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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:37 AM

Serano Bakery is located in Toronto (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 830 Pape Ave, East York, ON M4K 3T5, Canada.

830 Pape Ave, East York, ON M4K 3T5, Canada

MMM3+57 East York, Ontario, Canada

+1 416-462-2735

Check Time Table for Serano Bakery

Monday8 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 9 PM
Thursday8 AM to 9 PM
Friday8 AM to 9 PM
Saturday8 AM to 9 PM
Sunday8 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Serano Bakery?

Serano Bakery is located at: 830 Pape Ave, East York, ON M4K 3T5, Canada.

What is the phone number of Serano Bakery?

You can try to calling this number: +1 416-462-2735

What are the coordinates of Serano Bakery?

Coordinates: 43.6828798, -79.346769

Serano Bakery Reviews

Stefania Paesano
2024-04-07 15:50:58 GMT

Ordered a cake for our daughter’s first birthday and not only were the staff super easy to work with but also so took time to send us pictures of what the bakery can do for us with our theme. The cake was spectacular! Super fresh! Stunning decoration. We couldn’t have asked for more. We always order our cakes from Serano Bakery and know the quality and artistry, but this one was special! Thank you Serano Bakery for everything!

Ok Sun
2024-02-26 17:44:22 GMT

Baklava cheese cake($6)- you cannot go wrong with this cheese cake. It’s salty & sweet. Baklava on top is a bonus.

A piece of Black Forest Square($3.50)- you won’t see big black cheerie in the middle or taste nice liquor soaked cake. But it is fresh and still good for the price.

Mini pistachio Baklava($1.53 each)- Pistachio cream on top and pillo pastry is soaked in syrup. It will be nice to see pistachio crumbles but again it’s only $1.50

I always get lost at this place. There are too many to choose and they are always busy but all the staff has great smiles.

Vince L
2024-04-07 19:50:09 GMT

Updated 04.03.2024
Review revised after the explanation from the owner.


I ordered a cake through DoorDash for my friend's daughter's 2nd birthday as a surprise gift. Later in the day, my friend told me the cake had someone else's name on it. I thought he was joking until he showed me the picture. I was shocked to see that they had written someone else's name on the cake and just put a cookie to cover it up. I was totally embarrassed.

Chloe Tran
2024-01-10 03:24:11 GMT

• Large Serano: I really love this one, it's a rich chocolate cake with ganache

• Pontiki: Another good chocolate cake, but I can smell some alcohol in this one.

• Black Forrest: not so much cherry flavor in there but not bad for the price.

• Lemon: just decent, not a big fan

• Orange: I don't like this one, it's really sweet and the jam is sticky.

• Raspberry Mousse & Blueberry Mousse: taste quite similar, same texture as the orange but not as sweet.

• Chocolat Kok: not my favorite, it has a weird taste.

BREAD: the bread is so fresh and huge, so soft in the middle. It's fresh so it didn't last long.

Shirley Cheng
2023-12-31 03:40:10 GMT

Located in a small plaza with plenty of parking spaces. It is easily accessible from Pape subway station and close to Greektown Danforth. Huge bakery inside. Very Bright and clean. The owner & staff are nice and friendly. Well stocked with great selection of pastries, cakes and traditional greek treats to choose from. There is also a corner store supermarket-like section for customers who can shop the traditional greek items like yogurt and sauce. Highly recommend to anyone who loves desserts ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Altair Adwan
2024-01-16 02:42:00 GMT

You just gotta love this nice greek bakery.
Lots of options, ranging from sweet cheesecake baklava (my personal favourite) to savoury spanakopitas. It’s always a good vibe coming here and getting a fix for my sweet tooth. The staff is exceptional and very friendly too.
They have birthday cakes, gelato, greek products like olive oil and cheese, in addition to a range of baklava and cake slices.

Anupa Basu (Gina)
2023-10-16 10:52:41 GMT

Very well stocked bakery with plenty of pastries, cakes and traditional greek items to choose from.
The servers are patient and helpful. There is also a small supermarket-like section for people who want to purchase traditional greek items like sauces, yogurt, jams etc.
It is easily accessible from Pape subway station and close to Greektown.

