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Updated: March 08, 2024 02:26 PM

Yumotokan is located in Otsu (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 2 Chome-30-7 Noka, Otsu, Shiga 520-0102, Japan.

2 Chome-30-7 Noka, Otsu, Shiga 520-0102, Japan

3VQV+43 Otsu, Shiga, Japan

+81 77-579-1111

Questions & Answers

Where is Yumotokan?

Yumotokan is located at: 2 Chome-30-7 Noka, Otsu, Shiga 520-0102, Japan.

What is the phone number of Yumotokan?

You can try to calling this number: +81 77-579-1111

What are the coordinates of Yumotokan?

Coordinates: 35.0877751, 135.8927377

Yumotokan Reviews

2023-10-29 22:50:58 GMT

The hotel was not only stunning but impeccably clean. Arriving before check-in, we called the hotel from the train station. They were incredibly accommodating, sending a shuttle to pick us up early. Surprisingly, they took us to a local attraction and even insisted on bringing us back. The hotel boasts three picturesque outdoor and two indoor hot springs that are serene and spotless. The highlight of our stay was the exquisite Keisaki-style breakfast and dinner. The ingredients were of top-notch quality, and the rice was the best I've ever had. The exceptional service truly made our stay unforgettable. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Anchovy Business
2024-01-15 02:36:19 GMT

It was amazing! The food, hot spring, service, rooms are all very good. The staff are very nice. The room even had a tub for private use. The price is reasonable and affordable. The view is extremely excellent. Try it out!

Soma Rin
2024-02-23 13:32:46 GMT

Where to start? Easily the most luxurious part of our three week trip to Japan, though it lasted only three days.

We were taken care of from the start, with the shuttle picking us up from the train station with an easy phone call. From the minute we got into the Ryokan, we were treated like queens. Beautiful location with public and PRIVATE onsens (this was a big help for me, as I'm covered with tattoos and didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable by going into a public space with them).

We stayed in a large suite with a free mini-bar, spacious sitting area, and bathroom with a large outdoor tub on a semi-enclosed balcony. In the February chill, coming back to this bath after a long day of exploring the nearby buddhist temple grounds on Mt. Hiei was amazing.

We enjoyed a private dining experience in our *personal*, *room-attached* (!) dining room where traditional kaiseki was served for dinner and breakfast with full service waiting on us. It was absolutely delicious, and to say that it was elegant would be an understatement.

Zero downsides. I would add this ryokan as a detour to any Japan trip in a heartbeat.

2023-12-18 07:52:39 GMT

We booked a stay here with a private onsen in the room.

The rooms were clean and spacious. It was equipped with everything you need for a vacation. You can just pack yourself and come. They even had a straightener/ curler for you. There were a lot of skincare products you can use and yukutas that were available for you.
The onsen was located in the room but outside. You can enjoy fresh air while soaking in the onsen. The temperature can be adjusted by informing the employee.

The employees are able to speak English and are very detailed in their explanations. Excellent service. Nana was great at helping us navigate through the place.

Our room also came with a private room at the restaurant. It was reserved for us for our whole stay to enjoy dinner and breakfast in.

The dinner kaiseki was amazing. There was a huge variety of food. We enjoyed the omni beef and the fresh fresh rice cooked in the room. The shabu shabu was good too. Service from Akio was great. She was so nice and friendly.

As for breakfast, there was a lot of food too. It was good, it wasn’t too heavy for breakfast.

There was also 4 other public onsen available for you to use. Men and women onsens alternate between days.

Definitely recommend visiting this onsen!

Giselle C
2023-11-22 23:14:30 GMT

Really enjoyed our stay here. The service was amazing, and the hotel was clean. We had dinner and breakfast in their private dining rooms and the whole experience was unforgettable.

2023-11-14 03:50:47 GMT

TEN STARS!!! Yumotokan deserves 10 stars from start to finish. It's a quick 30 minute train ride from Kyoto station to Otogoonsen but when you arrive you use one of the handy dandy hotel cell phones to request a shuttle. The shuttle is clean and fast, about 8 minutes from the station. The hotel has options for a private onsen, which is a must. In addition there are 4 public onsens that rotate each day for men and women so everyone can experience the unique spaces over 2 nights. And the food! Amazing! I would go back and stay here in the future.

Derek Chan
2024-02-06 02:25:16 GMT

We were so happy staying at the hotel. Everything was immaculate. The service, the staff and food were perfect.

Maximilian Shakal
2023-08-20 01:50:45 GMT

Great place to stay away from the crowds and hustle bustle of the cities

Staff is world-class customer service and "omotenashi". Food is great, but unfortunately only could have breakfast. Dinner from the nearby FamilyMart wasn't too shabby either though as you can tell from the picture. The onsen locations are brilliant and the rooftop one is strongly recommend. Men and women alternate locations depending on the day.
Location is a little out of the way, but don't worry - there's a shuttle bus that will pick you up and drop you off. Call them (there's a pay phone at Ogotoonsen station) and let them know. The walk is a bit far...

hm wong
2023-10-29 12:43:21 GMT

Room and service was good. Good if you are driving else will require their pickup from the train station.

