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Updated: March 11, 2024 03:47 PM

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is located in Toronto (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada.

3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada

PGGX+54 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

+1 416-789-3261

Check Time Table for Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10 AM to 9 PM
Sunday11 AM to 7 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Yorkdale Shopping Centre?

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is located at: 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada.

What is the phone number of Yorkdale Shopping Centre?

You can try to calling this number: +1 416-789-3261

What are the coordinates of Yorkdale Shopping Centre?

Coordinates: 43.725435, -79.4521692

Yorkdale Shopping Centre Reviews

Md.Nishanto Nahid Pishon
2024-02-12 21:39:54 GMT

Fantastic and futuristic! Definitely well thought out.
The atmosphere inside feels like strolling through an art gallery while enjoying shopping.
Huge selection and options. Some fine restaurants as well.
Definitely recommend a visit!

Trong Hoang
2024-02-11 22:07:08 GMT

Great shopping mall with so many stores. The parking lots are huge and full of car (we have to take a picture to locate the car).
They have a lot of Dragon decoration for the Lunar New Year. Some traditional music band is performing as well. Our kids love to play around and join to build small stuff in Lego store. We can try the cinema next time.

Saeed Parsa
2023-11-26 22:39:32 GMT

The best shopping centre in GTA. You can find all the brands. Cineplex makes this mall more useful. The perfect food court helps the customers to enjoy the food as well. The staff are nice and friendly. The interior and exterior parking spaces are great for winter and summer. I highly recommend this place

Olesya Katherine
2024-03-05 16:18:07 GMT

By far best mall in Toronto. Clean, absolutely stunning, the stores options are top tier and amazing. New ones opening in 2024 too. Absolutely beautiful and best place to shop.

Mohammad Arman Hamidiyan
2024-02-24 22:59:02 GMT

This mall is one of my favorite! In my opinion this is the most luxurious mall in Toronto. It has a good vibe for spending time there and browsing stores. Food court is good as well. Free parking spots are available for everyone. I strongly recommend this place.

Alan Vanamamalai
2023-11-11 03:30:11 GMT

Yorkdale Shopping Centre stands as a testament to Toronto's vibrant retail scene, earning its reputation as Canada's best shopping destination. Boasting an impressive array of over 250 stores, this expansive mall caters to every shopper's desires.

Upon entering Yorkdale, visitors are greeted by a modern and inviting ambiance. The architecture is both sleek and functional, offering a seamless flow that enhances the overall shopping experience. The mall's spacious layout ensures that even during peak hours, shoppers can navigate comfortably.

Diversity is a defining feature of Yorkdale's retail landscape. From luxury brands to popular mainstream stores, the selection is both extensive and curated. Fashion enthusiasts can revel in the latest trends, with boutiques showcasing cutting-edge designs. The presence of renowned international and Canadian brands further solidifies Yorkdale's status as a fashion-forward haven.

Beyond fashion, the mall's commitment to providing a holistic experience is evident. A variety of dining options, ranging from casual to gourmet, cater to diverse palates. Whether you're seeking a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, Yorkdale's culinary offerings are sure to satisfy.

Customer service is a standout feature at Yorkdale. The staff is not only attentive but also well-informed, ready to assist with any inquiries. The commitment to providing a positive customer experience is palpable, contributing to the overall warmth and hospitality of the shopping center.

In addition to its extensive retail and dining options, Yorkdale embraces innovation. Regular updates and renovations ensure that the mall stays on the cutting edge of contemporary design and consumer expectations. Interactive displays and digital enhancements add a modern touch to the traditional shopping experience.

Accessibility is another commendable aspect of Yorkdale. Convenient parking facilities, efficient public transportation connections, and accommodation for individuals with varying mobility needs make the mall accessible to a broad spectrum of visitors.

In conclusion, Yorkdale Shopping Centre is a true gem within Toronto's bustling retail landscape. Its combination of diverse offerings, modern design, exceptional customer service, and commitment to innovation make it a standout destination and undeniably Canada's best shopping center. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, or simply seeking a delightful shopping experience, Yorkdale exceeds expectations on every front.

