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Updated: April 12, 2024 04:33 AM

Lidl is located in Emden (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Teutonenstraße 1, 26723 Emden, Germany.

Teutonenstraße 1, 26723 Emden, Germany

959Q+39 Emden, Germany

+49 800 4353361

Check Time Table for Lidl

Monday7 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 9 PM
Thursday7 AM to 9 PM
Friday7 AM to 9 PM
Saturday7 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Lidl?

Lidl is located at: Teutonenstraße 1, 26723 Emden, Germany.

What is the phone number of Lidl?

You can try to calling this number: +49 800 4353361

What are the coordinates of Lidl?

Coordinates: 53.36773, 7.18845

Lidl Reviews

Espen Ludvigsen
2023-08-05 17:09:02 GMT

I miss when LIDL stores were located in Norway. Now, with The not-at-all-wanted Great Reset when the corrupt powersick abusing governments push the grocery prices to an unbearable extent, we should welcome this chain in Norway again. Last time they were name-called in a big conspiracy among the Norwegian Food Mafia and bought up by Rema 1000, so we weren't allowed to have them fight with lower prices, which actually is against the law, but hey who cares about the law anymore...

Anyway, cut to the chase: thank you, LIDL, for bringing us low cost and budget alternatives while shopping in Germany! Customer service is great and Emden is a beautiful town!

Henry Chuks
2023-07-19 12:36:08 GMT

A very good shop..
Always happy to be shopping from LIDL

Rory Van Weerdenburg
2017-01-18 19:03:25 GMT

Well, what can I say about the Teutonenstraße Lidl. Not much, except that it is HANDS DOWN THE GREATEST SUPERMARKET OF ALL TIME NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! No let me just take a step back and say that this is going to be a very one dimensional review because I bought fireworks here for new years eve and it was glorious. Now I'm coming from somewhere where you are most definitely not allowed to BYO fireworks on new years so you can probably imagine how this went down - straight up kid in a candy store. Literally walked to the register with my arms in a massive bear hug around as many fireworks as I could carry, probably dropped a few, didn't notice, too excited. So anyway they had so many! I have no idea what they were called but they had everything from the whistly ones to the spinny ones, the rockety ones to the battery ones. Sooo good. So as I mentioned I have absolutely no reference for this but I would say they were pretty cheap. 150 euros was enough to fill the back of the stationwagon with fun. You will all be pleased to know what I entered 2017 with all 10 fingers and toes still in tact.
5 of the funnest stars I will ever give.

Rupak Maharjan
2023-04-27 17:05:32 GMT

Affordable price and very familiar arrangement of stuff

jose santos
2022-11-08 07:16:02 GMT

I had some problems finding some stuff and the staff was very helpful.

Sreehary Laiju
2022-10-18 10:38:05 GMT

Quality product at decent price

2018-03-31 19:48:00 GMT

Have been shopping for a quick trip, not the worst!

Vikee Ahmad
2023-10-05 00:06:25 GMT


Vikram Banerjee
2019-03-06 12:30:05 GMT

You get almost everything needed in day to day life. Cheap rates

Schweitzer Balázs
2021-05-15 07:54:36 GMT

Good choice, good price...

Bamoun_ Girl
2019-10-03 07:36:10 GMT

The best

Ralle Br
2019-11-28 16:04:05 GMT


dino karabegovic
2022-04-12 18:15:21 GMT


Денис Борисов
2019-11-04 12:28:46 GMT


Arek Wiśniewski
2017-09-16 22:29:42 GMT


harry peter lauterbach
2018-05-30 12:35:32 GMT


Manuela Lehmann
2018-07-14 10:53:49 GMT


Lee world
2024-01-04 04:52:25 GMT

ประจำมาทุกอาทิตย์ มีทุกอย่างราคาน่ารัก

Inge Hoffmann
2024-01-18 09:29:33 GMT

Gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis, frische Ware, zu wenig Fleischwaren der Stufe 3 +

2023-12-20 20:11:38 GMT

رائع وقرب بانهوف أمدن ويوجد جنبه ماركت dm

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Emden is an independent city and seaport in Lower Saxony in the northwest of Germany, on the river Ems. It is the main city of the region of East Frisia and, in 2011, had a total population of 51,528. source

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