’t communicate with each other, but I could understand how desperate they were. It’s been almost 9 years, but I still think of them and wish they return to their home safe and unharmed.

Riyad Qadri
2024-03-04 06:00:45 GMT

Loved the renovations

2018-08-31 13:39:31 GMT

Had a lot of fun there children playing teenagers dancing all screaming with joy beach is shining over the reflection of the moon a must go place !!

2018-07-24 15:25:49 GMT

The flag of the Great Arab Revolt is located in the center of the city of Aqaba, south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, overlooking the northern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, carrying the flag of the Arab revolution. It is 132 meters high, the highest in the world at the time of its creation in 2004, and now ranks sixth in terms of altitude.

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