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Updated: March 09, 2024 04:45 AM

Naga City People's Mall is located in Naga (City in the Philippines), Philippines. It's address is J5CM+GGR, Abella St, Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

J5CM+GGR, Abella St, Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

+63 54 811 8198

Check Time Table for Naga City People's Mall

Monday7 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 8 PM
Thursday7 AM to 8 PM
Friday7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday7 AM to 8 PM
Sunday7 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Naga City People's Mall?

Naga City People's Mall is located at: J5CM+GGR, Abella St, Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

What is the phone number of Naga City People's Mall?

You can try to calling this number: +63 54 811 8198

What are the coordinates of Naga City People's Mall?

Coordinates: 13.6213658, 123.1837662

Naga City People's Mall Reviews

Erma Solano
2023-08-06 11:43:38 GMT

Your complete shopping list all in here.
I love this place.

xam viente
2022-08-29 05:21:55 GMT

The market is clean and vendors are really nice and friendly.
This is our go to place to buy for our pasalubong.

Julie Ann Averilla
2024-02-20 10:37:47 GMT

This place is good to go if you're looking for affordable goods or whatever you need as well recommended to go by some tourist

Nuela Malang
2024-01-27 08:16:33 GMT

Great place to buy fresh produce. The second floor has a wet market and there is a parking space on the 3rd floor.

Katherine Saylo
2019-08-18 02:15:34 GMT

I will definitely visit more of Naga City!!! People's mall is literally your one stop shop! From foods, pasalubong of all kinds, handicrafts, ukay2x, wet market. Do not leave without trying the Siopao Center. Steamed siopao is only 11.00 and toasted is only 9.00. By far the cleanest market I went to. Affordable prices. Excited to go back!!!

Teodoro Celestial
2023-09-27 10:30:55 GMT

That's my daily routine always experience when I ought to buy fresh vegetables, fish and foods I need before I go to work nor after I go home

Dianna Rose Cruz-Espera
2022-09-29 18:51:35 GMT

Market is clean. I went her to buy pasalubong. I love the mini palayok that i bought for my daughter

Ryan San Buenaventura
2023-04-09 05:28:49 GMT

I was looking for a retro outfit for my child and we found it on the 2nd floor "Ukay Ukay"

Ma. Antonette Sagales
2023-01-22 13:56:31 GMT

I must say, I'm impressed with this market. Also it have all that you need, from seafood to different kinds of meat. Plus they have used books that they sell their for low prices. It's great for all students that need books especially on their research. Thumbs up.

Regina Ayora
2024-01-13 05:21:38 GMT

If you want to buy anything under the sun ,come to Naga People's Mall you can find anything that your looking for in here☺

Badinggah LA
2023-10-30 03:52:43 GMT

Arroyo's for the best pasalubong! Cheaper and tastier than the other cornerstore

shalen andrea
2023-09-23 01:07:35 GMT

A lot to buy fish veggies meat bicol delicacies affordable rtw breads pawnshops etx

Angelo Pineda
2023-04-17 10:56:52 GMT

I love shopping 🛒🛍 here at market or called CBS

lolita Mayao
2020-10-15 05:55:33 GMT

Convenient to shop around as you can find anything you want in one go.
Come and shop at our Store.
Mayao Store Ground Floor shop 31 Naga City Supermarket. NCPM

Chuchie Cayetano
2023-10-31 02:01:00 GMT

Wet market section is a source of fresh produce from local farmers, we support them

Noel Matic
2024-02-14 11:24:40 GMT

Beautiful place, friendly people!

Jayson Salvador
2023-09-26 23:58:57 GMT

Complete goods from wet dry and pasalubong. Much cheaper prices.

2020-09-18 09:50:53 GMT

if you search deeper to the stalls of this market you'll find valuable items ... affordable and quality... i really like the ukay ukay

Jose Such
2017-09-11 19:42:13 GMT

This mall or market as what the local treat this place is run by the city government. You can definitely find almost everything you need here. Naga City People's Mall/Market is where all Nagueños (or the people from Naga) go to shop for food, or for their household needs, you name it. This place is historic. This marketplace has been there ever since there were no big, more modern malls in Naga City. It's pretty basic when you see it and they sell the cheapest too. Have fun!

anjhoe nabo
2020-12-03 10:04:33 GMT

Along tabuco bridge inbfront of super market

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