Osama bin Zaid School

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Updated: March 08, 2024 08:36 PM

Osama bin Zaid School is located in Ma'an (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is 5PX8+Q77, Ma'an, Jordan.

5PX8+Q77, Ma'an, Jordan

Check Time Table for Osama bin Zaid School

Monday7 AM to 7:45 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 2:45 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 2:45 PM
Thursday7 AM to 2:45 PM
Sunday7 AM to 2:45 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Osama bin Zaid School?

Osama bin Zaid School is located at: 5PX8+Q77, Ma'an, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of Osama bin Zaid School?

Coordinates: 30.199409, 35.715671

Osama bin Zaid School Reviews

ابن جدة
2023-02-18 19:12:00 GMT

المدرسة الافضل على الاطلاق 👌

‫عطاالله سقاالله ابو صهيب (سقاالله)‬‎
2023-07-05 04:47:54 GMT


يوسف AL-saeda
2018-12-02 16:43:22 GMT


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Ma'an is a city in southern Jordan, 218 kilometres southwest of the capital Amman. It serves as the capital of the Ma'an Governorate. Its population was approximately 41,055 in 2015. source

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