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Updated: March 16, 2024 03:01 PM

Note Mote gift shop is located in Yerevan (Capital of Armenia), Armenia. It's address is Shopping Gallery, Northern avenue 6/2 Tashir Street, Yerevan 0001, Armenia.

Shopping Gallery, Northern avenue 6/2 Tashir Street, Yerevan 0001, Armenia

5GM7+4V Yerevan, Armenia

+374 98 782988

Check Time Table for Note Mote gift shop

Monday10 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 10 PM
Thursday10 AM to 10 PM
Friday10 AM to 10 PM
Saturday10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday10 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Note Mote gift shop?

Note Mote gift shop is located at: Shopping Gallery, Northern avenue 6/2 Tashir Street, Yerevan 0001, Armenia.

What is the phone number of Note Mote gift shop?

You can try to calling this number: +374 98 782988

What are the coordinates of Note Mote gift shop?

Coordinates: 40.1827917, 44.5147441

Note Mote gift shop Reviews

Anmol Malhotra
2024-01-12 17:37:45 GMT

Excellent pieces for buying and very good service.

2024-01-15 14:30:43 GMT for your souviner in armenia..they are very accomadating and friendliie❤❤❤❤

Beatriz Arslanian
2023-09-07 14:41:33 GMT

Super nice shop! Great attention and full of made in Armenia lovely products ♥

Joel Ortega
2023-11-05 14:49:18 GMT

Staff very helpful and friendly. Love the shop!

Branco Ferrao
2024-01-29 14:23:19 GMT

Very accommodating people, very friendly! If people are looking for souvenirs before going back home this is the place for you! Much love from Dubai 🇦🇪

Tate Garibyan
2023-06-25 08:58:04 GMT

Perfect gifts for friends and relatives abroad! High quality home wares and textiles you can’t find anywhere else! I’ll be back :)

Mavel Galido
2024-03-09 16:56:32 GMT

Very good customer service, very friendly and cheap staff highly recommended, located at northern avenue

Joey Cedrick Uy
2023-08-25 13:57:06 GMT

Located in the center, Note Mote Gift Shop is the best souvenir shop! You can see lots of options and the prices and quality is 👌🏼👌🏼. Would like to commend Tatev’s hospitality and accommodation. She’s so sweet and nice 👍🏼

Katya Kostenko
2023-09-25 14:14:57 GMT

Very cute shop. I loved unique souvenirs here 😍

Ararat Mnatsakanyan
2020-04-03 07:19:18 GMT

Store is located in a pretty central location. Atmosphere is positive and staff is really helpful. Good thing is that they have a big range of creative product that I don't think you'll go out with empty hands. Range varies from socks to souvenirs. P.S. they work with some brands / artists as an exclusive partner.

Heidi Fawzy
2023-12-02 09:30:15 GMT

One of the best and most cheerful and friendly shops I ever been to in Armenia ♥ the lady over there really made my day, so helpful and welcoming and their stuff are really good price and wonderful quality 😍😍😍⭐⭐⭐⭐👏👏👏

setare masalegoo
2023-08-28 12:26:40 GMT

Nice shop, friendly shop keeper. Diverse souvenirs.👏🏻

Nono Almazrouei
2023-06-25 16:34:22 GMT

very nice shop I like it they have a cute things for a gift ❤

Sergey Potapov
2023-05-17 14:39:14 GMT

Cool place for special gifts from Armenia. Little girls were really excited to receive these necklaces

Fatima Alsuwaidi
2023-09-19 11:46:54 GMT

Very amazing shop and i bought a hand made bag which looks amazing🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Mili P
2023-11-04 10:32:11 GMT

Amazing shop! Many great things can be bought here, especially gifts :)

Kishan Gupta
2023-07-01 17:28:04 GMT

Souvenir shop to purchase handmade gifts items in Yerevan. You will get many options to choose from.

Marziyeh Nasiri shoja
2023-06-15 06:42:40 GMT

Love the place, and they have lots of options for gifts.

pramod krishna
2024-02-17 17:55:20 GMT

It was a very good experience here I totally recommend coming to note mote gift shop

Airah Masaoy
2023-11-04 15:31:51 GMT

Bought very cute bookmarks and tote bags

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