Buu Long Pagoda

Buddhist temple in Bien Hoa

Updated: March 24, 2024 02:57 AM

Buu Long Pagoda is located in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. It's address is 81 Nguyễn Xiển, Long Bình, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam.

81 Nguyễn Xiển, Long Bình, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam

VRHM+HX Thủ Đức, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Check Time Table for Buu Long Pagoda

Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday8 AM to 6 PM
Friday8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 6 PM
Sunday8 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Buu Long Pagoda?

Buu Long Pagoda is located at: 81 Nguyễn Xiển, Long Bình, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam.

What are the coordinates of Buu Long Pagoda?

Coordinates: 10.8789008, 106.8349833

Buu Long Pagoda Reviews

Ruel Del Valle
2024-02-22 05:48:41 GMT

Built in the 1940s, the stunning Bửu Long Pagoda was once named by National Geographics among the Top 20 Buddhist Pagodas in the world.

For us, the beauty of this temple from the Theravada Buddhist branch is definitely worth the 30 minute we drove & 1 hour walk we took within its compound. We're saying that it's a Saigon must-go spot for touristas staying for more than 4-5 days in this bustling city.

PRO TIP: Come here on weekdays to avoid the crowd. Please note that the main temple closes at around lunch time

Paul Felstein
2023-11-18 16:02:52 GMT

Well worth the trip 20km out of the city to District 9. Saigon's biggest temple, is different to most Vietnamese temples, with architecture usually found in Thailand. The gardens and ponds are wonderful to explore, finding stupas and other monuments.
Only the avid temple tourists, venture out so far , so usually not busy, but that might change once the new metro starts early 2024 .

Shigeo Matsunaga
2024-01-02 10:47:22 GMT

Very beautiful pagoda. It is located near Dong Nai river. I visited about noon. So I couldn’t enter the inside. It seems that you can go inside the pagoda in the early morning and evening. Anyway please visit here for one of your good memories in HCMC.

Darren N
2024-01-03 04:31:49 GMT

A beautifully constructed pagoda dedicated to Buddhist worship situated at the fringe of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a a fairly large ground and is covered is extensive vegetations presenting a calm and tranquil environment for a stroll in the evening. It is also picturesque and good for instagrammers. There is a cafe situated within that serves Phô. We did not get to try but certainly looked quite delicious.

vanna quach
2023-12-17 13:15:31 GMT

Beautiful design temple, there is a deli selling very good vegetarian noodle soup 😋

Eric Kingston
2023-12-01 06:00:16 GMT

❌Scam alert❌ Don't park near the road, the restaurant/coffee shop owners will try to aggressively usher you in and then overcharge you. Drive past them, 20m upward towards the temple. There's parking available.

It's a lovely temple and worth the visit.

devabrat bindhani
2023-08-28 18:11:50 GMT

Buu Long Pagoda is a Buddhist temple located in Biên Hòa city, Đồng Nai province, Vietnam. It is a popular tourist attraction and a place of worship for Buddhists in the region.

The pagoda is situated on a hilltop, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. Its name "Buu Long" translates to "Precious Dragon" in English, reflecting the serene and spiritual atmosphere of the temple.

Buu Long Pagoda features traditional Vietnamese Buddhist architecture with intricate designs and vibrant colors. The main entrance is adorned with ornate dragon sculptures, and the temple complex includes several buildings, statues, and gardens.

Visitors can explore the various structures within the pagoda, such as the main hall, meditation halls, and shrines dedicated to different Buddhist figures. The main attraction is the seven-story pagoda tower, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area from its top floor.

The pagoda is not only a place of worship but also a peaceful retreat for meditation and contemplation. Many visitors come here to find solace and seek spiritual enlightenment amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Buu Long Pagoda hosts several religious festivals throughout the year, attracting both locals and tourists. These festivals provide an opportunity to witness traditional Buddhist rituals, cultural performances, and enjoy vegetarian food prepared by the monks.

If you're interested in exploring Buddhist culture and seeking a peaceful and serene environment, Buu Long Pagoda in Vietnam is definitely worth a visit.

Hallie Duong
2024-01-21 02:42:05 GMT

Such a beautiful place for deep breath! It looks like Thai pagoda and very impressive. There are many trees around and you can enjoy walking around and feel very peaceful in mind.

Varin - Vietnam
2024-01-05 12:56:40 GMT

Peaceful pagoda with beautiful views , situated outer place of ho chi minh city.

Reynald Ramirez
2024-03-12 23:30:14 GMT

Its a bit far from the city center but the visit was worth it. I loved that there were snacks available just outside the pagoda. A charming ice cream vendor sold us very nice ice cream perfect for the hot afternoon.

