Bosque Urbano Oriente

Ecological park in Torreón

Updated: April 13, 2024 07:25 AM

Bosque Urbano Oriente is located in Torreón (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Calz. Juan Pablo II, Residencial las Etnias, 27058 Torreón, Coah., Mexico.

Calz. Juan Pablo II, Residencial las Etnias, 27058 Torreón, Coah., Mexico

HJ35+4R Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico

Check Time Table for Bosque Urbano Oriente

Monday6 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 10 PM
Thursday6 AM to 10 PM
Friday6 AM to 10 PM
Saturday6 AM to 10 PM
Sunday6 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Bosque Urbano Oriente?

Bosque Urbano Oriente is located at: Calz. Juan Pablo II, Residencial las Etnias, 27058 Torreón, Coah., Mexico.

What are the coordinates of Bosque Urbano Oriente?

Coordinates: 25.5528341, -103.390469

Bosque Urbano Oriente Reviews

2018-01-20 03:26:43 GMT

Its a great place for kids and grown ups.too lots of rides and im sure you and your family will love it aswell

Sergio Castillo
2022-06-27 18:04:57 GMT

A good place to walk with your family, specially with your kids.

David Martínez
2023-06-29 00:44:45 GMT

Nice place to walk around and relax

2022-08-04 01:49:46 GMT

Great experience, bicicling was a challenge but the good one

Pedro Santillan
2018-08-02 20:38:02 GMT

Very affordable and very fun for the kids as well as for the Adults!!!

Saúl González Figueroa
2018-10-03 14:33:25 GMT

Great place to go with family.

Omar Alejandro Diaz Bustos
2024-03-25 02:23:26 GMT


Eduardo Lopez
2019-05-03 18:36:15 GMT

It's nice, Excellent !

Rick Rivas
2020-10-11 23:59:56 GMT

Nice big park.

Edoardo Malchiodi
2018-05-28 15:11:23 GMT

Lovely place!

armando ulloa
2022-03-03 21:45:58 GMT


Luis Antonio González García
2017-08-16 02:10:39 GMT

Because I live nearby!!!

Enid Valdivia Martinez
2019-07-29 02:28:07 GMT


humberto Ramírez González
2019-06-13 12:20:28 GMT


Yorch mx
2018-04-02 03:10:38 GMT


Natanael Garcia Zuñiga
2019-08-20 20:43:30 GMT


Edwardo Q
2019-07-28 02:09:31 GMT


ismael terrazas
2019-08-15 17:59:38 GMT


Ruth Rodriguez
2016-02-07 00:41:38 GMT


Sandra Matta
2024-04-09 01:27:37 GMT

Un gran espacio para hacer ejercicio, salir con la familia o pasar el rato. A mí me tocó disfrutar el eclipse total de sol y fue en general todo excelente.

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Torreón is a city and seat of Torreón Municipality in the Mexican state of Coahuila. As of 2021, the city's population was 735,340. source

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