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Updated: March 09, 2024 09:07 PM

Cinepolis is located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (National park in India), India. It's address is Service Rd, Laxmi Nagar, Thane West, Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India.

Service Rd, Laxmi Nagar, Thane West, Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India

6X5C+JC Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

+91 95601 21771

Questions & Answers

Where is Cinepolis?

Cinepolis is located at: Service Rd, Laxmi Nagar, Thane West, Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India.

What is the phone number of Cinepolis?

You can try to calling this number: +91 95601 21771

What are the coordinates of Cinepolis?

Coordinates: 19.2090363, 72.9711173

Cinepolis Reviews

Jagal R Nath
2024-03-08 02:19:17 GMT

The quality of Cinepolis IMAX is entirely different from other cinemas, literally, as every aspect of the theater is top-notch, including seating, sound, visual quality, ambience, and all other factors. I watched "Manjummal Boys" here, which was cinematically the best movie, and Cinepolis made it a greater experience for me.

Rohit Bisht
2023-07-08 07:49:12 GMT

Cinepolis VIP in Viviana Mall is a must-visit destination for movie lovers seeking a high-end and luxurious cinematic experience. From the moment you step in, you are greeted by a sophisticated and elegant ambiance. The theatres are designed with comfortable and plush recliner seats that provide ultimate relaxation throughout the entire movie. The screens are large, ensuring a captivating visual experience, and the sound quality is impeccable, immersing you in the film. The VIP lounge offers a wide range of gourmet food and drink options, with friendly and attentive staff serving you directly at your seat. The entire experience at Cinepolis VIP is top-notch, making it an ideal place for a special occasion or a treat yourself day.

Paid parking available

2024-02-18 13:25:07 GMT

Truly worth the visit.. great ambiance.. courteous staff . Will definitely visit again

Wander Girl Nids
2023-12-12 06:59:57 GMT

Watching a movie is no longer a weekend affair and thanks to world class theatre chains like Cinepolis you can have wonderful movie watching experience in your locality.
Cinepolis - Viviana Mall, Thane West is a popular theatre located at Viviana Mall, Eastern Express Highway, Near Jupiter Hospital, Thane West, Thane, Mumbai. Cinepolis has 14 screens. Movies now showing at Cinepolis - Viviana Mall, Thane West are Animal, Sam Bahadur, Wonka, 12th Fail, Tiger 3 and Joram. Facilities available at Cinepolis are Parking Facility, Recliner Seats and Dolby Atmos.

Saiganesh Iyer
2024-01-31 04:31:03 GMT

Cinepolis in Thane delivers a satisfying cinematic experience with comfortable seating, top-notch audio-visual quality, and modern facilities. The diverse range of films caters to various tastes, and the courteous staff enhances the overall experience. Additionally, the variety of food options adds to the appeal, making it a well-rounded choice for moviegoers in the area. The decent ambiance and overall service make Cinepolis Thane a reliable and enjoyable destination for a movie night out.

Rohan Shettigar
2023-07-26 07:07:59 GMT

One of the Biggest Cinepolis in Mumbai and Thane. 14 Screens in Total. 4 VIP, 1 IMAX, 1 4DX, 1 DOLBY, 7 Regular screens.
Even the regular screens are good. 4dX gives a lovely love experience.IMAX is indeed the best Cinematic Experience. VIP gives you the best premium Experience

Suhasini Jadhav
2023-10-08 08:17:11 GMT

One of the big cinema theaters in Thane is cinepolis.. Very comfortable and relaxing seating arrangement and fresh atmosphere.. You will get 4DX movie there, IMAX is also there.. And there is a VIP hall.. There staff is very cooperative and helpful, they deliver whatever service you need directly to your place...
Cinepolis VIP in viviana mall is a destination for movie lovers..
Must visit... 😍

Pooja Sharma
2022-09-12 07:10:45 GMT

Hello guys visited cinepolis for the movie it was great. They have well hygiene and the washroom are also clean and maintained. Everything is maintained properly the theater hall was clean proper temperature also. You can go with your friends and family and enjoy the movie with popcorn and multiple other options are available. You can order it also and get it on your seat.

Rizwana Kazi
2023-10-12 04:31:30 GMT

Cinepolis VIP at Viviana Mall stands as an essential destination for cinema enthusiasts in pursuit of a premium and opulent cinematic journey. Upon your entrance, you're welcomed into a refined and tasteful ambiance that sets the tone for an extraordinary experience. The theaters boast well-thought-out, plush recliner seats that guarantee unmatched comfort during the entirety of your movie. The generously-sized screens ensure a mesmerizing visual spectacle, and the audio quality is flawless, immersing you entirely into the world of the film.

