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Coffee shop in Sevan

Updated: March 15, 2024 09:40 PM

Bohem Studio - Teahouse is located in Sevan (Town in Armenia), Armenia. It's address is 16/13 Sayat-Nova St, Sevan 1501, Armenia.

16/13 Sayat-Nova St, Sevan 1501, Armenia

GXV5+84 Sevan, Armenia

+374 55 662119

Check Time Table for Bohem Studio - Teahouse

Monday5 to 10:30 PM
Tuesday12 to 10:30 PM
Wednesday12 to 10:30 PM
Thursday12 to 10:30 PM
Friday12 to 10:30 PM
Saturday12 to 10:30 PM
Sunday12 to 10:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Bohem Studio - Teahouse?

Bohem Studio - Teahouse is located at: 16/13 Sayat-Nova St, Sevan 1501, Armenia.

What is the phone number of Bohem Studio - Teahouse?

You can try to calling this number: +374 55 662119

What are the coordinates of Bohem Studio - Teahouse?

Coordinates: 40.543344, 44.957872

Bohem Studio - Teahouse Reviews

2023-10-18 11:50:12 GMT

Best place for a wide selection of food for lunch and dinner. We went every day in Sevan. Good vegi options and maybe 50 choices of tea

Mithun John
2023-07-25 18:05:11 GMT

The best cafe/restaurant in Sevan for sure. Even if you miss the lake, you should try the food here. It's very tasty. This is the only place I have seen where the staff actually smiles.
The ambiance is quiet nice.
It's definitely a must to go in Sevan.

Flora Kamdar
2023-10-25 05:04:46 GMT

What a gem! Must visit if you’re near sevan. Very hip place, the people are amazing and food is scrumptious. We’re. Definitely coming again

Roman Benedikovič
2023-10-05 06:02:52 GMT

Very well hidden in the city, but we enjoyed staying there. Cheap prices, great variety of teas (mountain tea one of the best)

Scott Smith
2023-08-30 20:51:50 GMT

Stumbled upon here randomly looking for food and it’s a totally different vibe. What a gem hidden in the middle of no where.

Emmanuel CHILAUD
2022-05-17 12:05:29 GMT

Amazing place!
The decoration inside is so crazy / cute / cosy / colorfull ... and the atmosphere is so great!
Absolutely unexpected in this area.
You need to make a stop there!

sultan eisa
2023-09-07 09:37:13 GMT

Great place and food and staff really enjoyed the place unique theme

2023-08-08 04:55:16 GMT

amazing spot. great tea selection. lovely staff. best part is how people come to jam out with their friends, and their host professional bands as well. amazing time and atmosphere. if you are in Sevan, it’s worth you time to pay a visit for lunch, dinner, or later in the evening.

Samantha Connell
2019-10-09 08:44:47 GMT

Theres only really 2 places to eat in sevan. Here has the best decor with great wifi. Menu is limited with English, the sevan tea was great! I think only one of the staff speaks English but you can always point at the menu board for what you want!

Erik Murin
2022-06-17 17:08:02 GMT

A must-visit. Not a lot of similar places in the whole world: somebody is singing, someone else is painting, others are just eating and chatting. Incredible atmosphere, like nothing else.

the nomad capitalist
2024-03-10 09:21:03 GMT

Amazing people & place!

Totally recommended!

From Spain & Cyprus

Владимир Силкин
2023-11-20 12:06:28 GMT

The best place in Sevan. We ate sevan sig for 2000 dram and it was very tasty. Thanks to officiants :)

Roberto Vitale
2019-09-27 04:29:12 GMT

Not only the best bar/restaurant in Sevan, I want to say this is the best experience in Sevan.
Great food and beverages, charming and lovely place, but above all warm and hospitable people.
I really had a great night here.

Nicola Zini
2023-07-31 18:37:59 GMT

We would come back to Armenia just to visit Bohem again! This place is the highlight of our stay at Lake Sevan. Their food is really nice, the tea and coffea are amazing, but above all the kindness and hospitality of the staff and the abitual customers are the best things! We also brought a souvenir to bring home in order to remember the time we spent there!

Pavla Kleckova
2022-05-17 11:52:54 GMT

Breathtaking place which I didnt imagine when I opened the door:-) so beautiful!! And nice service! If you are in Sevan - you have to visit!!!

Evangelia Psalida
2023-09-23 14:23:17 GMT

A beautiful tasteful place with an authentic decoration and delicious food and wine and a friendly service. An oasis at Armenia 😊

Ilya Lebedev
2023-08-27 11:31:22 GMT

The food is tasty and the atmosphere is so authentic you should definitely visit this place

Jonathan Lindvall
2022-07-20 15:54:16 GMT

Loved this place! Delicious food, cozy interior and great service. Some tasty vegan dishes as well! Probably the best restaurant to visit in Sevan :)

Shintya Felicitas
2019-03-18 17:21:22 GMT

Amazing place. Really lovely. The attendes are very friendly. The ambience is very homey. I love how they decorated it in a artsy book-geekey way. The food is excellent. Overall I really love this place. I wish I can come back someday. Must visit if you come to Sevan!

John Smith
2022-12-31 11:13:41 GMT

Excellent coffee & desserts. Good choice of music. Friendly staff. The interior is quite atmospheric.

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