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Updated: March 09, 2024 07:46 AM

Hedon SPA & HOTEL is located in Pärnu (City in Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Ranna pst 1, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Estonia.

Ranna pst 1, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Estonia

9FGW+8F Pärnu, Pärnu County, Estonia

+372 449 9000

Questions & Answers

Where is Hedon SPA & HOTEL?

Hedon SPA & HOTEL is located at: Ranna pst 1, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Estonia.

What is the phone number of Hedon SPA & HOTEL?

You can try to calling this number: +372 449 9000

What are the coordinates of Hedon SPA & HOTEL?

Coordinates: 58.3758583, 24.4961821

Hedon SPA & HOTEL Reviews

2023-07-29 03:55:00 GMT

We did not stay at the hotel but bought the 3 hour Silent Spa with 12 different Spa stops. A great experience. Nice, clean, fine service. We also had a very nice lunch in the outside pool area. I can recommend it all.

Eva Garmider-Laur
2024-02-14 14:21:47 GMT

Alll in same high quality. Relaxing environment, lovely rooms, great view, delicious meals, intimate spa area - fabulous holiday!

Ari Kemppinen
2023-06-28 20:19:10 GMT

Had a good evening. First a treatment in the spa, which was really good (Balinese plus Indian, both 50 min). Then after had a dinner at the Raimond and that was equally impressive.
Our whole visit here, from the moment we walked in to when we left satisfied, relaxed and our bellies full was best day in a long time.
And special thanks to Raimond. We were vegans and had told about this when made the reservation but we were really positively surprised when we noticed the food we were served. The waiter was also good, informative, smiling and patient to explain everything in detail.
Thank you the whole staff, we will remember this day always.

Mark T
2023-11-07 08:30:44 GMT

Excellent location, very good service, spa is cosy but only 3 saunas, we liked both restaurants

Boomin Em
2023-09-06 20:46:35 GMT

Excellent hotel at the beach. Very nice comfortable rooms, ours with sea view, in beautiful surroundings. Delicious breakfast.

Andreja Kumer-Jonikaitiene
2023-06-01 05:13:11 GMT

We visited the restaurant Raimond and it was exquisite! The service was lovely and we also got a colouring leaf and crayons for kids and the waiter was just lovely and had a sense of humour. The food and drinks were delicious.

Agron Kosumi
2023-12-22 12:25:40 GMT

One of my favourite places in Parnu also the best coffee in town

Elizabeth Elbrecht
2023-05-15 06:01:41 GMT

Amazing stay all around! Rooms are modern and large. The spa massage was one of the best I’ve had and the dinner at the Raimond was excellent with innovative, local cuisine and spectacular service. This is the best stay in Parma.

Andrew Doxsey
2023-01-09 19:42:04 GMT

Just spent 2 perfect nights at the Hedon SPA and Hotel. Staff were friendly and attentive but not overly so. Rooms well appointed, restaurant food outstanding and Spa experience memorable. Excellent breakfast choice. We will definitely return.

Dana Heiberga
2022-02-23 19:41:04 GMT

Great quality spa hotel by the beach!
The suites are relatively spacious with a balcony, clean and impeccable.
The free-of-charge spa area for guests was quite nice - two saunas, a jacuzzi pool and another shallow pool with underwater currents (there's another spa area where paid services are available). It isn't very big, but it was OK when I was visiting in February 2022. The main thing and difference - there's no time limit for visiting the spa for guests (from 7 AM till 9 PM).
The breakfast buffet was wonderful as well, with sparkling wine and lots of edible goodies.

Maarja Tsimmer
2022-02-01 09:54:59 GMT

Clean and spacious rooms. Very nice atmosphere and great dining options on the premises. Staff nice, but not too friendly. The spa access included in the room rate is basically two pools and a sauna. I expected better toiletries in my room (it's a spa hotel after all).

Maksim Toome
2021-06-12 20:04:08 GMT

Best hotel in Pärnu, Estonia. Located right next to the beach. Very careful service and the best breakfast with selection of a really good quality food from salted salmon to a glass of Prosecco. Spa is quite small with only one inner non swimming pool and some saunas. It has also an open air pool also only for chilling. Has some more facilities for extra money. Rooms are full of light and have a stylish modern design. Every room has a spacious balcony. In the evening I loved to stay in-front of 360* fireplace in the lobby.

Erika K.
2022-09-06 08:37:28 GMT

Idyllic vacation at the seaside. Great room with a non-smoking balcony. Delicious breakfast (you can fix your Mimosa if you want 🥂). Spa area is small but nice&cozy. Highly recommend!

Ville Partanen
2022-08-15 07:19:17 GMT

Review is the spa, as I was a guest at another hotel.

The spa was the best I've been to. Suited for adults, very calm and beautiful decorations. Ment to test diffent saunas and pools. Thus this is not the place if you like to do distance swimming.

But if you want to calm in a middle of tense time - go here, you will not be dissapointed

Willian Fernandes
2021-07-11 15:45:26 GMT

It’s the best choice for your staying at Pärnu. Hotel is in front of beach and they offer an amazing structure for SPA and rooms are extremely clean and with air conditioner. Breakfast was full of options for drinking and for eating. The professionals there were very polite and happy.

Lucía Díaz Martín
2021-02-11 18:34:08 GMT

They offer amazing deals for night + spa + breakfast. Also, if you want a more "quiet" experience, you can pay an extra fee to access the Silent Spa, if you wish.
Breakfast buffet was very complete as well, and the food was also good. The hotel offers a nice warm and cozy, yet stylish atmosphere, just perfect for a lovely weekend getaway

Roberts Molotanovs
2022-03-06 20:12:17 GMT

An excellent place to visit! Outstanding location and perfect service! Stay for several nights to get your desired rest. This hotel and spa is the right choice for couples, families, friends, singles, and anyone who likes to receive the right emotions for body and soul.

2021-08-27 18:29:21 GMT

The spa experience was one of the best I've ever had. It's lovely that they offer a bag with the products and instructions on how and at which moment to use them. It's also interesting that they suggest an itinerary to follow, so it becomes a real spa journey :) The Hedon tea and lemonade they offer are very nice. Amazing staff, very relaxing atmosphere, fantastic experience.

Michel Kobryner
2023-08-14 16:44:45 GMT

Excellent breakfast buffet for 20€ , even for non client of hôtel.

István Kellei
2019-10-26 10:37:52 GMT

After a long walk on the beach we had a very nice lunch here. Seems trivia but butter was really outstanding on the starters, never eaten similar anywhere else.

The main dish was nice and fancy just like the dessert. We enjoyed being here, thank you.

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Pärnu is the fourth largest city in Estonia and third in terms of the ethnic Estonian population. Situated in southwest Estonia, Pärnu is located 128 kilometres south of the Estonian capital, Tallinn, and 176 kilometres west of Estonia's second largest city, Tartu. source

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