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Stadium in Cape Coast

Updated: March 08, 2024 11:53 AM

Cape Coast Sports Stadium is located in Cape Coast (City in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Cape Coast, Ghana.

Cape Coast, Ghana

4PP8+9X Cape Coast, Ghana

+233 24 860 4681

Questions & Answers

Where is Cape Coast Sports Stadium?

Cape Coast Sports Stadium is located at: Cape Coast, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Cape Coast Sports Stadium?

You can try to calling this number: +233 24 860 4681

What are the coordinates of Cape Coast Sports Stadium?

Coordinates: 5.1359412, -1.2825294

Cape Coast Sports Stadium Reviews

2023-11-30 10:04:34 GMT

The Google maps experience is very unique and special tool for travelers and the world.

2023-09-05 17:05:03 GMT

Interesting place

abigail teye
2018-08-17 21:14:00 GMT

I can't just call it a stadium,it is more than that. Its actually a place where everyone who comes there is a family

jacob andzie-quainoo
2023-05-28 18:23:11 GMT

Great n serene environment. Delicious meals. Wonderful waiters. Best place to eat n relax in Cape Coast

Kweku Sekyere
2019-11-30 06:19:55 GMT

Very beautiful stadium. Clean environment

Joe Emkanj Gh
2019-04-26 23:06:32 GMT

Cape coast castle is one of the best stadium in Ghana. Is very nice and good for playing international games

Majhesty Hm sLv
2023-12-29 22:41:11 GMT

Really nice place

2021-02-25 23:01:33 GMT

State of the art and a great place to release and loose pressure

Abdul-Jamiu Moro
2023-05-17 08:20:08 GMT

One of the best stadiums in Ghana

William Icon Mensah
2020-12-03 08:28:29 GMT

2020 UCC Graduation 🎓 Ceremony 1st in History

Bright Ketor
2023-08-26 10:54:34 GMT

Very conducive place for sporting and conferences

konadu Eric
2022-02-23 12:20:07 GMT

Very nice place

Francis Baidoo
2019-07-06 08:51:43 GMT

Best place to train

Martin Mantey
2022-03-06 15:58:18 GMT

I love this stadium. Very modern and made with the people in mind. It is a complex structure which other sporting activities can be done here apart from football. It has held a lot of international games and events like the 65th Independence Celebration of Ghana.

Joshua Kojo Mensah
2018-10-13 14:40:15 GMT

The cape coast hotel has a hotel, gym, spa and a lounge for your travelling experience.

2019-06-16 05:23:20 GMT

Cape Coast Stadium looks nice and much arranged in fashionable manner.. Their entrances are also positioned well with the security personnel active to ensure safety as well..

Sitting at the top viewing the pitch is really great. The pitch is moderate and accessible..

Uthman Mohammed
2019-07-31 10:42:35 GMT

This is the new cape coast sports stadium

Makaveli Adam
2021-06-12 21:42:41 GMT

Amazing ground to be

2022-06-05 20:27:24 GMT

An ultra modern stadium in the ancient city of Cape Coast. They have other sports facilities including a gym. Nice place to watch exciting matches 😉

Lady Gloria Tawiah
2020-06-06 18:46:00 GMT

The place is lovely, well spaced,big bright lights, adequate rest rooms,the seats are in great condition, huge park,adequate parking space.... It's a place to visit, gym and food joints are present too😍

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City in Ghana

Cape Coast is a city, fishing port, and the capital of Cape Coast Metropolitan District and Central Region of Ghana. It is one of the country's most historic cities, a World Heritage Site, home to the Cape Coast Castle, with the Gulf of Guinea situated to its south. source

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