Barbara Baths

Historical landmark in Trier

Updated: March 12, 2024 01:16 AM

Barbara Baths is located in Trier (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Südallee, 54290 Trier, Germany.

Südallee, 54290 Trier, Germany

QJ2J+48 Trier, Germany

+49 651 4608965

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Monday10 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday10 AM to 6 PM
Friday10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Barbara Baths?

Barbara Baths is located at: Südallee, 54290 Trier, Germany.

What is the phone number of Barbara Baths?

You can try to calling this number: +49 651 4608965

What are the coordinates of Barbara Baths?

Coordinates: 49.7503008, 6.6307997

Barbara Baths Reviews

Jacco van Koll
2023-09-24 07:49:57 GMT

Amazing to see the genius building of a multi temperature bathouse only build a couple of years into our current time registration. It is free to visit.

Mike Lahaye
2024-02-17 21:53:48 GMT

Second biggest public bath area during construction in Roman times. Free admission to a bridge overlying the inaccessible bath areas, which are in continuous excavation, with many information panels (of which some are in need of renewal) in various languages. Would recommend, especially when into Roman history.

Наталия Малчева
2022-12-01 09:10:23 GMT

They where the second biggest baths in the whole Roman Empire after the one in Rome. Still a lot to discover. The entrance is free but the baths have an working time. Part of the UNESCO lost of the World cultural heritage

David Dancey
2023-06-03 15:14:31 GMT

Once the second largest baths in the Empire, these are now mostly in ruins.
It is a little difficult to visualise the splendour of these baths, before they were mostly destroyed and repurposed in the Middle Ages. The baths themselves cannot be entered, but you can go over a walkway which leads over the baths and which has informative posters showing what was once there.

Vibhor Agarwal
2023-07-10 21:52:18 GMT

Worth a visit although not much left to see. But the entry is free

2022-10-09 07:29:03 GMT

Interesting Roman ruins presently under excavation,you can walk through on a raised walkway with information boards spaced along the way

2018-08-17 09:21:30 GMT

2nd largest Roman Bath to that found in Rome... Free to the public and very thorough easy to read information signs.. only 5 minute walk from the Roman Bridge

Kari Cooper
2020-07-05 14:51:07 GMT

Free to visit. Multiple signs with accompanying pictures to view and read the history of the baths. It doesn't take long to walk through (5-10min depending on if you stop to read the signs) but it's a nice little pitstop.

Seif Dawood
2018-09-12 04:16:53 GMT

Nice historical place with explanations along the walk way.

Theron Dekok
2016-05-13 14:10:45 GMT

Not busy at all, great information and view from the walk way. We found this to be a much better visit with an emphasis on preservation and restoration - very different from the amphitheatre & Kaiser thermal baths where unsupervised school groups run freely damaging historic ruins, climbing walls and playing tag.

Alexandra Yu
2023-06-22 19:09:07 GMT

Worth to stop by if you're interested in Roman archeology.

2020-07-23 13:34:59 GMT

Interesting. I would like to go in a time machine and have a look when it was operational! Turned out to be located only a few min walk from my hotel. Lucky😀

2021-09-22 16:12:59 GMT

Great place to passby and learn some things about Roman ingenuity and culture. Good descriptions and visualisations in form of a learning a path.

Maxine Secskas
2018-08-23 12:28:13 GMT

Easy to walk around and informative signs

He Said or She Said Budget Travel Website
2019-12-11 09:05:37 GMT

Great place to spend 30 minutes learning more about the Roman history in Trier.

Marco Alexander
2022-04-05 13:21:07 GMT

It is an important and must go place if you like history

Patrick Beck
2019-12-13 13:33:56 GMT

Very interesting to see the excavation and reconstruction. Amazing what was achieved so long ago

Elizabeth Aquilina
2024-03-09 15:38:58 GMT

Amazing place

Belinda Maier
2022-10-23 15:04:27 GMT

Stunning Roman baths... Not much left but good to see

Deak Zoltan (dzoli85)
2019-06-21 20:00:47 GMT

Nice place to take a walk in the cold shade close to Trier city center.

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