Bo Da Pagoda

Buddhist temple in Bắc Ninh

Updated: March 21, 2024 01:38 AM

Bo Da Pagoda is located in Bắc Ninh (City in Vietnam), Vietnam. It's address is 63V3+236, Đường đê, Tiên Sơn, Việt Yên, Bắc Giang 220000, Vietnam.

63V3+236, Đường đê, Tiên Sơn, Việt Yên, Bắc Giang 220000, Vietnam

+84 942 238 186

Questions & Answers

Where is Bo Da Pagoda?

Bo Da Pagoda is located at: 63V3+236, Đường đê, Tiên Sơn, Việt Yên, Bắc Giang 220000, Vietnam.

What is the phone number of Bo Da Pagoda?

You can try to calling this number: +84 942 238 186

What are the coordinates of Bo Da Pagoda?

Coordinates: 21.2425299, 106.0526344

Bo Da Pagoda Reviews

2023-04-11 16:25:57 GMT

Bo Da is great place for Sunday visit, you could visit main pagoda at the foot of the hill, the highlight is the middle pagoda and temples on the top. You could have great view of Bac Ninh city.

Tran Pham
2021-01-24 03:33:23 GMT

Nice construction with temple garden and pine hill.

Phuong Nguyen Tien
2018-04-18 03:46:15 GMT

The perfect place for kids climbing

Minh Hoang
2020-10-25 05:24:28 GMT

Very ancient and stunning pagoda

Hai Hoang
2023-01-06 06:27:06 GMT

Beautiful structures, fresh air, a lot of nice trees and plants. A peaceful place

Pham Hong Hanh
2020-11-15 00:30:12 GMT

Very beautiful ancient pagoda with typical architecture of the Northern warter rice culture. Very quiet and peacefull. The best pagoda that worth visiting in the area.

Sơn Nct
2023-05-07 07:43:40 GMT

Great plane for visit

David Levitch
2023-04-12 09:45:19 GMT


Phương Nguyễn
2019-03-25 03:00:55 GMT

Ancient pagoda, enough for relax and discover it if you come to here in normal days, not New's year.

2020-03-13 01:10:28 GMT


duong van do
2013-03-24 13:52:25 GMT

Oi the la laj sap den hoi chua bo ruj vuj wa laj sap bet te le nhe ruj

Hoa Phan
2023-10-22 07:30:26 GMT


Sơn NO1
2023-06-15 05:12:08 GMT


Đặng Công Hợp
2020-11-04 01:28:27 GMT


2023-07-13 15:39:11 GMT


Yến Trần
2023-02-10 14:36:06 GMT


Lan Nguyen
2018-01-31 11:52:32 GMT

Very beautiful with old buildings

giap tuyen
2023-01-28 10:10:24 GMT


Trần Chung
2022-03-30 22:36:50 GMT


adiyoga 1
2022-06-21 02:38:34 GMT


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