Keisya P
2023-01-16 16:14:46 GMT

Got to know this place from the infamous duo, shipped away. Amazing place..mostly because not a lot of tourist here 😂 It has similar design as Thai/Burmese temple, the only difference is that they have a great garden throughout the area. It's well maintaned and beautiful, which you don't see often around temples.

Sripali G
2023-06-09 09:00:08 GMT

Located about 30 minutes away by cab from Ho Chi Minh city, the Buu Long Pagoda is a must visit for anyone who loves the quiet serenity of natural surroundings and beautiful architecture and carvings of Buddhist temples. We booked a cab from HCMC and asked the cab driver if he would wait at the parking lot for our return trip (as the weather was inclement that day, and the pagoda was located in a relatively remote area), which he kindly agreed to do; so we didn't have to worry about how we would get back to the city. We spent over an hour marveling at the grand dagoba in gold and its surrounding companion dagobas, the various golden statues of Lord Buddha, the stupas dedicated to Sivali Maha Thero, and the founder monk of Buu Long Pagoda-Lord Ho Tong, and intricate carvings and statues of various mythical creatures and deities, and the lovely greenery surrounding it all. We worshipped at the main shrine hall and the Bodhi tree located towards the back of the compound and walked about leisurely taking in the peacefulness and tranquility of the environment. It's a beautiful and calm place, so please be respectful when you visit, and as quiet as possible.
Facilities available in the compound include resting places, spacious parking and toilets if needed.

Валерия Хакимова
2023-12-30 10:29:38 GMT

Amazing place! If you want to escape from chaotic Ho Chi Minh, go there!👍🏼💆🏽‍♀

Minh Phan
2023-03-27 05:13:09 GMT

A stupa masterpiece in Saigon suburb. Even you're not a Buddist, simply a great get-away from the chaotic vibrant Saigon.

Designed by by His Holiness Vien Minh, the pagoda practices Vipassana and worships holy relics of the Buddha in its Gotama Cetiya.

Tuan H. Vu (Tom)
2021-04-04 01:03:43 GMT

A stunning architecture located in a far-east area of HCMC.
nothing much inside the tower (all floor are spacious but not much of statues or paintings)

the view on top of the tower is superb

Christopher Allgood
2019-07-10 04:58:05 GMT

This is a hidden gem that a lot of people do not know about. We went there in the morning (10am) and we were the only people there. There is no fee to get into the Pagoda which was super nice. You will only need above an hour or so to see everything so if you have a grab driver tell him to wait. Definitely worth going to unwind from the city and clear your mind for sure

Kevin Nanayakkara
2019-07-28 16:10:00 GMT

I have first heard about this temple from the Instagram and ever since I’ve been wanting to visit there. It’s quite far from the city centre, more than 20 km from District 4 and took us nearly 45 mins by car to reach the temple. First time I’ve seen a Thai style temple in Vietnam and it has an elegant looking architecture. Visit before the noon as the temple close for lunch break. There are many shrines inside the temple.

Beyond Brian
2019-11-24 04:08:43 GMT

Buu Long pagoda is beautiful and peaceful. A nice change from the city. It's a bit of a drive but if you have the time it's well worth the effort. It feels rural but the city is very near. Spectacular views are available from the top floors. There is a cafe available. I only had a juice so I don't know about the food.

Ho Ngoc Tin
2023-04-08 04:45:05 GMT

Good place to see in HCM, not far away from downtown, the weather here is really cool! Peaceful!

Tien Nguyen
2020-10-26 01:21:35 GMT

The golden pagoda and Buu Long temple in the Indian style are acclaimed the most beautiful temples of the Southern Sect in South Vietnam. Looking in the distance, the golden top of the pagoda with the blue sky is amazing.

Buildings at Buu Long Pagoda were built on the ancient Buddhist culture. The construction of the pagoda is always being expanded. The pagoda was built based on the styles of pagodas in Thailand and India and the style of the pagodas in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945). If you would like to explore the pagoda at close range, you’d need to take off your shoes and walk up the steps. Wind chimes at the top of the pagoda create refreshing sounds in wind.

One of the highlights there is the Lake Hangetsu in the middle of which an artificial fountain stands. There is water pouring out of the mouths of the stone dragons. You can admire the bird’s eye views of District 9 from the top. A vegetarian restaurant in the temple features Vietnamese vegetarian dishes. If interested, you can try it.
Best time to visit the Buu Long Pagoda
It is not popular among tourists in Ho Chi Minh City. You could visit it any time during the opening hours.

The best months to visit are from March to November.
Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:00
As at 25th October 2020, tourists can visit the pagoda for free.
Please take off your shoes if you’d like to visit the main pagoda.
Please don’t wear shorts or short skirt there.

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