Anjali Singh
2024-02-27 05:19:00 GMT

Highly recommend this if you’re a dessert lover… had a really good experience with Stella as her suggestions were really good..yummy strawberry shortcake must try

Michelle K. Stevens
2024-04-08 13:23:29 GMT

Always excellent food and service, beautiful presentation. I love bringing Serano’s home to friends and family! Their baklava is excellent, I always go for an assortment but the pistachio is to die for. Their strawberry tarts are also memorable! Nothing disappoints here

Muskan Medav
2024-02-20 14:35:41 GMT

Best bakery in Toronto ! Absolutely with great taste lots of choices to choose they have best tiramisu also the staff is really kind and friendly !

John Cameron
2024-03-16 23:00:03 GMT

Amazing desserts, lots of parking, fast service, good selection of homemade desserts and breads. The store is organized and clean, the employees friendly and helpful, highly recommend.

John G
2023-12-13 19:33:36 GMT

Definitely the best place for variety of greek pastries. Very friendly service and quick .

Andrés T
2024-03-24 22:17:02 GMT

Serano Bakery, nestled in Toronto's diverse cultural landscape, stands out as a beacon of quality and tradition in the world of artisanal baked goods. With a legacy spanning over three decades, this family-owned bakery has earned a loyal following for its commitment to excellence and authentic flavors.

From the moment you step inside, the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries envelops you, inviting you to explore their tantalizing offerings. From crusty baguettes to delicate pastries, each item is crafted with care using time-honored recipes and premium ingredients.

One of the bakery's standout features is its dedication to catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or simply seeking healthier options, Serano Bakery has something to delight your taste buds without compromising on quality or taste.

The bakery's cozy atmosphere and friendly staff add to the overall experience, making you feel like part of the family from the moment you walk in. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite on the go or lingering over a leisurely coffee, the warm hospitality is palpable.

While the bakery's popularity can lead to crowds during peak hours, the wait is always worth it for the chance to savor their delectable creations. Overall, Serano Bakery is a true gem in Toronto's culinary scene, a place where tradition meets innovation to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Bang BaBa
2023-06-23 21:04:05 GMT

Great bakery- a long line but worth the wait.

Their cake are delicious, bake lava was great. The staff were friendly despite how busy and packed the place was. They were super accommodating.

I waited about 15 mins for the line and honestly it is worth it. They just have a lot of option. I would go back if I’m passing by or if I crave buying sweets in bulk. Everything was good from here that we purchased. The quality was super high.

vincz lee
2024-02-06 00:56:17 GMT

Prepare to be amazed at this bakery's offerings! With its expansive size and diverse selection of in-house baked goods, there's something here for everyone. At such reasonable prices, making it easy to indulge without hesitation. The cleanliness and brightness of the bakery made it a joy to peruse the aisles and explore the delicious offerings. The authenticity and organization were evident in every detail, showcasing a true passion for baking. We left with smiles on our faces and delicious treats in hand, eager to spread the word about this bakery gem!

shiju varghese
2023-04-20 20:44:24 GMT

One of the best Bakery’s in Toronto. The pastries are delicious and melts in your mouth. The frosting cream is delicious and very light. Looks like it is becoming a tradition for us to buy the Nutella cake from here for all the birthday.
The store is super busy on weekend but on a weekday it is not that bad. The service is excellent and it more of one on one services. Pick a token and you will get served. Staff is kind enough to help you out have a good service. It is paradise of of dessert lovers. Excellent choice of bread, birthday cake and cookiesc Highly recommend if you want to buy dessert for big events
Mango cake was one of the favourites and white chocolate was the second one. The list can go on. You should try all of them and get to know your favourite ones.
The biggest challenge is getting out there. The traffic is a nightmare. It is a long drive to get here. Parking will be a challenge on the weekend.
Overall it worth the drive to have some good pastries

Debora De Angelis
2023-11-04 22:57:41 GMT

Be prepared to be overwhelmed with the amount of choice! This bakery has all the Greek pastries and baked goods you can imagine. Don't forget to pick up some baklava! Delicious

2024-03-20 20:52:26 GMT

Super friendly staff; quality baklavas, desserts and breads.

Francis Campbell
2024-03-27 20:09:24 GMT

Serano is a regular stop on my way home for some delicious desserts or a gift for a friend! The Baklava are especially fantastic. Plan for some analysis paralysis when you arrive - as the choices are endless - but everything is delicious. Prices can creep pretty high, but the quality comes at a cost.

Zaheer Roopani
2024-02-28 16:25:28 GMT

The cake was Amazing and our Daughter loved it.Thank you Chris and Sophie amd the entire staff so warm and Always smiling.

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