Dan de la Cruz
2024-02-09 23:56:27 GMT

Update: Feb 9, 2024 - Yorkdale and Chinese Lunar year invites you!

Yorkdale Mall is the premiere shopping mall in Toronto, one of the trendiest, among its high end stores and restaurants, you’ll find one you might like such as The Cheesecake Factory, % coffee, and RH, a furniture store and a restaurant. Of course, there’s Holt Renfrew and designer stores, Earls and Joey’s, Starbucks and Michel’s baguettes and so many others. Parking maybe an adventure but coming here to Yorkdale is really an adventure. A walk through its hallway will show you new things like Vinfast, an EV made in Vietnam. So I say, be adventurous and visit Yorkdale Mall.

Sensei Furi
2023-10-04 11:12:08 GMT

Good mall, has unique features like a Cheesecake Factory, pickle barrel, chick fil a, and a cineplex. Pretty high-end place so there’s a wide variety of designer stores and large anchors.

Sun Shine
2023-11-25 01:41:55 GMT

Very cool and clean place to hang out with your friends for dining and shopping. Lots of parking spots. Good selection of designer items.

Karla Rosana Postal
2023-12-11 02:34:05 GMT

I loved this mall! Huge, beautiful, good restaurants and coffees. Great stores and very easy to arrived there!

Retso Reddevil
2024-02-12 01:20:37 GMT

The mall was big and had everything one would expect for it. Not as crazy as the ones in the UAE 😇. The only reason to visit for me was to see the cyber truck to be honest. Plenty of parking space at the front of the mall.

Margaret Wong
2024-02-26 22:00:31 GMT

Lots of high end designer stores here at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in North York, Ontario, Canada.

Ali R
2023-10-08 05:16:35 GMT

Clean, well maintained, decent security, subway access, covered and uncovered parking, lots of great stores (lots of high end), and lots of great restaurants. There’s honestly something here for everyone and most of the stores are large.

A great place to shop in the GTA. Parking is a bit nuts at Christmas time but not impossible.

Some of the stores with escalators aren’t very accessible (elevators hard to find, out of service, not easy to access, etc).

Omar Kuzbari
2023-10-10 04:35:28 GMT

One of the best shopping malls in Canada. Can be an equal standard to the famous shopping malls in Dubai. The mall has a wide variety of brands, restaurants and entertainments. The location of this mall is convenient it’s not far fron downtown and offers a large free parking lot for shoppers. Restroom are very clean and the entire shopping mall is well maintained.

Frank Zhu
2024-01-09 18:03:10 GMT

I am sitting in one of the viewing areas. It’s very considerable idea of the customers like me.After a walk in the big mall I need to get some rest and sit down to enjoy the view.What a wonderful day.

Acharya Atma Ji Hindu Priest
2023-08-16 19:42:46 GMT

Amazing shopping centre, ever busy cause you find all the stores here. Very elegantly designed, clean, shiny, decorated. All forms of accesses for everybody.

Franck Boris
2024-02-22 04:13:35 GMT

I went there for my 1st time and it was a wonderful moment. I literally took 4 hrs moving up and down just to see the place. It’s just wowwww 🤩🤩🥳.

Dhaval Chaudhary
2023-11-24 16:51:49 GMT

Amazing shopping centre, ever busy cause you find all the stores here. Very elegantly designed, clean, shiny, decorated. All forms of accesses for everybody.

kyungho Jang
2023-10-29 15:22:09 GMT

Toronto's largest shopping mall with luxury goods stores, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. It is the best shopping mall with various watches, shoes, clothes, accessories, sports goods, etc.

Mahdi K
2024-03-07 00:15:58 GMT

Picture this: a pristine mall, filled with an abundance of brands that cater to every taste and preference. It's the kind of place that captures your attention from the moment you step inside, and keeps you engaged for hours on end. Honestly, it's the most captivating mall I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.

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