Palmerola International Airport

International airport in Comayagua

Updated: March 12, 2024 08:47 PM

Palmerola International Airport is located in Comayagua (City in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is 99RM+M88, Palmerola, Comayagua, Honduras.

99RM+M88, Palmerola, Comayagua, Honduras

Questions & Answers

Where is Palmerola International Airport?

Palmerola International Airport is located at: 99RM+M88, Palmerola, Comayagua, Honduras.

What are the coordinates of Palmerola International Airport?

Coordinates: 14.3916534, -87.6166836

Palmerola International Airport Reviews

Judith Pavon
2023-12-19 02:56:30 GMT

This airport is fairly new. This was my first time arriving at this airport in Honduras. The restrooms were clean and well-kept. Employees at this airport are friendly and nice to travelers. Very organized airport and easy to navigate through it.

christian Munguia Parada
2022-10-13 17:57:19 GMT

Super clean and well build I love it this is an amazing airport to fly out or in
Landing and take off was easy and comfortable. I’m from D.C and I give this airport 5 stars for overall

Gustavo Quintero
2023-11-28 01:53:48 GMT

Surprisingly it was not that bad. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The airport itself was clean and very wide open. It's View to the mountains is amazing.

Jason Arroyo Quirós
2022-10-11 12:51:43 GMT

Very nice airport brand new, a little far from the city but not a big deal, small but full with nice open spaces, big parking lot, very good VIP area. One of the best in Central America

Armyguy Travels
2024-02-14 13:31:39 GMT

Videos of me traveling the world on YouTube @ArmyguyTravels

Marty Guise
2023-12-14 00:26:13 GMT

We have been using this airport since it opened. It has become very quick and efficient. Technology options are being added which make things even more efficient. The dining options have also expanded. That said, I prefer the options before passing through security. Many quick and easy places to eat.

SheCat Fog-Joo
2022-11-22 01:23:53 GMT

Very nice atmosphere. Not to long of lines going through security.

Duty free shops are still not open.
Alot of the airport stores are still empty once inside the terminal. So the few that are do have a bit of a line.

Anthony Burkholder
2023-02-21 12:04:19 GMT

Great airport! Much more modern than either SAP or TGU. Lots of parking space

Lorenza “Stumpy”
2022-08-22 16:58:33 GMT

Nice an new! Very clean restrooms😀😂helpful staff that know English.

Mary Mitchell
2024-01-31 05:36:24 GMT

Nice place!! Brand new and easy to get around.

Gene Geiger
2024-02-20 20:44:59 GMT

Many great improvements from a few months ago!!

2023-11-17 01:41:31 GMT

Nice airport, more on the small side .
they have nice views, restaurants, and souvenir stores

Stephen Breheny
2023-10-26 08:48:02 GMT

Brand new. Clean and well organized. Conveniences

Enrique Gonzalez
2023-09-12 23:01:38 GMT

Nice airport.
Lot better than Toncontin, and much safer.

Somoto Canyon Tours
2022-11-24 16:29:47 GMT

Excellent new airport even able to handle 5 flights landing almost at the same time due to storms over San Pedro Sula. From landing to passing through immigration and customs less than 40 minutes. And congratulations that everyone was masked and following health protocols.

angel guerrero
2024-01-15 21:12:50 GMT

Had a very welcoming visit

Yonis Estrada
2023-06-20 20:23:43 GMT

Very cute terminal. Small airport!

David Hernandez
2022-07-30 02:50:03 GMT

Very nice airport. Size is perfect. Love the mountains view while you wait for your flight. Facilities are clean. It’s a new terminal.

Heidi Varansky
2022-07-02 21:56:01 GMT

Very clean and easy to go through security.

Ben Googins
2022-05-22 20:39:43 GMT

The airport may be new, but the staff is long in profesiona customer service.

Look around and you'll find a helpful staff-member ready to help you. If you want something to eat, there is a cafe. The airline staff is on point, and there is always someone there to help guide you to where you need to go.

If you need the bathroom facilities, they are 100%.

Not everywhere in the world will have air conditioning. This building was made to help thousands of people get to where they want to be, without overheating.

The staff, facilities and building design made my experience actually a joy rather than a pain, as I waited for my delayed flight home.

I can't wait to experience the growth of this airport. Thank you, Palmerola and your staff!

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Comayagua is a city, municipality and old capital of Honduras, located 80 km northwest of Tegucigalpa on the highway to San Pedro Sula and 594 m above sea level. source

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