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Supermarket in Vĩnh Long

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:49 AM

Vinh Long Co.opMart is located in Vĩnh Long (City in Vietnam), Vietnam. It's address is 26 Đ. 3 Tháng 2, Phường 1, Vĩnh Long, Vietnam.

26 Đ. 3 Tháng 2, Phường 1, Vĩnh Long, Vietnam

7X3C+W9 Vĩnh Long, Vinh Long, Vietnam

+84 270 3836 722

Check Time Table for Vinh Long Co.opMart

Monday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Thursday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Friday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Saturday8 AM to 9:30 PM
Sunday8 AM to 9:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Vinh Long Co.opMart?

Vinh Long Co.opMart is located at: 26 Đ. 3 Tháng 2, Phường 1, Vĩnh Long, Vietnam.

What is the phone number of Vinh Long Co.opMart?

You can try to calling this number: +84 270 3836 722

What are the coordinates of Vinh Long Co.opMart?

Coordinates: 10.2547696, 105.9709564

Vinh Long Co.opMart Reviews

Sam Millichap
2023-10-26 08:14:51 GMT

Interesting shopping mall. Great book store and everything you need in the huge supermarket. I tried my first new fast food in Jollibee (fried chicken and rice with soup) and it was very easy to order and the guys spoke some English. They don't take bank cards though.

Minh Dat Pham
2023-07-25 08:51:50 GMT

Co.OpMart has a wide range of high-quality products. The cashiers are friendly enough to maintain a comfortable visit.

Connie Lin
2020-02-07 13:23:22 GMT

Nice place and great bookstore.

2020-01-08 08:31:40 GMT

Great supermarket. Everything you need here. From male hair products, soapa and shampoo, personal hygiene products, packaged foods, spring water... all that you expect to find at a supermarket and more. Prices are good.

Xuyên Nguyễn
2024-01-23 00:10:27 GMT


Pháp An
2023-11-22 10:49:55 GMT


Nhan Huynh
2022-12-28 12:06:24 GMT

Great price and products good customers services

Phú Hoàng
2023-09-23 11:22:13 GMT


Nguyễn Hồ Phước Trường
2024-01-18 16:44:43 GMT


Sy Ngo
2023-10-04 18:44:20 GMT


Long Dang Tran
2020-08-10 12:40:17 GMT

Good place for shooping all things

Tiến Đạt Phạm
2022-02-05 05:37:03 GMT

Very good

Nên Nguyễn
2023-06-06 13:27:51 GMT


Hoàng Khoa Võ
2023-04-02 11:45:52 GMT


nguyễn văn quang
2023-03-29 11:41:55 GMT


Ky Tan
2019-09-06 03:51:58 GMT

Nice and clean supper market

Patrick Burke
2017-12-21 13:58:45 GMT

Great place to eat and shop.

Patrick Burke
2018-02-02 04:25:51 GMT

Great place to eat and shop.

Tran Hieu
2023-01-05 13:42:58 GMT


Hiếu Đỗ
2022-10-17 13:43:33 GMT


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Vĩnh Long is a city and the capital of Vĩnh Long Province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. Vĩnh Long covers 48.1 kilometres and has a population of 147,039. The name was spelled 永隆 in the former Hán-Nôm writing system. source

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