2023-07-16 02:06:41 GMT

We have a great time in Yumotokan this summer. The room and foods are great as many said before but I would like to highlight the outstanding services provided by the hotel / restaurant staff. After staying a night we checked out at around 10am and planned to leave for Awaji. Unfortunately we could not start our car due to battery problem and this could really affect our schedule ahead. We straightly went to seek help from the front desk and a male staff helped us to communicate with the car rental company. After about 30 mins, the support team from the car rental company arrived to jump start our car and we could proceed with our schedule without delay. The male staff who managing the front desk listen / speak English saved the day (and also the Chinese speaking female staff) and we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to them.

If I go to Biwa lake again I will definitely stay there as the entire experience with the hotel is just great.

Vincent Siu
2023-03-14 03:16:59 GMT

An amazing family vacation! The in-room onsens were a treat. Special shout-out to the wonderful waitstaff who were extra attentive to the sick child we had in our party, and to the onsite spa experience that left us very relaxed.

Steven Treibly
2023-05-05 07:06:17 GMT

Incredible service and lovely rooms. My wife and I had an excellent experience here. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The food was delicious. We greatly enjoyed the onsen and would definitely stay here again.

Linda Drynan
2019-10-15 00:23:03 GMT

Service: The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful in meeting our needs. They also made sure we had English information available when we needed it.
Ease of Access: I loved the website, as it had a lot of good information on how to get to the hotel using public transportation. There is a courtesy car available to get to and from local rail stations, which we heavily used during our stay.
Amenities: Though I considered the price for our stay to be a bit hefty for 2 nights, there was a lot provided by the hotel that I felt made it worth it. Toiletry staples such as toothbrush, razor, facial skincare products, and bath essentials were provided during our stay. There were also snacks, tea, coffee, and plenty of drinks also available.
Food: The kaiseki dinner & breakfast were incredibly delicious, but keep in mind that these are lengthy multi-course meals and save some room!
Baths: The variety of baths available were very relaxing and enjoyable. It was easy enough to find privacy during off hours. My favorite by far was the open air rooftop with views of the lake and surrounding area.
I had a wonderful stay and will be back when I can!! Thank you :)

Saad Hussain
2018-06-26 03:00:52 GMT

This was one of the best hotels I've stayed at. The hot springs experience was amazing; there were 4 different areas to bathe in the springs, including one on a rooftop balcony and one outdoors. Our room also had a private outdoor tub which we could fill with water from the springs and soak in.
The dinner we had was an incredible 7 course Japanese meal. Just the dinner and breakfast alone made up the cost of the room in my opinion. We also enjoyed relaxing full body massages (although those weren't included in the price of the room).
Partaking in the hot springs requires you to go naked though, both in the shower and sauna areas as well as in the springs themselves, so be warned. Overall it was an amazing experience though, for a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend.

2023-02-11 00:07:43 GMT

A traditional onsen hotel which close with Kyoto, they provide shuttle bus service within hotel and JR Ogoto-onsen Station(Kosei Line). All of staff are very friendly and we have very good moment at here. Highly recommend if you visit Kyoto and look for hot spring experiences at nearby area.

Jamie Young
2022-12-04 05:22:58 GMT

This is a stylish onsen hotel that keeps a eye on tradition whilst offering a slick flawless experience. You have the choice of 3 different onsen, and the set menu dinner is really in the 'fine dining' category.

ng maggie
2023-04-05 00:58:08 GMT

This is more than a 3 star hotel. The facility design, maintenance, service and F&B all are 5 star but you are only paying a 3 star price.

Jackey Li
2019-09-14 00:59:39 GMT

Great stay experience. Very accommodating staff and very polite and courteous. The karoi room was very nice and very comfortable. Everything was neat and clean and very accessible. Personal onsen in the room was clean and very spacious even for two people. Seasonal dinner was not my personal favorite but does not affect my overall experience with my stay. Staff are always kind and speak some English to help out.

2018-01-23 18:27:51 GMT

Absolutely wonderful place to get away from busy life. In total6kinds of hot spring bathes in the building. 2 of them are for private used for additional 2000yen for one time use. Reservation is required to use the private bathes. You can choose based on its theme. The picture I posted here with outside stone and inside wooden bathes are one of the 2 private bathes.

We are not allowed to take pictures of public bathes or go in with our device for the consideration to others. I stayed in a Gershwin-tie room (月心亭) comes with a bath, so instead, posted a picture of our room bath.

It absolutely worths it not just sleeping in but also just coming here to take a bath for daily use. Unfortunately I didn't like the one hot bath on the first floor but the rest were just amazing.

J Song
2023-05-22 08:34:17 GMT

Awesome experience in traditional Japanese room. Service was excellent in English and Chinese. Food is delicious and exquisite.

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