Tsovagyugh Supermarket

Food court in Sevan

Updated: March 13, 2024 03:03 PM

Tsovagyugh Supermarket is located in Sevan (Town in Armenia), Armenia. It's address is 2 Սևանի խճուղի, Tsovagyugh, Armenia.

2 Սևանի խճուղի, Tsovagyugh, Armenia

JX92+6V Tsovagyugh, Armenia

+374 95 373737

Check Time Table for Tsovagyugh Supermarket

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Questions & Answers

Where is Tsovagyugh Supermarket?

Tsovagyugh Supermarket is located at: 2 Սևանի խճուղի, Tsovagyugh, Armenia.

What is the phone number of Tsovagyugh Supermarket?

You can try to calling this number: +374 95 373737

What are the coordinates of Tsovagyugh Supermarket?

Coordinates: 40.618039, 44.9522295

Tsovagyugh Supermarket Reviews

rahul kr
2023-07-18 09:39:49 GMT

A nice fast food court, bakery and supermarket. I think it’s quite popular, very crowded, all fast foods looks quite tempting. We bought a pizza slice , sweet pastries, breads . All tastes good . It’s a good quick stop if you are going to Dilijan / Sevan.

yasmine amer
2023-06-27 09:16:50 GMT

The best complex near the Sevan lake for those who are on long trip seeking a short break. You can find local food, supermarket and pharmacy inside. Food includes a lot of barbecue (local meat and fish from the lake) and bakery from local "tandyr" which I highly recommend. I really enjoyed the place, you can see a lot of locals as well as tourists there, its a good indicator that food there is very good. Also there are many coffee machines there for a quick cup of coffee or tea.

Stan Boykov
2022-08-06 08:42:02 GMT

The best complex nearby the Sevan lake. You can eat local food there in addition to supermarket and pharmacy inside. Food includes a lot of barbecue (local meat and fish from the lake) and bakery from local "tandyr" (must try). I really enjoy the place, you can see a lot of locals as well as tourists there, its a good indicator that food there is very good.

Abin Joseph C.M
2023-11-27 18:25:07 GMT

This supermarket have a great selection of foods with wide variety including vegan and we can see the live making of breads here most of the foods we have to take it ourselves like self service and the staffs are very friendly and they keep the area neat and clean

Tàpåśï Kaŕ
2022-06-25 20:56:28 GMT

Perfect place to stop travel between tibilisi to Yerevan. Every thing you can get easily here verities of delicious food, grocery, sim etc .

C.J. Hendrickson
2022-05-30 07:59:13 GMT

Great pastries. Stop here on the way from Tbilisi and get a SIM card at Ucom for Armenia about $9 for 1 month of unlimited data and and hour or so if international calls.

Alen Muradyan
2019-08-04 09:45:05 GMT

One of the best pit stop places when you travel from Yerevan to Tbilisi via Sevan. Delicious food, candies, fast food, supermarket... everything you may need on the road can be found here.

Javad Heydari
2023-10-17 14:02:14 GMT

Very diverse and delicious selection of food here

yury telegin
2023-12-17 15:16:35 GMT

Great place, have fresh juices and a lot of choice of the food

Anna Ivanyutenko
2024-01-13 10:30:38 GMT

Best place for lunch near Sevan lake or on the way between Tbilisi and Yerevan

Rico E. Montero (Ricopogi)
2020-01-28 18:56:36 GMT

From crossing the Georgia border going Armenia, this is the closest stop you will have that offers complete food, refreshments and anything you may fancy before going towards Armenia proper. Must try are their fish, kebab and pork that you can order raw and will be cooked within 10-15mins. You can also have a variety of dried fish and live fish from the tank. They also have freshly baked breads in their bakery section. They have clean amenities and great service team that are helpful and friendly. They also have money changer booth if you need to have local currency. All in all great place to rest and relax before travelling further.👍

Mariam Hovhannisian
2023-07-09 14:32:05 GMT

It’s a nice bakery, food court and a grocery store in a convenient location good for stopping by for a break and to grab food and drinks. The pastries and snacks are always fresh and taste good.

Seda Gevorgyan
2023-07-04 19:34:04 GMT

Food is edible. Toilets are new, clean, and really cool. I would like to say that toilets made me write this review!!

Mohamad Hoseini
2022-10-19 06:49:12 GMT

Lots of sweets and shawarmas in the supermarket, and a big supermarket.

Karsten Heinke
2022-11-07 07:14:24 GMT

Nice place to stop during your drive. You have a good foodcourt with good and fresh food, a bakery with baklava, bread and sweets as well as a supermarket. You will get everything you could possibly need here. There is a place for tools and equipment as well. Very nice place.

გიგა გიგაური
2022-06-18 11:06:36 GMT

Good place to have a rest on your way to Yerevan, you can taste delicious food here, sweetest and drinks there or bring with yourself. You can visit the fish market here, where you can buy as fresh fish as dried with salt. There is souvenirs shop and toilets below the building.

Artak Kalantarian
2023-11-17 11:03:46 GMT

Must stop when heading north from Yerevan. A lot of good budget food choices.

Seema Naila Samuel
2022-10-10 03:07:30 GMT

The best pork shawarma ever... its my first but it was perfect. Coming from the middle East this was a must try. It was fabulous. Its difficult to converse and order... no one speak s english considering its a tourist hub spot.

Maddy McCartin
2022-07-12 09:43:56 GMT

Excellent selection of foods, sweets, and drinks

Asso Yaseen
2023-07-19 10:21:34 GMT

Amazing place with, very clean bathrooms equipped with water, variety of food and affordable prices.

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