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Updated: March 15, 2024 08:40 PM

Globbing is located in Yerevan (Capital of Armenia), Armenia. It's address is 44, 53 Hrachya Kochar St, Yerevan, Armenia.

44, 53 Hrachya Kochar St, Yerevan, Armenia

6G35+HF Yerevan, Armenia

+374 60 616616

Check Time Table for Globbing

Monday10 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday10 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday10 AM to 12 AM
Thursday10 AM to 12 AM
Friday10 AM to 12 AM
Saturday10 AM to 12 AM
Sunday10 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Globbing?

Globbing is located at: 44, 53 Hrachya Kochar St, Yerevan, Armenia.

What is the phone number of Globbing?

You can try to calling this number: +374 60 616616

What are the coordinates of Globbing?

Coordinates: 40.2039459, 44.508628

Globbing Reviews

Mushegh Khursudyan
2023-12-21 19:21:03 GMT

Good service. Fast moving que

Raphael HENRY (Nolen)
2020-02-14 14:44:11 GMT

A true lifeline in Armenia. Globbing is very much a 21st century business in a country who often feels stuck in the 20th century. It's extremely efficient, completely automated, and pretty much every time, it goes without a single issue. If you happen to stay in Armenia and don't feel like overpaying for everything you buy, this is really a business you shall check

David Matevosyan
2018-03-28 14:35:13 GMT

You see a team that does their best, and that's what matters. I had rated them 1 star a year ago, have all the reasons to regret that. 5 stars. Good work.

Asmik Akhverdyan
2016-10-29 15:04:01 GMT

High-quality service, timely delivery! I recommend "home delivery", just got my parcel delivered to my apartment and am very pleased about it. Really saves you a lot of time!

Artyom Parsadanyan
2023-09-10 08:22:17 GMT

Convenient and fast, with a free parking lot

Robert Stepanyan
2020-06-12 12:28:25 GMT

I am changing my review to five stars after I have got my problem professionaly solved. Globbing is one of the companies in Armenia that you wan't to learn from (about conducting a business).

Samvel Martirosyan
2017-11-27 09:08:50 GMT

This is delivery service for those online shops or suppliers which did not deliver to Armenia via traditional post services. You can open your proxy post addresses in United States, China, Russia, Germany and United Kingdom and request your parcels to this addresses and then get them already in Yerevan or other parts of Armenia by delivery.

Tatev Khachatryan
2018-08-28 11:04:47 GMT

I would like to share my opinion about the call center high quality service, provided by your employee Narine, her approach was caring and responsible.
Thanks a lot

Arthur Tumanyan
2018-02-15 08:45:51 GMT

Very popular logistic company in armenia. Easy to order and receive parcels.

Armen Grigoryan
2023-04-27 07:44:50 GMT

Issue with parking, but otherwise I use it a lot

aris mirzayans
2023-09-12 10:37:19 GMT

One of the professional companies in Armenia

Norayr Baghdasaryan
2023-12-13 13:42:16 GMT


Lusine Wesley
2020-02-01 08:04:06 GMT

High quality service. Using it quite often never had any problem.

Ashot Hovsepyan
2018-03-15 12:33:07 GMT

I loved this branch of Globbing because of quite, cleanliness and service, unfortunately it is far away from my workplace and living area.

Art Studio
2024-01-11 23:37:34 GMT


S Grigorian (No Smoking)
2017-12-17 15:57:43 GMT

High-quality high-tech service, timely and very fast delivery! Really saves you a lot of time nerves and money!!!!

Ruben Zaqoyan
2017-06-22 13:13:35 GMT

First time in Armenia аutomatic delivery of packages, Great

Levon Demirchyan
2016-08-11 04:52:05 GMT

Awesome service and very fast delivery.

Taguhi Badeyan
2022-10-30 06:32:08 GMT

Hello, whats your whatsapp number?

Lilit Gevorgyan
2024-02-02 12:44:58 GMT


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