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Kaiserthermen is located in Trier (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Weberbach 41, 54290 Trier, Germany.

Weberbach 41, 54290 Trier, Germany

PJXR+RX Trier, Germany

+49 651 9774212

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Monday9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9 AM to 5 PM
Friday9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Kaiserthermen?

Kaiserthermen is located at: Weberbach 41, 54290 Trier, Germany.

What is the phone number of Kaiserthermen?

You can try to calling this number: +49 651 9774212

What are the coordinates of Kaiserthermen?

Coordinates: 49.7496216, 6.6424195

Kaiserthermen Reviews

Lily List
2023-09-27 09:02:23 GMT

Super neat spot with fascinating history. Spent about an hour and a half here walking through the tunnels and reading about the history of the area. Inexpensive entry and has lots of information about the cite in several languages.
There are bathrooms on-site that do not cost extra.

Nikki Rohde (OutThisDoor)
2023-09-20 20:14:16 GMT

The Kaiserthermen site is really a must see. The site is more extensive than we imagined so carve out a couple hours for it. To enter costs about 5 euro and there are several sections to see. The first area is the visitor’s center which has a 3-d model and a short film about the site that helps you to see it as it must have been in its heyday. The next section to see is the tower from which you can see the whole complex. It is three levels with an elevator or stairs. The next part is the above ground section. An active archeological dig is going on so you can see that progress and there is very interesting interpretive signage in German and English. The ground is mostly grass and packed dirt so it’s not smooth but still accessible. The last section to see is the underground area which is like a maze—so fun! It is accessed only by stairs. Once below, there are open skylights but also harsh shadows so you might want to bring a small flashlight. There are many passageways and rooms but only a little signage. We went on a weekday in September and only saw a couple other people visiting the site.

2023-10-22 16:03:36 GMT

Great place to see the a Roman bath, there are signs around explain what used to be there and a little bit about how the bath was built! Definitely worth 4 Euro.

Joshua H
2023-12-17 08:47:55 GMT

Really neat experience as it's self guided and you get to walk the grounds and go underground inside the bathhouse, well what remains of it.

Kelsey Kel
2024-01-09 05:24:41 GMT

If you’re in Trier the baths are a must!! The underground section was a very unique experience, and I was impressed by the information boards scattered across the above ground site. When archaeological sites are active, so much is going into the preservation of the site that surpasses preservation. What’s culturally significant, profitable and sustainable is something that’s covered here. Rather than a simple walk through history, the self guided tour was interesting and focused on the big questions and challenges archaeologists have had to consider as they’ve made plans to preserve the space for visitors. It’s relevant but to the point. Most museums don’t do as well, in my opinion. In general it was an affordable and fun stop to have added to a short visit to trier

1 2
2023-05-01 18:09:46 GMT

The best-preserved Roman public bath in Germany. Surface buildings can still show the magnificent momentum at the beginning. The underground tunnel is very complicated and tortuous, the space is huge, and visitors can visit the underground tunnel. The ticket price is five euros, and after the reduction, it is three euros. But there is no tour guide.

Petr Kalager
2023-05-17 06:10:42 GMT

Roman Baths from Konstantine 's the Great Era around 310-330ad. Perhaps the biggest in the world. Beautiful interesting place to visit.Very good presentation.I loved the devoting about film. You find out how great the pre- Byzantine era of Romans was....

Deepak Sharma
2023-08-01 17:15:33 GMT

Although it was raining on the day when I visited this great site, but walking through the underground galleries was a great experience. The scale of various spaces were mind blowing.

Zach Pickard
2023-07-02 13:45:34 GMT

4 euro fee, my small children were free. The underground tunnels and rooms were cool to see. Overall nice history.

Chloé Trevisanut
2023-02-13 12:29:01 GMT

Price is perfectly reasonable : 4€ per adults.
Dogs are welcome. You are given a map from the counter on which information can be found. But therefore the place itself may lack of signs.
A small exposition can be found next to the counter (before going outdoors to visit).

What should be kept in mind is that it is requested not to walk off the trails.
You can visit on your own.
Some parts of the ancient Roman Imperial thermals are visible but there is also a huge underground part that is important not to miss out !
Mobility-impaired people can visit the thermals except for the underground, which we can only access through stairs.

Animesh Kumar
2023-08-14 18:12:14 GMT

Very well preserved ruins of another Majestic architecture from Roman era. We found out later that the construction of baths were never completed. The price is just 4€, which we found reasonable. There is not much to see on the ground, but the main highlights are the underground tunnels. You can actually feel how it would have been to be there during that era. The time has of course left its print on the walls. Within the premises they have explained how they used to heat the water, the baths and the adjacent rooms, which was very informative.
They do provide a leaflet with all the relevant informations. You can ask for English version if needed. The tower within the premises gives a panoramic view of the Imperial baths. This place is wirth the visit and time.

Carlina Ridgeway
2024-02-06 17:45:36 GMT

Fantastic experience.
People interested in history must see.

Eliza H
2022-09-02 09:19:54 GMT

Not much left of Roman baths structure, however the biggest and the best surprise was the underground tunnels that stretched everywhere. Parking space very close ( free on Sunday) with an entry fee €4 per adult so definitely worth a visit!

Kerry Cole
2022-04-22 20:29:19 GMT

A very nice monument, although time has left its mark on this building with its own history that you lose in the centuries that have passed.
From the outside you can see part of it without paying a ticket, but the price is not too high to enter and see the interior that although it is established there is a mystagogy in the narrow corridors that lead you sometimes to a dead end sometimes to the light.

Наталия Малчева
2022-12-01 08:51:21 GMT

Historical place that is a must in Trier. Buy Antik card to visit 4 or 5 of the UNESCO sites cheaper. That's the place where the personal baths of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great are. Walk around and feel the past glory

Sana Khan
2023-09-03 19:28:56 GMT

Worth visiting.
It's amazing to see such old historical remains.

Monica Savage
2023-03-27 18:22:40 GMT

Very cool experience. We were able to walk around the entire area and go down under the imperial baths and walk through the tunnels. Very, very cool

EveryDayGlory !
2021-12-20 20:13:30 GMT

Amazing to walk through these ancient baths that were developed by Constantine The Great. Visited many other locations associated with Constantine, such as Rome, Istanbul (Constantinople), Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Such incredible history to be able to experience.

Sreeram Sadasivam
2022-09-13 18:14:00 GMT

Majestic. Unlike Barbarathermen, this one is a proper bath and quite huge. Apparently, this was one of the largest Roman baths which still in existence. Some of the architectural designs of Frigadarium and Caldarium along with the lower arch which connects the internal maintenance water supply makes it even more enchanting. It is rather amazing to conceive such a complex architecture during a time of technology where precision was not certain.

We visited the bath on a weekday and spend close to 3hrs understanding about the bath and also taking some interesting photos. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves history and architecture to visit here. It is a great spot to educate children about the great old Roman architectures and their significance.

John Lupfer
2021-10-29 06:48:50 GMT

Really neat place to visit. Takes about an hour and a half to walk through. Be sure to read everything! A must visit along with the Amphitheater on any visit to Trier.

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