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Hotel in Garowe

Updated: March 14, 2024 08:14 AM

Grand Hotel is located in Garowe (Capital of Puntland), Somalia. It's address is Main Road Garoowe NG, Somalia.

Main Road Garoowe NG, Somalia

9FX7+47 Garowe, Somalia

+252 906 414 839

Questions & Answers

Where is Grand Hotel?

Grand Hotel is located at: Main Road Garoowe NG, Somalia.

What is the phone number of Grand Hotel?

You can try to calling this number: +252 906 414 839

What are the coordinates of Grand Hotel?

Coordinates: 8.3977809, 48.4632414

Grand Hotel Reviews

Makhtal Kofiro
2020-09-12 00:54:34 GMT

We enjoyed our stay here; great front desk staff; great cafe and restaurant servers as well.

Hussein Mohamed
2021-07-16 17:27:18 GMT

This is a five star Hotel. It's cafeteria provides good taste food.

Sumaya Shoole سمية شولي
2019-01-18 11:45:32 GMT

Good service, nice food, comfortable place.

Abdullahi Raage
2019-01-18 11:49:10 GMT

A nice place to be You will not regret it.

Eng.Mohamed Abdillahi Abdi
2018-10-17 18:25:39 GMT

Nice hotel with good service and staff

ayuub dahir
2020-01-27 01:07:29 GMT


mo suli
2021-09-23 13:42:25 GMT

Good food

Mohamed Hashi
2020-02-18 08:28:46 GMT

was good place to stay

Abshir M A
2018-08-11 09:48:02 GMT

Five star ⭐ hotel

Ahmed sulaiman Farah gas
2020-01-24 19:55:28 GMT

Good service

Abdelrahman Jama
2019-05-15 09:39:12 GMT

Is Amazing place

Abdirahman Ismail
2020-12-29 08:25:29 GMT

It is wonderful Hotel

Farah Ahmed
2019-02-19 06:15:12 GMT


othman M. Abshir (othmanx)
2018-02-08 21:41:47 GMT

Masha allah

Abdurahman Adan-Hereri
2017-09-16 15:09:47 GMT

Nice place

Mohamed Gees
2018-04-10 08:43:54 GMT

Excellent Hotel

Abdiwali mohamed Adan
2017-08-07 05:52:20 GMT


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About Garowe
Capital of Puntland

Garowe is the capital city of Puntland located in northeastern Somalia. It serves as the administrative center of the Nugal region and is known for its strategic importance. source

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