Jermuk Hot Springs

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Updated: March 26, 2024 08:13 AM

Jermuk Hot Springs is located in Jermuk (Town in Armenia), Armenia. It's address is RJ8P+WJJ, Jermuk, Armenia.

RJ8P+WJJ, Jermuk, Armenia

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Questions & Answers

Where is Jermuk Hot Springs?

Jermuk Hot Springs is located at: RJ8P+WJJ, Jermuk, Armenia.

What are the coordinates of Jermuk Hot Springs?

Coordinates: 39.8173285, 45.6365009

Jermuk Hot Springs Reviews

Jeremy Simms
2024-03-23 14:18:35 GMT

Absolutely worth the drive from town or the hike if the weather is nice. Important to note this is not hot spring at all… water is just tolerable though clearly mineral rich!

Wesley Scott
2024-03-10 09:15:49 GMT

It's was a real adventure. Starting with a long snow-covered trail drive. A quick run from the vehicle to the spring to plung into the warm water. Its like a jacuzzi. The guides made it a fun experience.

Lukáš Lcf
2023-07-22 09:02:05 GMT

Jermuk Geyser - is located 5 km from the city, on the territory of the reserve. You can get to the geyser either in a good off-road vehicle (the road is rocky with crossings across the river), or on foot. A walk will take 40-60 minutes. The geyser itself is a natural bath with warm mineral water that gushes out with a geyser every 2 minutes. It is advisable to stay in the source no more than 5 minutes, then take a break.

Raffi Hasserjian
2023-07-31 06:43:47 GMT

This is one of the hot springs located just outside of the main city centre of Jermuk. There are 4x4 services available to drive you here because the trail is very bad. However we decided to do the trip walking. You can make it on foot from the edge of the road on foot in under an hour. Definitely recommend the hike as the 4x4 driver often charge extremely expensive fees for this tour.

2022-08-13 07:29:39 GMT

Worth a 4k hike from Jermuk. Quite pretty views on the way. Not much climb. All flat walk. Only the initial 600m is a climb. I prepared slippers to cross shallow streams. Normally there are stone steps or tiny trails around them. Quite fun. Three tours came out before me at noon. Three came and went when I was there. Three came after I left at 3pm. I was a hot sunny day. Bears didn't come out.
Water temperature 30-35°, definitely less than 40.
Go back to Jermuk after bath. Don't come down to the reservoir - there's military control.

Ondřej Ptáček
2023-06-29 12:10:19 GMT

This is a unique place, worth visiting if you are looking for a bit of an adventure. We were told there is a high-degree of risk from bears if you are hiking to the place - be careful & informed.

Maksymilian Bolek
2023-06-11 09:21:46 GMT

A great place with a small bubbling geyser and a heart-shaped tub. The water is warm but not very warm. You can arrange with locals to get there in 4x4 vehicles or walk. The trail itself is fairly easy but after rain there can be a lot of mud and there are a few crossings through the water that sometimes reaches your calves. It should takie around 1 - 1.5 hour to get there. I recommend taking sandals on a warm day.

swelzan dcosta
2018-07-17 08:44:00 GMT

Very nice place to have a good dip in the warm waters.. we went by walk .. and it was really amazing.

Ahmed Khalifa Al Houqani
2022-07-25 19:18:00 GMT

Amazing springs in this area, they might look not clean, however they are refreshed from time to time so you can swim with a peace of mind.

2023-06-07 04:13:31 GMT

Nice place, but water wasnt very hot (max 30°)

مهدی زنده
2019-01-30 07:13:42 GMT

Beautiful area and a small hot water pond! It's better in the summer and in the middle of the day. In the mornings, the weather is cold.

Hripsime Petrosyan
2022-07-26 13:18:33 GMT

Healthy, amazing! No need to stay inside more than 20 min.

Armen Abrahamyan
2020-09-12 16:14:38 GMT

The warm water is very healthy and the nature is very beautiful.

User LUX
2020-07-27 11:51:16 GMT

Very hot water there. Good place. I suggest to go.

Bruno “Talk 2 me” Moratti
2022-07-12 21:33:09 GMT

Cool experience to sit in a warm spring

Ani Moses
2018-09-18 06:15:09 GMT

Wonderful experience, heaven on earth.

Shameel A J
2018-11-17 03:46:51 GMT

Nice experience

Ilya Tikhomirov
2023-11-16 20:35:21 GMT

Отличное место, чтобы прогуляться круговым маршрутом. Тут даже скорее интерес не в самом гейзере. Это просто небольшая естественная ванна в форме сердца (!),​ где, с интервалом в несколько минут, происходит выброс газовых пузырей. Естественное, природное джакузи. В Джермуке все предлагают туда прокатиться за 30​ 000 драм.​ Если Вы никогда не ездили на джипе по бездорожью, то, возможно, это будет интересно. Но если Вы любите ходить, то эта прогулка точно Вам понравится. Длина кругового маршрута составила 14 км.​ Нужна средняя физическая подготовка, нормальная обувь и не бояться промочить ноги. Вы прогуляетесь вдоль ущелья по которому протекает река Арпа, посмотрите на водохранилище Кечут и полюбуетесь прекрасными видами, открывающимися с высоты на Джермук. Говорят, что в районе гейзера водятся медведи, но мы, к сожалению, никого не видели. 😊

надежда «Jorushka» снеткова
2023-05-13 13:41:33 GMT

Чтобы добраться до гейзеров, придется немного пострадать - четыре раза перейти реку (берите сменную обувь, по камням ходить больно), подняться/спуститься с горки. Для детей было сложновато, но терпимо.
От большого гейзера впечатления потрясающие - вода теплая, чистая. Мы были вечером, никого кроме нас не было. Идти от водохранилища около часа (мы были с детьми, останавливались иногда), обратно чуть быстрее. На машине даже не пытайтесь - очень глубокие колеи от местных УАЗиков.
P.S. Медведей не встретили:)

Виктория Качоровская
2023-01-18 17:27:46 GMT

Добраться можно пешком. Если нет высокой воды и распутицы, то дорога довольно простой трекинг. 4 или 5 раз нужно перейти ручей по камням. В одну сторону от озера дошли за час с небольшим, обратно минут 40

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Jermuk is a mountain spa town and the centre of the Jermuk Municipality of the Vayots Dzor Province in southern Armenia, at a road distance of 53 km east of the provincial capital Yeghegnadzor. source

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