Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه

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Updated: March 12, 2024 08:20 PM

Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه is located in Aqaba (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is S Beach Hwy, Aqaba 77110, Jordan.

S Beach Hwy, Aqaba 77110, Jordan

CXMF+XQ Aqaba, Jordan

+962 7 9889 9008

Check Time Table for Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه

Monday10 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 7 PM
Thursday10 AM to 7 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday10 AM to 7 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه?

Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه is located at: S Beach Hwy, Aqaba 77110, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه?

You can try to calling this number: +962 7 9889 9008

What are the coordinates of Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه?

Coordinates: 29.4349434, 34.9744838

Berenice Beach Club / شاطئ ومنتجع برنيس العقبه Reviews

James C
2023-12-28 19:35:39 GMT

Private beach on the outskirts of Aqaba. There are 3 swimming pools at the top of the complex, with steps down to the beach. Loungers and towels are available, and there is a bar that serves food and drinks. Snorkelling is an option, and the reef is metres offshore and is teeming with marine life. Boat tours are also available.

2023-10-01 19:02:21 GMT

Very nice beach with clean beach, pools and sea. We enjoyed them all. Also the staff there was really nice and polite. We also tried snorkeling and everything was nice. We also experienced karaoke night with fire show which was amazing.

Irati Icardo Isasa
2023-08-01 18:09:33 GMT

Fantastic place for relaxing and snorkeling! The reef is impressive and so are all the types of fish that can be found in there.
Possibility to rent the snorkeling equipment for 7jod/day.
Would definitely recommend!
Special thanks to Rocio! She was the kindest

Robi Holc
2023-10-05 15:49:44 GMT

Private beach club, very clean. Towels at entrance, bar, restaurant. They offer boat tours, snorkelling and diving. They offer free activities like darts, waterpolo, volleyball, yoga. At this occasion I would like to thank the animation team for making our time there awesome and unforgettable, thank you.

Obayda Rabei
2023-06-05 07:07:17 GMT

We spent a great family day in this beach club, it has a nice private beach with beach seats and umbrellas, 3 swimming pools with crystal clear water, clean toilets and changing rooms , you also get a towel on the entrance all this included in the ticket price which is fair ( 13JD) per adult. All and all it was a great experience.

Roland Jorz
2023-01-18 06:56:01 GMT

Clean beach ⛱, nice sun beds with sun shades, you spend your time playing volleyball, darts, and stretching and yoga classes. After swimming you can use the towels (included in the entrance tickets).
If you are hungry you can order some food to eat at the bar.
Also from here you can buy some boat trips to view the beautiful Red sea on glass boats or diving and snorkeling.
BTW, music is nice but I think that more traditional Arabic songs are welcomed.
The transport to here is free, you can reserve your seats from the hotel, don't forget to ask at the reception for Berenice beach. The entertainers ladies are nice and willing to help, and entertain.

Sharon Rumley
2023-05-07 13:05:32 GMT

Very nice beach. We had a special experience with our tour. We shopped for our vegetables at the market with the Chef who picked out the fish. At the beach the food was prepared as we swam and/or snorkeled. The setting was Arabic and beautiful. The food was cooked to perfection.

Derai Al Nuaimi
2023-08-25 11:45:06 GMT

Very recommendable! Enough pools for children and grown ups. Prices are fair and they have nice cafes and you can also have food there for reasonable prices.

You get a towel at the reception and you can also book water sport activities there.

Perfect for families and nice beach. Be aware, it’s not a sand beach!

2023-06-04 05:36:00 GMT

Well maintained private beach, worth the price as you have everything for your convenience, you'll get towels upon entering. Filipino guy makes some good cocktails ;). Downside is the food overpriced and bland.
Beware there is security check at the front, they don't allow your own drink ( except water ) and food

vlad popescu
2023-10-21 20:34:02 GMT

We had a great day at the beach. Not too crowded, cristal clear water, helpful staff, cold beer... I would definitely go back again.

Cristian Turci
2023-04-23 19:34:40 GMT

Top level place. Cost of entrance is 13 jod (about 17 euros). Inside there are 3 pools (1 dedicated to children), 2 restaurants (one with buffet), a bar on the beach, a jim and the possibility to use the sun bed and the umbrella. Berenice organizes also some boat trip. We choose a 4 hour tour with glasses to see bottom. Cost is 33 jod including lunch (some grilled meat). I think that this place was the cleanest in my Jordan trip

2023-04-09 15:42:42 GMT

Looks a bit tired overall, but had a great vibe, great facilities, decent food and they serve alcohol at a reasonable price (mention the last bit in case you're visiting over Ramadan - no disrespect intended to any Muslim friends -

Maria Loizou Ioannidi
2021-11-10 12:26:50 GMT

Very nice area and very well organized. They do have a pick up van from your hotel because it is quite far. They do offer beach towels at the entrance. The sea inside is very nice with a coral reef, but you have to be careful were you step. Also the food is good here !!!! The perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Datcu Alexandru
2023-09-02 11:32:03 GMT

Great beach! It was a nice experince. The beach is clean and the bar is amazing!

Hatim Masamra
2022-08-07 15:28:30 GMT

Very clean and well maintained club. Swimming pools are of decent size, with nets to play water polo.
The restaurant has a wide variety selection of dishes to choose from.

I wish they had a space that's air conditioned, or add more water sprays around the eating tables.

The beach at the Red Sea is very clean, with many recliners to use and umbrellas.

Washrooms are regularly cleaned and shower areas are spread across the facility.

2023-02-18 02:36:33 GMT

Wow, I really loved my visit here, a well deserved rest after visiting Petra and Wadi Rum. I arrived early in the morning and it was relatively quiet, however within a few hours it did begin to get busy. Highly recommend renting a snorkel, the coral reef just off the beach is amazing.

Theres an onsite restaurant and swimming pools also to enjoy. Highly recommend visitors to at least spend a couple of hours here.

Boba Strbac
2023-06-04 15:46:25 GMT

Great place to spend a day at the beach! The staff is super friendly, the atmosphere and the view is amazing. Highly recommend to everyone who's looking a place to relax, have a great time by the beach and enjoy yourselves !

Nathan Lam
2019-07-01 17:00:46 GMT

Nice place! We paid 20JD to get there from our hotel(including transportation and snorkeling gear with bottle of water, locker). Great price nice beach where you can enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, chilling or even excursions. Very dynamic team. We also had our lunch over there, food and price are excellent. Spend a day or half, you will enjoy it:) unfortunately i forgot my gopro this time, couldn't take any undersea photos

Marc Bierer
2022-08-09 18:00:10 GMT

We booked a tour which started there. Nice place, nice food. Wonderful beach. The boat took us to a spot with amazing sea life. The plane and military wreck in compare was not a highlight. Another spot with fishes, corals, etc. would have been better.

Łukasz Jarzynka
2023-03-11 21:07:08 GMT

Nice place for chill on a beach. Nice food (but not Arabia food), clean beach, realy nice gardens and Well-kept surroundings. Darts, voleyball, yoga and diferent activities. Cons: Sunbeds could be cleaner and more well maintained. The beach is closed (about 200m) and you can't walk by the sea.

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