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Unagi restaurant in Yanagawa

Updated: May 17, 2024 10:41 PM

Saraya Fukuryu is located in Yanagawa (City in Kyushu, Japan), Japan. It's address is 29-1 Okinohatamachi, Yanagawa, Fukuoka 832-0065, Japan.

29-1 Okinohatamachi, Yanagawa, Fukuoka 832-0065, Japan

595W+97 Yanagawa, Fukuoka, Japan

+81 944-72-2404

Check Time Table for Saraya Fukuryu

Monday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Friday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Saturday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Sunday11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Saraya Fukuryu?

Saraya Fukuryu is located at: 29-1 Okinohatamachi, Yanagawa, Fukuoka 832-0065, Japan.

What is the phone number of Saraya Fukuryu?

You can try to calling this number: +81 944-72-2404

What are the coordinates of Saraya Fukuryu?

Coordinates: 33.1584278, 130.3957098

Saraya Fukuryu Reviews

Zora Moon
2024-03-21 06:22:47 GMT

I got the onigiri set from their to-go stand right outside. It came with two rice balls, some pickles, and local Ariake Sea seaweed. There are benches in front of the store to devour the delicious unagi onigiri! The size is perfect for a mini lunch or a solid snack. Definitely coming back!

May K
2023-12-18 03:57:50 GMT

After getting off from canal ride, a few minutes walk away will be a row of shop selling unagi. There was no queue in this restaurant so decided to go in. Glad I made that choice as the food is great, price is reasonable & the environment is nice and cosy!

2018-06-04 08:49:02 GMT

Unagi Restaurant- easily locatable merely 3mins walk from Tourist Information Center, the restaurant itself is beautifully furnished, with traditional dining available n also private rooms. It has dining tables allocated next to a sealed off air well which is a mini Japanese Garden with lush greenery n even jizo. It makes for a very pleasant meal to sip your sake or just ocha/sencha n have your delicious unagi rice set. The eel itself is not overly drowned in sweet sauce n it is served with shredded omelette- a delicious combination with the side dish n tea. Staff are very attentive n the lady at counter (either manager or owner) speaks fluent English and was most accommodating. They were near closing time but not a word of hurry and they allowed us to finish our meal at our own pace in their serene surroundings! Highly recommended for your Unagi Experience as I believe that setting is almost as important as the meal itself (some may disagree). Prices are reasonable and it was a memorable meal.

Sezer Yılmaz
2024-04-22 23:20:37 GMT

Interior is amazing. Food and service is even better.

Jen Wong
2019-01-28 03:06:22 GMT

The steamed eel rice set tastes so nice. The eel is soft and the rice is magnificent. The ambience is relaxing. Staff are nice. The grill eel tastes good also. Not over-grilled and match with the sauce. But I highly recommend the steamed eel more. Special!

Bryan Ambrose
2018-10-16 08:48:35 GMT

Great unagi restaurant. Reasonably priced. Try to come early to avoid a long waiting time. No regrets

2023-10-14 04:23:33 GMT

Very beautiful seats and delicious unagi

Joseph Ong
2017-08-16 05:44:09 GMT

The unagi here is out of this world and its supplemented by piping hot rice infused with a sauce so secret that only the owner himself knows. The restaurant has a new toilet installed which is clean and both kid and elderly friendly. Initially I was worried that there would be communication problems but the restaurant has an English speaking staff who is also very helpful and a full menu in English too. Overall a nice cosy place to eat at. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Yanagawa.

Carol Wong
2019-12-09 06:43:42 GMT

250 year old store. Perfect traditional steamed eel rice. Has a smaller portion for ladies or kids. You could order beef or fish (loach) pot Iif you don't eat eel. Nice environment.

ka chung ng
2020-02-01 08:49:42 GMT

Good food

2018-03-15 13:08:29 GMT

Delicious eel rice

Pei Pei Lim
2019-03-25 16:28:56 GMT

Must visit

2024-03-03 08:44:13 GMT







hideK Ono
2024-02-23 12:07:18 GMT


Andy Hua
2024-01-03 05:40:38 GMT


Penguin Blue
2023-10-08 13:32:54 GMT


Feather Cheng
2023-12-28 23:40:26 GMT

鰻魚飯很熱 好讚😍 有賣鰻魚飯糰!或是平日中午鰻魚飯糰定時,我們兩個女生,一個人點飯糰定時,一個人點六分鰻魚飯,結果剩下一個飯糰帶走當點心XD

2023-10-08 12:24:22 GMT

와카마쓰야 바로옆인데 너무 사람이많아서 여기에 둘러보다가 오게됐는데 잘 온것같았어요

포장구매손님도 많았고 먹고가는사람도 많았는데
안에 갓파석상이놓인 정원도 있고
꽤 넓고 전통있는 식당 같았습니다
어마어마한 층고에 앤틱한 분위기 테이블 좌석까지
들어서면서 잘왔다는 생각이 들었어요

가장비싼정식으로 골랐는데
이근처는 장어가 정~ 말 비싼것같아요
장어가 4조각만 올라가있는데 첨 볼때는 아무래도 실망하게 되는거 같아요
근데 밥이 너무너무 맛있으니깐 그걸로 된거죠

달걀조림도 주문해서 먹었는데
밥이랑 같이먹어도 좋을것같아요
위에 올라간 부드러운 지단도 너무 잘어울려서
듬뿍 먹어도 좋았고
챠왕무시는 제가 먹어본것중에 제일 맛났어요
육수가 좋은건지 고소하고 부드러운게 딱이었습니다
우습게도 단무지도 맛있는집이었어요.

맥주도 시원하게 한잔했는데
이집에서 가장 맛있는건 오챠였습니다
시원하게 온더락 얼음을 넣어주는데
어릴적먹던 시원한 보리차 생각도 나고
물리필이 아주 필수였어요

데이트하는분들도 좋아보였고
단체관광객도 좋아보였고
혼자온사람에게도 딱이었습니다
딱 하나 아쉬운건 현대식으로 개조는했지만 냄새가 어쩔수없었던 화장실이 이곳의 이미지를 좀 나쁘게 만드는것같았어요.

저는 그래도 이집 추천합니다-!

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2023-10-23 22:07:21 GMT


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