Kibyra Ancient City

Historical place in Tefenni

Updated: April 30, 2024 03:16 AM

Kibyra Ancient City is located in Tefenni (Town in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Horzum, 15400 Gölhisar/Burdur, Türkiye.

Horzum, 15400 Gölhisar/Burdur, Türkiye

5F5W+CF Gölhisar, Burdur, Türkiye

+90 248 233 10 42

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Monday9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 5 PM
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Saturday9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Kibyra Ancient City?

Kibyra Ancient City is located at: Horzum, 15400 Gölhisar/Burdur, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Kibyra Ancient City?

You can try to calling this number: +90 248 233 10 42

What are the coordinates of Kibyra Ancient City?

Coordinates: 37.1586124, 29.4962122

Kibyra Ancient City Reviews

jeremy kalous
2023-10-27 08:13:11 GMT

Excellent archaeological site. Not on a level with Aphrodisias but still very good. The reconstructed fountain is brilliant. Two theatres here. Low cost entrance. Very good site

Begum Tuncer
2024-01-23 16:16:54 GMT

Surprisingly less-known, yet a very large ancient Roman city. Definetely worth visit. There is a super large Stadion, a large Theatre, Odion (concert hall), Agora, several baths and a beautiful fountain. All of these public structures seem to had only minimal damages. Probably there is much more underground, untouched. When all of this great city is revealed maybe one day it will be more famous than Ephesus.

Tim Owen
2023-06-28 11:31:32 GMT

Worth the drive from Fethye to see this expansive, well preserved Hellenic ruin. An easy walk up to the Odeon, the last building in the series offers beautiful views over the valley. This is where the mosaic Medusa can be found.

2023-04-27 21:39:00 GMT

Kibrya was quite the surprise of the day. On our way to Antalya we were looking for a rest stop and spotted the brown sign saying "Kibrya" ancient city. As it wasn't much of a detour we head out to find it via Google maps. Very well signaged once in Gölhisar.
This incredible ancient city does not disappoint the explorer, with a gladiator arena, the town square, a basilica with dug out tombs, a 8,000 capacity amphitheatre, a music hall, hammam and roman baths, and more!! Allow plenty of time to walk the city, I would suggest at least 2 hours, it is much bigger than other ancient sites I've been to in Turkey. There are steep areas in between the ruins, suitable for walkers.
Toilet facilities are at the entrance gate only. Museum card is acceptable here.

Paul and Karen Blakesley
2022-07-03 08:58:52 GMT

A sprawling old city which is well worth a visit. No cover from the elements so pack accordingly. Plenty to see so allow a couple of hours at least and wear sturdy shoes. Some amazing sites and photo opportunities. Read up on the place before you visit as it has an interesting history.

Ciaran Mcginn
2022-12-27 02:22:46 GMT

Amazing place, one of the better ancient cities I’ve seen in Turkey.

**** be aware that the medusa mosaic is covered and not visible from Oct till May, you can only see it during Summer.

Christian Chelu
2023-04-24 04:10:06 GMT

Well-preserved and maintained ancient site. It's worth visiting. Unfortunately, the mosaics, the attraction of the place, are covered.

Maria Kiseleva
2022-05-03 13:56:44 GMT

Highly recommended to visit! Almost no people there and I was surprised by the size and quality of ruins! Unfortunately the Medusa mosaic was covered with sand to keep it from destroying

Can Işıklı
2023-09-25 21:37:49 GMT

Amazing place with an amazing history. I am sharing insteresting things about the anatolian history. @historyanatolia on instagram if you are wondering.

Nate Allen
2021-01-13 13:45:13 GMT

Had an awesome ride up in the mountains where some beautiful ruins were waiting for me 🤩

This place had it all!!!

Amphitheater ✔
Senate House ✔
Hypnodrome ✔
Ancient Roman bath house ✔
Mosaic marble floor with Medusa's head in it..... Not checked 🙈

This marble floor used to be in the music hall that was also used as a house for the Senate in the winter months.... Today there is a gravel floor where this mosaic masterpiece used to lie.........

Unbeknownst to me this floor was covered up through the winter months to protect against the weather 😭😭😭

I was really let down because I had heard some really great stories about how beautiful this floor was and how unique it made this particular set of ruins compared to really any other locations here in Turkey... This is the Medusa's head that got away 🙈

Zbyszek Bentyn
2023-09-20 17:10:57 GMT

Great location. The views are magnificent. Fountain is a must to see.

Reha Ozer
2024-03-10 13:36:11 GMT

An incredibly beautiful ancient city you should visit. You will love it. Cibyra or Kibyra was an ancient Roman city near the modern town of Gölhisar, in Burdur Province. It lay outside the north-western limits of the ancient province of Lycia and was the chief city of an independent state known as Cibyratis.

Mustafa Boybey
2023-09-14 10:51:51 GMT

Amazing place to see. I strongly suggest everyone who is interested in history to come and see.

Alp Malazgirt
2021-01-20 10:09:21 GMT

Spread over a large area on three hilltops kibyra was impressive with many of the amenities a city can offer including an underground sewage and fresh water network, handsome looking main street traversing from the bottom of the hill to the top, a stadium to cheer for the events, tombs above and below ground and the music hall with a beautiful mosaic for the crowds to be inspired for millennia. Agora at the top is adorned by a beautiful rotund water fountain. Inspirational city design, exquisite workmanship, arts and sports complement the daily living. What else do you need?

Pinar C
2023-08-25 13:52:56 GMT

Great place to visit if you are interested seeing ancient cities. The excavations started in 2006 is continuing. The city has a stadium, amphitheater, baths, fountain, a street with columns. I am sure excavations will discover much more and it will look as impressive as Ephesus.
It is a lot of walk. Make sure you have water and wear a hat.

Sabeel Travels
2022-08-27 18:19:55 GMT

Amazing place to visit and see ancient buildings & great view on top of Golisihar town.

Elif Suzmecelik
2019-12-04 08:53:41 GMT

Look Medusa in the eye before she turns you into the stone!

Underrated, recently developing site.
The mosaics in bouleterion are amazing!
Get on the top of the theatre and watch the view.

2023-04-27 20:17:33 GMT

Unexpectedly good. The Medusa mosaic is mesmerizing!

Pippa Alldritt
2023-10-17 11:02:01 GMT

There is never enough time to visit the fascinating place. It’s sprawling, well preserved and constantly renovated.

Serap Dikmenli
2016-09-17 08:44:04 GMT

A big ancient city established on three hills. In ancient time it was an important city in regional politics and I heart its population was reached to 60 thousand in its golden age. Odeion (also served as city council) of the city is magnificient that must be seen where Medusa head was still under stage ground for protection. There are ongoing archological digging going here and more to be seen and presented in coming years I hope.

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