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Updated: March 15, 2024 07:09 PM

BMO Field is located in Toronto (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 170 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada.

170 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada

JHMJ+7H Toronto, Ontario, Canada

+1 416-815-5982

Questions & Answers

Where is BMO Field?

BMO Field is located at: 170 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada.

What is the phone number of BMO Field?

You can try to calling this number: +1 416-815-5982

What are the coordinates of BMO Field?

Coordinates: 43.6331702, -79.4186162

BMO Field Reviews

Chris L
2023-09-03 16:12:34 GMT

My first time attending a Toronto FC game and it was surprisingly entertaining, albeit, I’m not much of a soccer fan so my expectations were low. I was fortunate enough to have tunnel access and it was amazing. They serve oysters, sushi, prime rib, smoked turkey and a few other things. The servers are extremely nice and that particular section wasn’t that busy so getting a beer was quick and easy.

I was sitting on the field level in the first row and you felt a part of the game. The opposing team coach was right in front of us and the lights at the BMO field were bright and made the ambiance that much better.

Highly recommend going to a game. I’ll be back for sure.

Nick Sarantakos
2024-03-12 01:42:32 GMT

I’m a season-ticket holder for Toronto FC

And I have sat pretty much everywhere everywhere in the stadium

Even if you’re sitting at the very last row in the corner The stadium is beautifully done where you could see everything

2023-11-27 08:54:46 GMT

11 Nov,2023. National Remembrance Day. Let's honor the veterans.🫡...lest we forget.

Was there for the Argonauts & the Alouettes game on that date. The Stadium is very much outdated. The seat looks obsolete, it's narrow & uncomfortable, very awkwardly cramped if you sit in the middle of 2 big people.

There's only one viewing screen. During the half time. A band was playing, but couldn't even see where it was performing unless you were looking at the viewing screen. The sound system is terrible & hardly anyone paying attention.

It desperately requires a much better new stadium for Toronto CFL & CSL.




Chrys DeSousa
2023-04-11 07:55:36 GMT

I love going to the BMO Field and try to as much as i can. The seating is great there, i personally think any seat in the stadium is good, they also have standing sections. The food and beer is great a little pricey but thats expected with MLSE. Ticket prices vary but i have always been able to find reasonably decent prices for good seats. The exhibition station is right beside the stadium and it’s fairly easy to take public transportation too. Overall a great place to experience a soccer game during the summer or if you’re not a soccer fan a nice place to enjoy a sunny afternoon with cold beers and fresh food all around.

Tony Tran
2023-08-16 12:08:43 GMT

(NOTE: NO BACKPACKS *bring phanny pack*) Parked at Ontario place $35. My tickets were given to me. Apple wallet compatible through ticket master. Clean arena. Very bright and spacious. Food is expensive and there’s lots of vendors. Beer is super expensive. WIFI is slow.

Ramesh Shanmugam
2023-09-04 19:42:45 GMT

Visited CNE. Best exhibition I have seen in my life. Biggest event in North America. Must visit event. Also got a chance to witness air show

Laura Schmidt
2023-06-20 21:09:58 GMT

It was awesome....easy to get to BMO Fields by go train, stadium is right there ...
We had great seats...
Great experience to see the Argos and Ti-Cats play there

Chip H.
2022-10-30 02:13:32 GMT

Saw an Argos game here. The stadium is well maintained, there lots of food choices at ok stadium prices, and there's ample parking. We'll be going back to a few games next year for sure. Fun place!

Y Rutherford
2023-10-10 12:11:18 GMT

First time and took the entire family to see Canada vs Jamaica soccer match. Wow!! Loved it. So close to the via rail which is a life saver at the end. Lots of food choices.

Matteo Macri
2023-10-01 15:13:55 GMT

The field is very nice and well maintained. Great variety of food and drink options.

Mustafa Ansari
2023-09-01 01:59:01 GMT

What a fun experience! ⚡
A bit chilly but last night was amazing, we also finally won 🙌🏼

Creative Impulses Photography
2022-08-15 03:53:07 GMT

Everytime I come, I learn something, like, no parking above ground before the EX starts. :). Nice stadium, most seats seem good, I have only sat on the east side, the sun is in your eyes, but, keep watching the field. Food expensive, but expected. Fun time.

Robert Deveau
2023-09-12 17:01:35 GMT

I love this place, best place to watch a football game. So much better than skydome or whatever it's called now

Amit Mahajan
2022-07-07 17:47:53 GMT

Loved the game experience, was my first visit to the BMO field. I was in the higher rows, view not that good, try getting seat in lower rows for better visibility and great experience. Outside food not allowed, lots of eating outlets in the stadium.

Robyn Deverett
2023-08-04 00:14:47 GMT

Great place to watch the TFC game! Loved the views of the city at night ❤

Kristen Horner
2022-09-10 14:02:52 GMT

This was the absolute best experience I've ever had!! The staff is so friendly and the game was great!!! The prices aren't expensive at all. Thank you for the best time, we had such a great time at our first CFL game.

Debajyoti Basu Ray
2022-07-12 15:22:45 GMT

It's a lovely stadium and if you're a soccer fan based in GTA I'm sure you've already visited this stadium. The place has loads of paid parking space and you get numerous munching options inside the premises. The crowd is excellent and everyone seemed to be a soccer fanatic, the vibe was amazing and electrifying while the match was on :) And yes, it's always good if you're supporting Toronto FC when you're here for a match :)

Arjun Sethi
2018-08-05 16:58:13 GMT

Amazing place and amazing crowd all around! You can feel you are supporting a champion club. Outfield is pretty fast and surround system is great too. People lit up sky blaze and hoist flags. Grab some beer and popcorn and enjoy the environment. People are fun and welcoming. Arrive some 1 hour before the game time and enjoy the build up

Mehrzad Mehrvarz
2023-09-18 03:34:13 GMT

BMO Field is an outdoor stadium located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, home to Toronto FC of Major League Soccer and the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. Constructed on the former Exhibition Stadium site and first opened in 2007, it is owned by the City of Toronto, and managed by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. The stadium's naming rights are held by the Bank of Montreal, which is commonly branded as "BMO" (/ˈbiːmoʊ/).

Lucas Hunter
2022-08-02 17:59:59 GMT

I had only been here once before, maybe a year after it opened. I was really pleased to see the condition of the stadium is great. It was a great experience overall. Went for an Argos game, and booked another game a few weeks away. Great seats. Great experience.

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