TVp Skalinec (Tourist attraction) is located in Okres Detva, Banskobystrický kraj, Slovakia. Address of TVp Skalinec is Unnamed Road, 962 12 Detva, Slovakia. TVp Skalinec has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 10 places around it on

TVp Skalinec


Unnamed Road, 962 12 Detva, Slovakia

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GCC4+QM Detva, Slovakia

Google Map Location

48.521944, 19.406667

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  • Tourist attraction

frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Where is TVp Skalinec?

TVp Skalinec is located at: Unnamed Road, 962 12 Detva, Slovakia.

What are the coordinates of TVp Skalinec?

Latitude: 48.521944
Longitude: 19.406667

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