For those seeking culinary indulgence, the VIP lounge offers an extensive selection of gourmet food and beverage options. The courteous and attentive staff is at your service, delivering your delectable treats right to your seat. Every aspect of the Cinepolis VIP experience exudes excellence, making it the perfect choice for special occasions or a day to pamper yourself.

Parag Rawal
2024-01-19 09:33:53 GMT

Best Theater In Thane City
Must go and Watch Best Movie experince

Anand Vaidya
2024-03-02 19:37:24 GMT

Good place to relax and chill out. Even front seats are comfortable as you can lean behind and see the movie

Pratik Patil
2024-01-12 10:54:56 GMT

My experience with Cinepolis has always been fantastic, The seats are comfortable, Their auditoriums are always clean, The air conditioners are always kept ON during the show unlike other small cinemas who keep doing On/Off even during the show.

Vishal dubey
2022-12-29 03:11:44 GMT

Cinepolis Viviana is a multiplex movie theater in viviana mall. Its really big and havie 14 screens in it. Out of these fourteen, four are Cinepolis VIP. It has a large waiting area and lounge with comfortable seating arrangements. It has two sections for foods and beverages. One is at the main entrance and another one is on left of the entrance toward cinepolis VIP along with one dedicated icecream counter. The later one has a comprehensive menu including pizzas, salads, ricebowls etc. It has multiple movie experience systems say Dolby atmos 7.1, IMAX, IMAX 3D, 4DX etc. Recently we watched 'Avatar-The way of Water' in IMAX 3D and it was such a breathtaking experience just loved it. Being in Viviana mall, Parking is not a problem. It has also a small souvenir shopping store inside.

Kritika Pawar
2023-08-01 13:36:06 GMT

The theater was amazing and huge, the seating in there was nice and comfortable the snacks and food on the other hand was good but expensive but wasn't worth the price toh.
I had Panner tikka sandwhich which could have been better for 320/- rs.
The theater was too good toh, watched Oppenheimer here and the experience was spectacular in mean the sound, bass and lights, Super!
Must visit :) ( didn't have a proper picture)
Thank you.

Bimal Kanti Chakma
2024-03-08 02:16:30 GMT

It was overall a great experience at Cinepolis Cinema Hall at Viviana Mall Thane. The Sound and Pictures are awesome.

Atul Sharma
2022-10-28 12:44:20 GMT

Depending upon what movie are we watching, going to Cinepolis is always a pleasent experience. I only wish that the pop corn and snacks on the offer were a little reasonably priced.
You end up spending more on the snacks compared to what you spent on the movie ticket.
The gents toilet was clean. However the female toilets lacked the toilet papers.

Angad Paithankar
2023-12-02 16:34:14 GMT

Me and my pregnant wife were at Cinepolis. We were there to watch the movie "Wish" in 4D MAX. This was our first time watching a 4D movie. So, we were not aware of the obvious problem my pregnant wife would have to face. But, one of the staff members was extremely considerate and kind enough to let us know that the seats would move and it would be uncomfortable for my wife. He went out of his way and offered that he could disconnect the connection of the chairs so she could enjoy the movie. Unfortunately we were unable to catch his name. Needless to say, we are grateful for his help. It turned out to be one of the most memorable movie experiences yet thanks to him!! Please convey our feelings to him!!

Bishnupada Patra
2024-02-17 09:00:54 GMT

This place is located on second floor of thane city's viviana mall. You can enjoy the most here movies with some popcorn. Also you will get some beverages and foods inside this place.

Harsh Taparia
2023-10-07 16:52:45 GMT

Cinepolis at Viviana Mall in Thane is a cinephile's paradise. The theater boasts a sleek and modern design, creating a visually pleasing environment for moviegoers. The auditoriums are equipped with top-tier sound and visuals, providing an immersive movie-watching experience. The variety of movies and screening options available cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

The staff at Cinepolis are not only efficient but also friendly and courteous, enhancing the overall enjoyable atmosphere. The concession stands offer a wide array of snacks and beverages, allowing you to complement your movie experience perfectly. Whether you're a film enthusiast or just seeking a fun night out, Cinepolis at Viviana Mall promises a memorable cinematic adventure.

Vaishak Thekkila
2024-03-06 16:41:33 GMT

Awesome screen and amazing sound experience within the theatre. Food menu is okayish.

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