Penati Golf Resort

Golf course in Senica

Updated: March 09, 2024 02:36 AM

Penati Golf Resort is located in Senica (Town in Slovakia), Slovakia. It's address is 453, 906 07 Šajdíkove Humence-Senica, Slovakia.

453, 906 07 Šajdíkove Humence-Senica, Slovakia

M835+7P Šajdíkove Humence, Slovakia

+421 917 907 777

Questions & Answers

Where is Penati Golf Resort?

Penati Golf Resort is located at: 453, 906 07 Šajdíkove Humence-Senica, Slovakia.

What is the phone number of Penati Golf Resort?

You can try to calling this number: +421 917 907 777

What are the coordinates of Penati Golf Resort?

Coordinates: 48.653217, 17.309365

Penati Golf Resort Reviews

Vladimir Kostka
2023-10-13 12:21:07 GMT

Really great golf course ! In very good conditions...

Jiri Emmer
2023-06-07 11:07:13 GMT

The most appealing golf resort in Czech and Slovak together.

Lukáš Klčo
2019-09-19 04:45:30 GMT

Very nice typical region area

Kari Sewell
2022-06-12 06:50:19 GMT

I’ve played quite a few golf courses and this is the best one I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying. Beautiful all round. And the club house and staff are excellent too.

Milan Blazek
2017-05-21 06:40:53 GMT

This course is the best one in Slovakia, and I would put it in 100 best of Europe. Always warmly welcomed here, great service, 36 holes in great shape. Legend course is bit easier than Heritage. Worth of visit.

Hermann Trappmaier
2023-08-24 04:07:49 GMT

Two absolutely different courses, both world class.

Vassili le Moigne
2017-08-22 20:08:09 GMT

Definitely 5*. The Heritage course is phenomenal and I gladly come here at least once a year to enjoy it. The Legends is memorable for the par 6 but somehow the other holes are less striking to me than on the Heritage anyway, both are too. The club house has a very good restaurant which is always full of life in the evening.

Pete Wilder
2020-09-05 18:23:53 GMT

Fantastic course, top quality in every respect

Lucia Gasparovicova
2023-04-27 14:34:16 GMT

amazing restaurant, view of the lake, terrace, wonderful

Ladislav Smatana
2018-11-14 17:48:58 GMT

One of the best in Slovakia, friendly staff, two great golf courses with very different design.

Robert K
2017-09-15 13:46:11 GMT

What a great golf course!

Max Poker
2021-07-12 15:36:01 GMT

Best golf resort for miles and miles around. Excellent quality fairways and challenging diverse courses.

Bjorn Lambeets
2018-06-02 19:42:39 GMT

Very beautifull golf course. Amazing terras to have a drink..many other activities to do.

William Finnecy
2019-10-17 14:36:00 GMT

Fantastic golf course to visit while traveling to Bratislava professional atmosphere

Petr Šigut
2023-09-21 19:59:32 GMT


Hugo Hodinka
2018-06-27 21:08:40 GMT

Beautiful golf resort. The most beautiful in the country. Good food and personal.

Juraj Senický
2016-10-07 05:34:17 GMT

You won't find better course in Slovakia. Top notch.

Damien O Driscoll
2017-07-19 17:53:56 GMT

2 fantastic golf courses. You will not find better in Europe a class set up !!

2018-05-27 14:21:27 GMT

Lovely resort, open space restaurant with good fresh food.

Peter Gerberi
2018-09-08 12:41:57 GMT

Great place, very nice location in the middle of pine forest

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Senica is a town in Trnava Region, western Slovakia. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Záhorie lowland, close to the Little Carpathians. source

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