IKEA Kaarst

Furniture store in Düsseldorf

Updated: March 08, 2024 08:38 AM

IKEA Kaarst is located in Düsseldorf (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Straße 1, 41564 Kaarst, Germany.

Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Straße 1, 41564 Kaarst, Germany

6J6R+G4 Kaarst, Germany

+49 6192 9399999

Check Time Table for IKEA Kaarst

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is IKEA Kaarst?

IKEA Kaarst is located at: Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Straße 1, 41564 Kaarst, Germany.

What is the phone number of IKEA Kaarst?

You can try to calling this number: +49 6192 9399999

What are the coordinates of IKEA Kaarst?

Coordinates: 51.2113583, 6.640349

IKEA Kaarst Reviews

Shashank Vikram
2023-05-27 17:38:24 GMT

Good place to shop for your household stuff. This place has everything under the sun. Accessibility is good.

Britta Baur
2023-12-31 15:12:34 GMT

We found everything we were looking for and ofc something extra. Although it was a busy day it wasn't too crowded inside. The food was good and the employees very friendly. We had a great experience!

2021-03-26 21:19:49 GMT

-The location is not far from Neuss city centre
-Parking area is quite spacious
-It’s much more convenient to visit the store on Friday night (less crowded compared to Sat)
- A wide range of products
( I just visited again IKEA after the lockdown, booked the termin online and the system was good)

shane foster
2022-10-23 08:03:00 GMT

Green Ikea, lots of parking, great kids play area, even a father kid toilet, they have solar panels offsetting the energy, you can charge your E-Bike battery also here, vegetarian hot dog was lovely, they have an area you can leave your kids in to play when you shop, staff are all very friendly and helpful

Ziva Bongartz
2020-08-09 08:25:10 GMT

Ikea Kaarst is a great shopping experience. Their interior design team always has interesting ideas, and something new on display. The prices are reasonable for quality goods.

Even with the new regualtions for the Coronavirus, you can still leave with an Ikea staple....a "Hot Dog". Always a highlight after all that shopping!

Ahmed Shaikh
2018-12-27 15:00:28 GMT

Amazing idea to display furniture .... one can understand and have the clear picture of what they are going to buy and how it will look... check out some examples in pictures

Tania Marga
2024-01-01 19:23:21 GMT

Good furniture and household store

Fariborz Faridafshin
2020-03-09 23:49:29 GMT

Nice building! Good kitchen. Friendly staff. At the end of the day it’s been another Ikea again with fresh cinnamon rolls and Hot Dogs 🌭
What I like specifically about this ikea is the plant department. The plants are in my experience super fresh, most probably because they are sold out very fast and renewed accordingly.

shivendra mishra
2023-12-19 18:59:34 GMT

Best thing they have a free shuttle between Train station to Ikea

Holy Schit
2022-12-25 08:23:33 GMT

Massive parking, big restaurant and it is cleaner than other ikeas I’ve seen in Germany. The meatball dish seems to come with way less mashed potatoes than it used to, but it is all right.
Recommend coming during weekdays.
Their click and collect service is a bit slow.

Евгений Мирза
2023-10-03 09:26:35 GMT

In this beautiful gorgeous store you can buy everything for your sweet home.

Philipp Hülsmann
2023-09-13 18:43:18 GMT

Staff are very friendly and helpful! Highly recommended 👍

Ziad Helou
2019-11-17 08:59:42 GMT

You need a full day in order to see everything and really decide what to buy. Kids recreational activities, excellent food. You should only increase sales employees in the halls (not only on their desks) in order to assist serious customers when they are lost about placing an order or making a choice. And couples who own a small dog are not allowed to visit together and decide what to buy for their mutual home because pets are not allowed inside :( Somebody has to stay with the dog.

2023-07-21 05:37:25 GMT

You can rent a van on the spot to transport your furniture in case it's too big for your car.

Hans Masselink
2020-11-22 00:48:19 GMT

Modern we got some Jonaxel and configured via QR code, great

Raabe Rocha
2024-03-03 09:59:31 GMT

I like it very much!

Lina Kitchen
2023-02-04 19:33:43 GMT

Good quality different verity of furniture

Jamie Sedgman
2022-03-16 08:43:19 GMT

Typical IKEA - clean, massive and always a pleasure.
Hot tip: Friday nights are always empty, so you can take your time and wander through. :)

2018-05-20 06:07:27 GMT

The newest location of the IKEA chain. This location is excellent to plan with a lot of parking space. Due to the enormous place, everything is in stock. Members of staff are well trained and know their products. Check the busy meter on Google Maps to discover quiet times. I was there at a Saturday around 20.30, and the store was empty. Get on your way out a cheap hotdog :)

Patrick gamer 1 2 3
2018-04-30 20:31:55 GMT

Great place for shoping,few retaurants,and there is also kids play ground out and insife of Ikea for free

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