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Updated: March 09, 2024 07:07 PM

LaBelle Medical Center is located in Yerevan (Capital of Armenia), Armenia. It's address is 15 Paronyan 3-rd Impasse, Yerevan 0015, Armenia.

15 Paronyan 3-rd Impasse, Yerevan 0015, Armenia

5GH2+R5 Yerevan, Armenia

+374 11 611611

Check Time Table for LaBelle Medical Center

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday9 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is LaBelle Medical Center?

LaBelle Medical Center is located at: 15 Paronyan 3-rd Impasse, Yerevan 0015, Armenia.

What is the phone number of LaBelle Medical Center?

You can try to calling this number: +374 11 611611

What are the coordinates of LaBelle Medical Center?

Coordinates: 40.1795646, 44.5003788

LaBelle Medical Center Reviews

Lusine Davtyan
2023-05-27 09:58:16 GMT

The best ever esthetic Clinique I ever go. Perfect professionals, and responsive reception. Highly recommend!

David Blount-Porter
2022-05-15 07:00:00 GMT

Excellent facility. Very clean. Staff is top notch

Salvi Harutyunyan
2022-05-16 20:07:43 GMT

Neat place and easy to find

Alina Hovhannisyan
2022-10-31 20:54:09 GMT

с большинство комментариями согласна по поводу лица,косметологией, но удаление волос лазером очень хорошо делают и персонал очень хороший дружелюбный, легко найти общий язык с ними, цены очень хорошие и по карману практически любому человеку

Liana Mayilyan
2022-08-21 10:28:13 GMT

I had very bad experience with this beauty salon. They are all about money with a minimum knowledge about skin care.
First shocking experience I had was the doctor tried to reuse the syringe for face filler that the cleaning lady accidentally threw to garbage.
Second, the beautician insured me to do some procedure for reducing the pores which turned out to be a face peeling. I have nothing against peeling and it’s grate for your skin. But I fortunately it was mid August and I had to stay home until sun goes down to avoid pigmentation.
This salon has no individual plans for client, they do random procedures just to make money on you without any consideration about your skin and has 0 safety techniques to prevent any infections and diseases.
Please avoid this salon.

Svetlana Hakobyan
2022-10-05 15:43:28 GMT

They are not professionals, masters are not qualifed, and are using equipments inappropriately. Electrolysis specialist Narine left me with huge scars, which now need special treatment.

Zepure Manjikian
2023-01-18 12:08:32 GMT

Don’t go there. Don’t waste your money.

SDA Office Yerevan
2022-09-01 12:00:05 GMT

not professional at all

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