Grand Café am Stadtgarten

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Updated: March 08, 2024 12:08 PM

Grand Café am Stadtgarten is located in Emden (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Am Stadtgarten 7-11, 26721 Emden, Germany.

Am Stadtgarten 7-11, 26721 Emden, Germany

9694+28 Emden, Germany

+49 4921 28811

Check Time Table for Grand Café am Stadtgarten

Monday9 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday9 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday9 AM to 12 AM
Thursday9 AM to 12 AM
Friday9 AM to 12 AM
Saturday9 AM to 12 AM
Sunday9 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Grand Café am Stadtgarten?

Grand Café am Stadtgarten is located at: Am Stadtgarten 7-11, 26721 Emden, Germany.

What is the phone number of Grand Café am Stadtgarten?

You can try to calling this number: +49 4921 28811

What are the coordinates of Grand Café am Stadtgarten?

Coordinates: 53.3675308, 7.2058004

Grand Café am Stadtgarten Reviews

Mark Walland
2023-04-13 13:51:45 GMT

Warm and comfortable, took a bit of time to order our drinks but we enjoyed them both.

Vit Soupal
2021-10-14 18:53:28 GMT

Nice place with view to the harbour. Good beer and nice bartenders.

Yogesh G
2014-06-28 09:27:57 GMT

Definately Suggested!! U have all sorts of places quiet ones, crowdy, couples place and a nice called 'kater'. Service is good, though sometimes slow, but same everywhere. Must visit if you visit Emden.

Ingrid BA
2023-08-06 08:34:59 GMT

Tasty and friendly

Andy Hedgecock
2022-05-15 12:37:40 GMT

Great service friendly staff ❤👍

Enno Siemsen
2019-01-10 15:12:32 GMT

Good place for coffee, beer and pancakes!

Imad Shahin
2021-11-23 18:20:28 GMT

Really nice place to chill relax

bart vercruysse
2019-01-11 21:55:52 GMT

Good service en great scenery

Adri Scipioni
2019-09-02 09:27:32 GMT

Great Place in Emden

Arthur Wiedermann
2023-06-02 23:22:08 GMT


wang min
2023-02-26 15:05:59 GMT


Manfred Hermann Rykena
2017-10-12 07:15:12 GMT

Always excellent...

2020-01-10 13:17:18 GMT


Volli Katekel
2019-12-28 22:01:49 GMT


andreas voss
2019-01-12 16:36:28 GMT


I.Alizad PRO. Glas und Gebäudereinigung
2019-06-19 19:44:46 GMT


Karl Priester
2020-08-11 08:26:22 GMT


Andrija Munjiza
2018-04-19 03:27:32 GMT


Michael Böer
2016-06-05 15:24:33 GMT


2018-12-18 10:10:33 GMT

Good place

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Emden is an independent city and seaport in Lower Saxony in the northwest of Germany, on the river Ems. It is the main city of the region of East Frisia and, in 2011, had a total population of 51,528. source

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