Central Plaza Leon Alvarado

Park in Comayagua

Updated: February 27, 2024 01:19 PM

Central Plaza Leon Alvarado is located in Comayagua (City in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is Comayagua, Honduras.

Comayagua, Honduras

F965+4C Comayagua, Honduras

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Questions & Answers

Where is Central Plaza Leon Alvarado?

Central Plaza Leon Alvarado is located at: Comayagua, Honduras.

What are the coordinates of Central Plaza Leon Alvarado?

Coordinates: 14.4602785, -87.6414981

Central Plaza Leon Alvarado Reviews

Megan Costella
2023-12-19 14:19:19 GMT

Very beautiful decorations for the holiday's. There are many people frequenting the area at all times aside from the holiday season, but it's a great common place that is usually safe and has surrounding restaurants to dine at.

Patryk Zieliński
2022-11-14 09:25:19 GMT

Comayagua is a very interesting city. We stayed for a few days and we loved it. The streets are neat and clean. People are very nice, smiling and helpful.

Cassie Ware
2022-08-22 00:15:37 GMT

Beautiful park to watch the pegions and let the kids play and feed them. They played music on the speakers and there were police around to ensure everyones safty. There were also many street vendors from souvenirs to snacks.

Ponke Salgado
2021-03-17 03:11:35 GMT

This place is nice, ideal to bring family including kids.

Oscar Acosta
2021-09-13 03:51:56 GMT

Anytime I visit this place, I comeback very satisfied and relaxed. It is one of my favorite places, and a MUST if you are a tourist in Honduras.
Its history is amazing, its structures unforgettable, and its food one in a million.

Natalia Carias
2019-01-19 14:12:07 GMT

I like the mood of this plaza. The most beautiful thing is the Cathedral, its shadow is reflected on the plaza and they made a design on the ground. It's just amazing.

Ray Monesto
2018-01-06 18:53:24 GMT

From feeding the pigeons to people watching or enjoying cotton candy and ice cream from the local vendors, parque León alvarado is the place to spend a relaxing afternoon. Well lit in the evenings and always with people passing, it is a great place to meet new folks or to catch up with the ones you know.

Heather Wellington
2018-01-20 14:11:02 GMT

Such a beautiful place to shop! The cathedral is amazing, and the shops have everything you want for souvenirs.

Jose M
2022-08-22 14:03:37 GMT

Nice place and many restaurants and bar in the area

Carlos Romero
2017-12-27 18:33:29 GMT

Beautiful park, colonial buildings around are a good example of the colonial age of the country and the once capital of the country

2018-03-12 18:26:53 GMT

An excellent place to have a relax time!

ommited ommited
2022-03-09 08:20:59 GMT

Oldest clock in the world. Beautiful alter.

Armin Sibrian
2020-12-16 13:43:42 GMT

Beautiful historic place.

2018-12-03 16:57:36 GMT

It's beautiful! And in Christmas more

Mylton Olivera
2021-03-28 22:09:03 GMT

A go to place if your going to comayagua.

Isidro Erazo
2020-09-29 00:53:33 GMT

Relax total .

Johan Aleman
2021-03-25 16:35:59 GMT

Beautiful architecture

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Delia Navarro
2022-03-14 00:01:56 GMT

Beautifull !

yDelmys Mejia
2019-04-22 19:21:33 GMT


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Comayagua is a city, municipality and old capital of Honduras, located 80 km northwest of Tegucigalpa on the highway to San Pedro Sula and 594 m above sea level. source

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